Timestamped translations on Silvestrovs' "Silent Songs"

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    Timestamped translations on Silvestrovs' "Silent Songs"

    For those that love the album and poems as much as i do, i've created timestamped texts from the songs. The translations are, obviously ;) not mine. Timestamped lyrics can be used in WinLyrics (winamp plugin, for example).

    101 - Song Can Tend The Ailing Spirit (Baratynsky)
    [00:12.48]Song can tend the ailing spirit
    [00:27.40]Harmony has mystic power
    [00:40.03]To make atonement for grave error
    [00:49.65]And humble the rebellious passions.
    [01:07.78]The singer's soul, poured out in concord,
    [01:22.12]Will be absolved of all its sorrows,
    [01:37.06]And holy poetry will grant
    [01:52.64]Her follower purity and peace.

    102 - There Were Some Storms & Blizzards (Baratynsky)
    [00:09.63]Yes, there were some storms and blizzards,
    [00:22.73]Oh, but we were young back then!
    [00:34.87]When the days were dark and gloomy,
    [00:45.68]A mighty breath would lift the breast,
    [00:57.58]A song of freedom pouring forth
    [01:11.97]To sing away the pain and sorrow!
    [01:32.03]Oh but age, old age is now
    [01:42.60]Bethroned to retribution fierce:
    [01:57.34]Their double load no breath can shift
    [02:08.37]To free the tired breast with song-
    [02:22.58]And white hair cannot turn the scale
    [02:36.81]Against dark days and blacker thoughts!

    103 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Keats)
    [00:12.71]O What can ail thee, knight-at-arms,
    [00:18.69]Alone and pelely loitering?
    [00:24.67]The sedge has wither'd from the lake,
    [00:30.70]And no birds sing.
    [00:37.13]O What can ail thee, knight-at-arms,
    [00:42.32]So haggard and so woe-begone?
    [00:47.37]The squirrel’s granary is full,
    [00:53.32]And the harvest’s done.
    [00:58.81]I see a lily on thy brow
    [01:04.18]With anguish moist and fever dew.
    [01:11.01]And on thy cheeks a fading rose
    [01:18.87]Fast withereth too.
    [01:35.20]I met a lady in the meads
    [01:40.68]Full beautiful – a faery’s child.
    [01:45.83]Her hair was long, her foot was light,
    [01:51.00]And her eyes were wild.
    [01:57.41]I made a garland for her head
    [02:02.48]And bracelets too, and fragrant zone;
    [02:07.22]She look’d at me as she did love.
    [02:12.65]And made sweet moan.
    [02:18.34]I set on her my pacing steed.
    [02:23.09]And nothing else saw all day long.
    [02:28.68]For sidelong would she bend, and sing
    [02:36.11]A faery’s song.
    [02:48.98]She found me roots of relish sweet,
    [02:54.30]And honey wild, and manna dew,
    [03:00.08]And sure in language strange she said –
    [03:06.60]“I love thee true.”
    [03:12.97]She took me to her elfin grot
    [03:18.48]And there she wept, and sigh’d full sore,
    [03:23.54]And there I shut her wild wild eyes
    [03:29.07]With kisses four.
    [03:34.65]And there she lulled me asleep,
    [03:39.62]And there I dream’d – Ah! woe betide!
    [03:45.38]The latest dream I ever dream’d
    [03:52.22]On the cold hill’s side.
    [04:07.73]I saw pale kings and princes too,
    [04:13.49]Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
    [04:19.84]They cried – “La Belle Dame sans Merci
    [04:27.32]Hath thee in thrall!”
    [04:35.19]I saw their starv’d lips in the gloam,
    [04:40.90]With horrid warning gaped wide,
    [04:45.96]And I awoke and found me here.
    [04:52.11]On the cold hill’s side.
    [04:58.39]And this is why I sojourn here,
    [05:03.20]Alone and palely loitering
    [05:08.97]Though the sedge is wither’d from the lake.
    [05:16.48]And no birds sing.

    104 - O Melancholy Time (Pushkin)
    [00:18.09]O melancholy time; the eyes’ enchantment!
    [00:32.73]I love the beauty of your parting show,
    [00:43.88]The rich luxuriance of fading nature,
    [00:53.53]The forests clothed in crimson and gold,
    [01:09.66]The noise and cooling breath of autumn wind,
    [01:20.04]The heavens veiled in undulating mist,
    [01:30.53]The sun’s sparse rays, the first few frosty nights,
    [01:42.38]The distant threats of grey advancing winter.

    105 - Farewell, O World, O Earth (Shevchenko)
    [00:05.90]Farewell, o world, o earth,
    [00:15.44]Unfriendly place!
    [00:23.87]I’ll hide my pain and troubles
    [00:33.62]In the clouds.
    [00:57.95]But you, my dear Ukraine,
    [01:07.04]A giftless widow,
    [01:16.09]I’ll fly out of a cloud
    [01:25.58]To speak with you.
    [02:12.18]And sad and quiet we
    [02:21.78]Will hold our council;
    [02:30.84]And then at midnight i
    [02:40.68]Will fall as dew.

    106 - What Meaning Has My Name For You (Pushkin)
    [00:05.61]What meaning has my name for you?
    [00:12.11]My name will die, like the sad sound
    [00:25.10]Of water on a distant shore
    [00:31.61]A sound at night in forest depths.
    [00:44.65]What meaning? Long ago forgotten
    [00:54.36]In new, rebellious excitements
    [01:01.90]My name can never give your heart
    [01:09.00]A pure and tender memory.
    [01:29.93]But one sad day, in silence, then
    [01:37.76]Pronounce my name in quiet grief,
    [01:46.35]And say: I am remembered yet,
    [01:55.84]There lives one heart in which I live.

    107 - I Will Tell You With Unswerving Frankness (Mandelstam)
    [00:08.63]I will tell you with unswerving
    [00:18.90]It’s all just random, it’s cherry brandy,
    [00:33.92]Where the Hellene saw a shining
    [00:44.00]All I see is blackness yawning
    [00:58.65]Yeah, the Greeks sent Helen packing
    [01:05.92]I got splashed with foam that tasted
    [01:14.87]Emptiness will smear my lips with
    [01:28.53]Poverty will sternly give me
    [01:35.18]The finger.
    [01:39.18]Well now, what now, blow it, puff it,
    [01:45.73]Who cares?
    [01:52.23]Angel Mary, have a cocktail.
    [02:01.96]Blow wine!
    [02:08.88]I will tell you with unswerving
    [02:21.21]It’s all just random, it’s cherry brandy,

    108 - I'm Drinking To Mary (Pushkin)
    [00:05.58]I’m drinking to Mary,
    [00:14.87]My Mary, my dear.
    [00:23.47]I’m locked in my eyrie.
    [00:30.83]There’s no-one else here,
    [00:38.68]And I’m drinking to Mary.
    [01:02.51]Some might be prettier than mary,
    [01:10.50]My Mary, my dear,
    [01:18.98]My sweet little peri;
    [01:27.18]They won’t be so dear
    [01:35.79]As my kind, playful Mary.
    [02:01.58]So be happy, my Mary
    [02:11.00]My sunshine, my dear!
    [02:19.62]May your days all be merry,
    [02:27.16]No loss and no fear
    [02:35.94]Come to trouble my Mary.

    109 - Winter Journey (Pushkin)
    [under construction]

    110 - White, A Solitary Sail (Lermontov)
    [00:17.14]White, a solitary sail
    [00:25.06]In the blue sea-mist!...
    [00:32.50]What’s he seeking far away?
    [00:40.11]What has he left at home?
    [00:47.38](What has he left at home?)
    [01:01.85]The wind it whistles, waves they play,
    [01:08.30]The mast it sways and creaks…
    [01:15.03]Alas! He is not seeking joy,
    [01:24.07]Nor is it joy he flees.
    [01:31.13](Nor is it joy he flees.)
    [01:57.52]More bright than azure streams beneath,
    [02:05.15]A golden ray above…
    [02:12.14]But he, the rebel, begs for storms,
    [02:19.29]As if in storms there’s peace!
    [02:26.60](As if in storms there’s peace!)

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    111 - I Met You (Tyutchev)
    [00:19.72]I met you – and the past at once
    [00:29.62]Came in my deadened heart to life;
    [00:37.20]I thought back to a time of gold,
    [00:47.21]And all at once my heart grew warm…
    [00:55.80](And all at once my heart grew warm…)
    [01:12.96]Just as it happens, late in autumn,
    [01:21.91]That for a day or for an hour
    [01:30.09]We feel sudden breath of spring
    [01:39.82]And something in us gives a start,
    [01:48.26](And something in us gives a start)
    [02:08.99]So I, caressed by breezes from,
    [02:16.29]Those years’ full plenty of the heart,
    [02:23.18]Gaze now upon beloved features
    [02:32.30]With rapture I had long forgotten…
    [02:39.15](With rapture I had long forgotten…)
    [03:28.65]It’s like a dream to look at you
    [03:36.52]As if we’d spent an age apart –
    [03:44.12]And now I hear more clearly sounds
    [03:54.46]That never really ceased in me…
    [04:03.02](That never really ceased in me…)
    [04:23.51]No, this is more than just remembrance.
    [04:31.15]It’s life, now speaking out anew,
    [04:38.14]And you still have your old enchantment,
    [04:46.29]And I still feel the love I did!
    [04:54.13](And I still feel the love I did!)

    112 - The Isle (Shelley)
    There was a little lawny islet
    By anemone and violet,
    Like mosaic, paven:
    And its roof was flowers and leaves
    Which the summer’s breath enweaves,
    Where nor sin nor showers nor breeze
    Pierce the pines and tallest trees,
    Each a gem engraven: -
    Girt by many an azure wave
    With which the clouds and mountains pave
    A lake’s blue chasm.

    [timestamps under construction]

    201 - Something Tender, Blue, Unspoken (Yesenin)
    [00:16.91]Something tender, blue, unspoken…
    [00:28.31]My homeland is now quiet, after storms, after thunder,
    [00:39.41]And my heart, like a field without limit,
    [00:50.18]Breathes honey and roses.
    [01:26.39]Calm. The years have done their work;
    [01:36.26]I do not curse what is past.
    [01:46.68]I feel a furious troika of horses
    [01:57.76]Has galloped right through this country.
    [02:32.46]They kicked up dust. They left hoofmarks.
    [02:42.73]They disappeared at the devil’s whistle.
    [02:53.51]And here in this quiet retreat,
    [03:04.65]You can hear the fall of a leaf.
    [03:39.91]A bell, there? Or a distant echo?
    [03:50.10]I take it all in peacefully.
    [04:00.80]Be still, my heart – we have come through
    [04:12.41]The stormy ride that was ordained us.

    202 - Autumn Song (Yesenin)
    [00:11.05]The golden grove dissuaded me,
    [00:20.13]Speaking the merry language of the birches.
    [00:28.47]And as the cranes fly passed in sadness
    [00:38.67]They have no pity left for anyone.
    [00:46.72](They have no pity left for anyone.)
    [00:55.99]I’m standing on a barren plain.
    [01:04.98]The wind is carrying the cranes away.
    [01:13.30]I’m full of thoughts about my merry youth.
    [01:23.48]I don’t regret a thing that’s past.
    [01:31.70](I don’t regret a thing that’s past.)
    [01:41.45]I don’t regret the wasted years,
    [01:50.14]Nor the lilac colour of my heart.
    [01:58.50]Red rowan blazes on my garden fire,
    [02:09.26]But now it cannot warm a soul.
    [02:17.62](But now it cannot warm a soul.)
    [02:48.33]The rowan branches won’t burn up.
    [02:58.71]The grass is yellowed but it isn’t dead.
    [03:07.24]And, as the tree sheds leaves in silence,
    [03:17.83]Just so I shed these words of sadness now.
    [03:26.26](Just so I shed these words of sadness now.)

    203 - Swamps And Marshes (Yesenin)
    [00:09.56]Swamps and marshes
    [00:14.87]Blue cloth of heaven
    [00:20.45]With gilded pine
    [00:26.23]The forest resounds
    [00:34.67]A bluetit flits
    [00:39.99]Through forest curls
    [00:48.01]The dark firs dream
    [00:53.96]Of the reapers’ noise
    [01:10.03]A string of carts
    [01:15.85]Creaks across the field
    [01:21.91]The wheels smell of
    [01:27.04]Dryish linden-wood
    [01:34.41]The broom tree hears
    [01:40.35]A windy whistle
    [01:48.50]Forgotten land
    [01:54.45]You are my homeland

    204 - Winter Evening (Pushkin)
    [00:27.71]Stormclouds fill the sky with darkness
    [00:31.96]Spinning whirlwinds out of snow;
    [00:39.43]Now the storm will howl out, beast-like,
    [00:44.05]Now start weeping like a child,
    [00:57.25]Now roar suddenly and fiercely
    [01:01.97]In the thatch on our worn roof,
    [01:06.63]Now come knocking on the window
    [01:11.23]Like a traveler delayed.
    [01:33.25]This ancient shack, your home and mine,
    [01:38.19]Is sad now, sad and growing dark.
    [01:44.71]You’re sitting silent at the window,
    [01:49.69]Old woman. Since I love you: why?
    [02:02.77]Are you worn out by the howling
    [02:06.89]Of the winter storm, my friend?
    [02:11.82]Or are you dozing to the buzzing
    [02:16.42]Of your humming spinning-wheel?
    [02:40.35]Let’s drink together, good old friend
    [02:44.78]Of my impoverished youth.
    [02:51.78]We’ll drink in sorrow – where’s the wine-cup?
    [02:56.93]It will lend our hearts some cheer.
    [03:09.96]Sing me that song with the bluetit
    [03:14.86]Living quietly by the sea;
    [03:19.43]Sing me that song with the maiden
    [03:24.54]Fetching water in the dawn.
    [04:12.22]Stormclouds fill the sky with darkness
    [04:16.61]Spinning whirlwinds out of snow;
    [04:23.82]Now the storm will howl out, beast-like,
    [04:28.60]Now start weeping like a child,
    [04:41.71]Let’s drink together, good old friend
    [04:46.53]Of my impoverished youth.
    [04:51.40]We’ll drink in sorrow – where’s the wine-cup?
    [04:56.48]It will lend our hearts some cheer.

    205 - When The Cornfield, Yellowing, Stirs (Lermontov)
    [00:14.64]When the cornfield, yellowing, stirs
    [00:24.47]And breezes rustle in the trees,
    [00:34.16]And dark red plums conceal themselves
    [00:43.28]In a green leaf’s pleasant shade;
    [00:58.91]When the lily of the valley
    [01:07.53]Silver, splashed with scented dew,
    [01:16.30]Nods its head to me in greeting
    [01:25.93]Some golden morn or ruddy eve;
    [01:45.76]And when an icy spring comes playing
    [01:56.59]Down the steep ravine, and prattles
    [02:07.10]A mystic saga of its peaceful
    [02:16.62]Homeland, blurring me in dreams,
    [02:34.35]Then my panicked heart is calm,
    [02:45.60]Then the wrinkles quit my brow,
    [02:55.12]I can grasp it: joy on earth,
    [03:08.21]And in heavens I see God…

    206 - I Set Out On The Road Alone (Lermontov)
    [00:14.62]I set out on the road alone.
    [00:27.04]The track glints stonily through fog
    [00:38.00]All’s still. The desert harks to God.
    [00:50.82]A star talks with another star.
    [01:02.73]There’s majesty, grace, in the skies!
    [01:14.04]Bleu radiance; the earth asleep…
    [01:24.01]So what’s so hard, so sore, for me?
    [01:36.24]Expectancy, perhaps regret?
    [01:47.06](Expectancy, perhaps regret?)
    [02:16.57]I’ve stopped expecting anything.
    [02:27.78]I don’t regret the past one bit.
    [02:38.24]I’m seeking liberty and peace!
    [02:49.51]I’d love to swoon, and fall asleep.
    [03:01.08]All night, all day. A gentle voice
    [03:12.25]Would softly sing me songs of love;
    [03:23.38]An ancient oak would bend above me
    [03:35.65]And always rustle, dark and green.
    [03:47.38](And always rustle, dark and green.)

    207 - Mountain Summits (Lermontov)
    [00:20.82]Mountain summits
    [00:28.85]Sleep tonight;
    [00:36.55]Quiet valleys
    [00:44.93]Fresh with mist
    [00:53.32]The road’s not dusty.
    [01:02.18]The leaves don’t stir..
    [01:11.07]Wait a little,
    [01:21.07]You’ll rest too.
    [01:34.73]The road’s not dusty.
    [01:44.87]The leaves don’t stir..
    [01:53.91]Wait a little,
    [02:04.53]You’ll rest too.

    208 - Elegy. Verses Composed At Night, At A Time Of Insomnia (Pushkin)
    [00:08.32]I can’t sleep. There isn’t light;
    [00:19.28]Just dark all round, and tedious sleep.
    [00:28.76]Monotonous I hear a clock
    [00:38.86]That’s ticking somewhere near to me,
    [00:53.60]The womanish prattle of the Fates,
    [01:00.30]The little sounds of sleeping night,
    [01:08.96]The mouse-like scuttle of my life…
    [01:22.01]So why’ve you come to bother me?
    [01:38.33]What’s your meaning, boring whisper?
    [01:47.75]Are you this last day I’ve wasted
    [01:57.16]Taking me to task, or grumbling?
    [02:19.49]What is it that you want from me?
    [02:28.22]Are you prophesy? A Call?
    [02:39.61]I wish that I could understand you;
    [03:03.25]And I seek some sense in you…

    209 - Choral. A Vengeful God (Tyutchev)
    [00:02.48]A vengeful God has taken all I had,
    [00:23.22]My health, my strength of will, my air, my sleep,
    [00:39.77]And only you he’s left me by my side –
    [00:58.59]So he’d be sure I still would pray to Him.

    210 - Meditation. It's Time, My Friend, It's Time! (Pushkin)
    [00:05.00]It’s time, my friend, it’s time! The heart now begs for peace.
    [00:31.20]Day after day flies past, and each hour carries off
    [00:51.21]A particle of being; you and I, meanwhile,
    [01:17.18]Propose to live… And then, before you know, we’ll die.
    [01:54.13]There is no joy on earth. There’s peace, and there is freedom.
    [02:20.45]I long have dreamt of this and yearned for this alone:
    [02:37.65]A worn-out slave, I’ve planned to run away to some
    [02:55.70]Distant retreat of work and guiltless luxuries.

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    211 - Ode. Schubert On Water (Mandelstam)
    [00:18.91]Schubert on water, and Mozart in the din of birdsong,
    [00:34.41]And Goethe whistling on a winding path,
    [00:47.48]And Hamlet treading fearfully in his thoughts –
    [01:01.53]They counted the crowd’s pulse and they trusted the crowd.
    [01:28.40]Maybe the whisper was born before the lips,
    [01:43.56]Maybe the leaves once swirled in treelessness,
    [01:57.38]And maybe those to whom we dedicate experience
    [02:11.40]Before experience had already acquired their features.

    212 - Postludium. Those Sweet Companions (Zhukovsky)
    [00:00.00]Those sweet companions, thanks to whom
    [00:20.29]Our time here can be called a life –
    [00:36.70]Say not, in sorrow, They are not,
    [00:53.41]But say in gratitude: They were.

    213 - My Lashes Are Pricking (Mandelstam)
    [00:15.91]My lashes are pricking. A teardrop wells up in my breast.
    [00:30.16]I sense without fear what is coming. What’s coming? A storm.
    [00:39.33]And somebody crazy is chivvying me to forget;
    [00:53.59]It’s stifling, but still, all the same, I’m just dying to live.
    [01:09.77]Up in the cell at the very first sound that I heard,
    [01:21.83]Still wildly and sleepily staring around and around
    [01:32.36]Here’s how the pea-jacket man sings his rough little song
    [01:43.75]While the dawn is a stripe on a uniform over the nick.

    214 - I Don't Know When (Mandelstam)
    [00:06.46]I don’t know when
    [00:09.14]This song began –
    [00:11.72]Does the thief not rustle it,
    [00:14.18]And the Gnat Prince chime it?
    [00:22.55]I’d like to chat
    [00:24.90]About nothing again,
    [00:27.20]Rustle a match, and give night
    [00:29.90]A nudge with my shoulder to wake it up.
    [00:36.30]To lift like a stifling stack
    [00:39.17]The air that’s wearying a cap.
    [00:44.68]To shake out the bag
    [00:51.01]That’s got caraway sewn into it,
    [01:00.36]So’s the link of pink blood
    [01:02.80]And the chime of these dry grasses
    [01:05.43]Stolen, would be found
    [01:07.81]After an age, a hayloft, and a dream.

    215 - For The Thunderous Grandeur Of Ages To Come (Mandelstam)
    [00:29.38]For the thunderous grandeur of ages to come,
    [00:37.33]For humanity’s lofty tribe,
    [00:44.49]I’m deprived of a cup at my ancestors’ feast,
    [00:51.16]Of my honour and joy deprived.
    [00:59.21]The age like a wolf-hound has leapt on my back,
    [01:04.36]But by nature I’m not a wolf.
    [01:12.71]Cram me tighter, like cramming a cap in the sleeve
    [01:19.64]Of Siberia’s warm fur coats –
    [01:30.47]Then I won’t see the cowards, I won’t see the filth,
    [01:37.09]The bones and blood in the wheel;
    [01:43.69]Then the blue polar foxes will sparkle all night
    [01:51.60]With primordial beauty for me.
    [01:59.44]Oh take me by night to the Yenisei’s steam
    [02:05.43]Where the pine-tree reaches the star,
    [02:14.52]For my nature is not like that of a wolf
    [02:22.82]And I’ll only be slain by my peer.

    216 - The Oaks Drink From A Cold Vessel (Mandelstam)
    [00:08.08]The oaks drink from a cold vessel
    [00:22.39]The simple-haired grass rustles,
    [00:34.87]And the lungwort blooms; it’s good for wasps.
    [00:45.06]Oh but where are you, you sacred islands
    [00:57.49]Where they eat no wretched bread,
    [01:10.00]Where they have just honey, wine, and milk
    [01:22.32]The sky is not darkened by screeching labour,
    [01:52.77]And the wheel turns easily?

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    Many thanks.

  • You freaking god! Thank you.

  • Daizok ... these are treasures .. and you are a gem.... gratitude.

  • Thank you so much!

    How can i use it on iTunes?

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