New Group: "I'll listen to you if you listen to me"

  • New Group: "I'll listen to you if you listen to me"

    Hi! I just recently joined and wasn't sure how to go about promoting my band, especially when I don't want to and don't think it's very effective to spam and hassle people to listen to my music.

    I see there is this group as well as the one for listeners under 100 which helps new bands get heard. However, getting your songs played on this group's radio requires the artists to wait to be added as a connection and then I'm not sure how effective this group would necessarily be since it dependents how many people are listening to this group's radio. Contacting the people in this group I thought might be a good idea since we're all in the same boat and they might be more inclined to listen to my music as a quid pro quo of listening to theirs. However, even sending artists here requests asking them to listen to me makes me uncomfortable that I'm just hassling them and like it might be a waste of my time if they don't respond.

    I therefore came up with the idea of making a group which connects artists looking to gain listeners with each other.

    I'll Listen to you if you listen to me

    The idea is that by joining this group artists are saying that they want other artists to contact them and request that they listen to their music in return for listening to theirs. Artists simply send a message to the other artists, which need not say anything more than "I'll listen to you if you listen to me" and you can rely on them giving your music a listen.

    Since you know the artists in the group are willing to listen to your music if you listen to yours, there is no need to flatter the other artist to get them to listen to your music. Artists are encouraged to comment, praise, and critique each others music as they listen to each other, but should not feel obligated to say anything and should only make comments that are honest, sincere and constructive. Therefore as artists listen to each others music they are subjecting themselves to a peer review. Such peer review can take the form of posts in the forum of the group for others to see. Thus helping to promote new bands that are most deserving of praise.

    People who are not artists are encouraged to join the group and the artists in the group are discouraged from spamming/sending listening requests to anyone except other artists in the group. Thus allowing this group to serve as a place for people to come find new artists and hear buzz about artists. Also, since it will help artists easily be heard it will reduces the desire for artists to spam elsewhere.

    I certainly don't mean to impose or have "I'll listen to you if you listen to me" take away from the "Under 2000 listeners" group. I just think members of this group would appreciate another tool to help artists promote their music. I think both groups would be more effective if we direct listeners to one another.

    Thanks for reading! I appreciate if you join or spread the word about I'll Listen to you if you listen to me.

    Leave your comments/suggestions in this thread below or in "I'll Listen to you if you listen to me"

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