Connections - Want Your Artist as a Connection on this Group?

  • Connections - Want Your Artist as a Connection on this Group?


    I have disconnected all the artists to our old connections as some were well over 100 and others were nearly there but some were not. As by the shoutbox, I gather you are currently confused but it will make sense after this post has gone out.

    I spoke with the leader yesterday with a few new ideas (this is one of them). This one involves only requested artists and monthly joiners to our tag to be placed on our connections. Thus from now on there will be artists disconnected each month whether or not they have reached 100. However, the requested artists will stay on the list until they reach 100 or over.

    How Will it Work?

    It will work by PM's and group shoutboxes where you can request your or your friends band or a band you think worthy of the connections longer than a month.

    On this first way you can contact myself - TheArtistBox, I read all my pms dailly, if i am not on for what ever reason shout the groups shoutbox and the leader (silverlage) can put them up.

    As for the second way, each artist that is shouted, PM'd, or messaged to be on our tag and is new to the tag will get added to the connections each month. The first connections will be made every 3rd day of the month and will disconnect the month preceeding it. Thus the connections are not crowded up.

    Requested artists take priorty and are till they are over the group's limit. The monthly based ones are for a month only and disconnected after the 3rd day of the next month.

    Hope that's cleared things up.

    There will be another list for me in the forum telling the requested artists, these are to notify me not to disconnect them at the end of the month.


  • The Requested - So Far

    This is the list of artists that will be connected until they go over 100.

    They have been requested by either PM, shoutbox or leaders chosen.

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  • added may 7th 11


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  • All Connections Until They Reach Over 100 Listeners


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  • Connected Until Past Over

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