- under 100 listeners post -

  • - under 100 listeners post -

    The idea of this thread is to allow users to post links to full songs and downloadable songs on last.fm with less then 100 listeners. The users only need to go to the posted posts and listen to the each song that is listed on this thread, when the song gets more than 100 listeners, the user that posted the song needs to delete the post from the thread or the owner of the group will do that if the user forgets to. The owner would prefer to not have though.
    This idea came from member bugmefox and we really appreciate him.

  • The idea behind this thread, was to make more easier to listen and try songs with less than 100 listeners.
    When using the tag to tag SONGS, you will have to remove the tag from each separated song when the tag get more than 100 listeners, there also some users that forget to remove the tag, you get the same music more than one time (I have 7 plays to a song that i listened only while listening to the tag radio).

    Another very good reason behind this thread is that there are many users that dont are able to listen to the last.fm radios, and so they will not be to use the radio of the tag, with that thread they will be able to listen to try the songs.

    This thread will work like this:

    The users create a posts on this thread with a have list of some full and downloadable songs with less then 100 songs..
    Then the user that want to try the songs, would go the first thread, and try the songs on the first post with, songs, then on the second post,.... and so he will be easily able to try the songs.

    After you add some songs on this thread, only add more songs on a another post, and then on another post, and another...., dont add more artists on a previously made post.
    The idea behind that, is that the users will start with the first post and then conitinue, listening to every song in the posts, post after post, when he finish to listen the songs or stop listening songs to do something else, everything he would have to do is continue from the post the he was in, and would not need to check the earlier posts to see if there is more new songs there.

    Also, only create a new posts when you have more than 8 songs, to not flood the thread with many many posts, since you will have to add a new post to each new list of songs that you will post here.

    On a later date, a good idea would be create a another thread where the users would be able to say what songs have more than 100 listeners, and so the users that created posts here would easily be able to check what songs they have to remove from the posts that they posted here.

    Post the songs in that way:
    TrackName (insert the track using the insert track button ) from the artist ArtistName (insert the artist using the insert artist button)

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  • I want to know from the artist project mirror

    S.O.S. from the artist project mirror

    Persona-Preussischer Stolz from the artist Persona

    destroy him my robots from the artist Neotericz

    Electrorutti from the artist Minner

    WC1or2or3or4or5 from the artist Gijs Gieskes

    Take it Higher from the artist Woodlington

    Chills from the artist Woodlington

    Inspired Initiative from the artist Woodlington

    June from the artist My Fun

    Northeaster from the artist My Fun

    Riddarfjärden from the artist My Fun

    Dissolved from the artist My Fun

    Drops from the artist Unmorph

    No Blues from artist Flash Litmus

    Drumatic from the artist lollop

    Somewhere Between Night and Morning from the artist Early American Women Writers

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    Post Noise, Home Rec.

  • A Little Lifer

  • Windia (Roc k)

    ~ How much deception can you take?
    How many lies will you create?
    How much longer 'til you break?
    Your mind's about to fall

    And they're breaking through
    They're breaking through... ~
  • Lungtanner. (Psychedelic, Drone, Experimental)

    Listen to Lungtanner.
    <img src=http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/45943413/Lungtanner+new.jpg>
  • G.E

    Bull's Milk from the artist G.E
    Wise Up to Space from the artist G.E
    Don't Youfrom the artist G.E
    Dropcall from the artist G.E

  • ------------------------------
    Taste the Digital Flavours
  • Weights On (Remix) from the artist Woody's a Girl
    Northern Storm (Demo) from the artist Woody's a Girl
    Leaves from the artist Woody's a Girl
    Shelter from the artist Woody's a Girl
    Red from the artist Woody's a Girl

    There are heaps more (none of my songs have over 200 listeners :D) but thought I would start with that.

    "We've graduated now from [being called] 'the next Jane's Addiction' to 'the next Nirvana,' now we're 'the next Pearl Jam.'" (Billy Corgan, 1993)
    Music is my boyfriend.
    Woody's a girl @ last.fm
  • Our Music ;)

    Dong Do band - Symphonic Metal

    Don't Touch the Future
    Land of the Dragon
    A Song From the Heart

    Symphonic Christmas
    Symphonic Christmas
    Game Soundtracks 1
    ULTRABOLD - Game Soundtrack

    Before The Dawn
    Kill Him
    Under The Mask
    Chuyen yeu duong
    This is POP album, no more metal :D It has got success in Germany.

    Thank you for listening! ;)

  • TCD tracks :-)


    Try These Crimson Dreams. Free download of new album Manaslu.
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  • Desire Machines

    Desire Machines

    just a wave
    la desesperación
    Just hypnotize and sedate (demo1)

    Thanks for listening!

    You can friend me @ desiremachines and I'll gladly return the favor and give your band a listen

  • I have found a few downloadable albums in fact:

    Cassette from the artist Caïman Nain
    Untitled Album from the artist Total Invasion
    Metal Slug from the artist Metal Slug Band
    The Ballad of Misanthropy from the artist Mortal Plague
    Blasphemation from the artist Blasphemation
    Eternal Voyage from the artist Lone Wolf Music

    Edit -More Free Albums-:
    Chiptunes by the artist jesus2099
    last.fm sampler by the artist jesus2099
    shamofrom the artist Shamo

    Some downloadable tracks:
    Suppurating Infection of (Dino)sore from the artist Splattergasm
    For the Throne from the artist Zajal
    it goes by from the artist melvyl

    Full track(s):
    Bikini Lines from the artist Masenka

    Slaughter of the Senex from the artist Cyanid
    Euphicuary Whore from the artist Cyanid
    Keeping the Sores Open from the artist Cyanid
    Altar of autopsy from the artist Cyanid

    Shàng de shān duō zhōng yù hǔ.

    When you go up to the mountain too often, you will eventually encounter the tiger.
  • My Free Albums and some sample tracks.

    Listen to Lungtanner.
    <img src=http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/45943413/Lungtanner+new.jpg>
  • Please give me some listens!!

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  • psychedelic lo-fi

  • Some indie-electronica (or whatever you want to call it) tracks by Michael Cameron Kilderry (me):

    Morning Glow
    Stunt Double
    Insert Coin

    These and all my other songs are available for free download and streaming.

  • Music Like Lemons

    Some friends of mine who are starting out - their youtube vids are a bit of a laugh as well.

    Please Write Good
    Bill's BBQ
    Geoff Metal
    Life Is A Drum
    The Mighty Daewoo

    I'm judge and i'm jury and i'm executioner too!
  • Guys, my listener count's from the redirection of the Ukranian group Kazaky, not mine. I don't have real listeners.

    Fudazeu ni rondon jexejawo, Dei ni megei.
    [Never stop believing, He said.]

    Website: http://www.kazaki-music.asia/
    FB: http://facebook.com/kazakichan
    YouTube: http://youtube.com/Crisel15
    Wikia: http://kazaki.wikia.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/kazaki03
  • Electronic artist friends of mine..

    77 Lexington from the artist John Fleetham

    081024-2 from the artist OmNullus

    ... electronic music from a lost friend John Fleetham
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