I declare this forum

  • I declare this forum

    the new core.

    • kofrad said...
    • User
    • 17 Jan 2007, 16:13

    i concur

    may this thread now continue as a roll call

    This message has been approved by the National Poultry Council.
  • lololol


  • u nasty

  • I claim this forum and your lives as a token of your appreciation.

    • Lew_Blu said...
    • User
    • 31 Aug 2008, 21:42
    wtf. ;o

    ..::< It's a beautiful lie >::..
    ..::< Such a perfect denial >::..
  • biggest fail ever!

    "I come from the land Downunder..."
  • Biggest ever fail!

    『人間は恋と革命のために生れて来たのだ。』― 太宰治
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