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Created on: 5 Feb 2009
we're clean cut and drink diet coke! we're the new rock stars! we suck satan's cock!... thank you, america. is a forum ran by the founder of the "extrupaganzoidic" netlabel synestheticmusic( the main goal is to make a messed up community of individual humanoids and join them into one group. i'd also just simply like to spread the word of the label's music without looking like a self-promoting asshole. most of our releases incorporate elements of electronic music, ambient, minimalist, experimental or drone music, with little bits of jazz, avant-garde, post-rock, and the odd funk work (see under 'Ghanafolk/Billy and the Beatniks'). links to the label's releases can be found on the discography section of the site, and feature releases predominantly from teenagers with a good taste in music. yeah, they exist now. so if you're a 15-year-old mars volta fan with a taste for experimental contemporary music and you're sick with the patronisation of teenage music listeners through many mainstream major record labels, this group is probably for you.

Also, if you're interested, we message all users when the label has a new release.

synestheticmusic discography
SYN001 - 30 Day Fire by The? Spoon! (and the)
SYN002 - shibuya [single] by Kiran Leonard [rare]
SYN003 - theresa by Kiran Leonard
SYN004 - untitled.ground by Kiran Leonard
SYN005 - Baden Baden: The City So Good, They Named it Twice by We Are Edgar Smith (available on only)
SYN006 - GUN by Kiran Leonard
SYN007 - malagambient by Kiran Leonard
SYN008 - tritet [ep] by tritet
SYN009 - Advertisement by Kiran Leonard
SYN010 - The Dark Matter by Eggfast
SYN011 - Black Was White by Kiran Leonard
SYN012 - BeaЯs... Apes... Midnight Sunrise by the Maggots in the Scarecrow's Eyes
SYN013 - Violence Makes Me Horny by Sorry Robin
SYN014 - Busting Some Fucking Heads [EP] by Sorry Robin
SYN015 - The Cacophony Silence [EP] by Sound Dunes
SYN016 - Observational Situational by Observational Situational
SYN017A - Fistfull of Fingers by Manta XII
SYN017B - Solace Sleep by Manta XII
SYN017C - The White Tree by Manta XII
SYN017D - Travelling the World Alone In Happiness... by Manta XII
SYN017E - Metal Clown by Manta XII
SYN017F - Bowler Thief by Manta XII
SYN017G - Fusion by Manta XII
SYN018A - GOD"S"EYE by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN018B - The Ghost Cabin by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN018C - Deathvine by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN019A - Eternal Clouds Erode Like Ashes by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN019B - Red Blood by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN019C - Screwing Up the Lives of Lemons by the Dronedog of God's Eye
SYN020 - Distant Clouds and Bloody Oceans by Sound Dunes/The Desert, Isolated Statue Under the Dissonant Sky
SYN021A - Spectres of Zhagill by Khallahk
SYN021B - Chordata Vienna by Khallahk
SYN022 - Live in My Bedroom '09 by Sorry Robin
SYN023 - Journey Retold in Dissonance Part 1 by Leo Brookes
SYN024 - Selected Passive Drones, Part I: Blanco y Negro by Kiran Leonard
SYN025 - DragØns on the Wharf by Khallahk
SYN026A - Hemispheras 1 - Decoding Laws in the Sand by Khallahk
SYN026B - Blizzard Bot by the Maggots in the Scarecrow's Eye
SYN026C - Platypus Eggnog by Eggfast
SYN027 - Journey Retold in Dissonance Part 2 by Leo Brookes
SYN028 - Sprungfelt by Billy and the Beatniks
SYN029A - Plants in my Ears Are Growing Faster and I Can Hear the Sun Melt into Solid Air. by Monkey Dancer
SYN029B - Remember When We Imagined the Sun as a Frog, And the Ocean Was Filled With Blood, We Used to Bathe Naked, Not Anymore. by Monkey Dancer
SYN030 - Deucalion's Axes by Galaxy Rainbow
SYN031 - Cold Coffee by John Wight
SYN032 - Zen by John Wight
SYN033 - Cornocopia by John Wight
SYN034 - Tecton Voltalade by John Wight
SYN035A - Selected Passive Drones, Part II: Organic Journey by Kiran Leonard
SYN035B - Selected Passive Drones, Part III: Henceforth Man Turned to the Stars... by Kiran Leonard and Dennis Pålsson
SYN036 - Spherical Dungeons by John Wight
SYN037 - Holocaust's Wingspan by John Wight
SYN038A - The Basement Tapes by Ghanafolk
SYN038B - GHANAFUNK?! by Ghanafolk/Billy and the Beatniks
SYN039 - Sarcophagus by John Wight
SYN040 - {[]\=|[]|=/[]} by John Wight
SYN041 - The Cirrus Wave by Galaxy Rainbow/The Nomad's Book
SYN042 - Crystallite Vista by John Wight
SYN043 - Weltzraghassor by John Wight
SYN044 - Barbaraptuous [EP] by Kiran Leonard
SYN045 - Kappa by John Wight
SYN046 - Beach Sherpa by Leo Brookes
SYN047 - Kroesquefunk by John Wight
SYN048A - Kappa 2 by Billy and the Beatniks
SYN048B - Kappa 4 by Lithuanian Hazard
SYN049 - Ghosts of Antarctica by John Wight
SYN050 - No Flowers for Emile Henry, The Sun Comes up Bound in Human Shame by Synesthetic Arts_Rats
SYN051 - Enemy Pastures Were Left Untouched... by Caiseach
SYN052 - Journey Through Middle-Earth by John Wight
SYN053 - The Sunshine Theory by Kiran Leonard
SYN054 - Live in My Bedroom '09 by Leo Brookes
SYN055 - Crazy Creatures, Volume One by John Wight
SYN056 - Atrocious Castrophicus by John Wight
SYN057 - Silent Violence by John Wight
SYN058 - Visions Cease by Leo Brookes
SYN059 - EP by H
SYN060 - Anaxagoras: Folio of the Moon by John Wight
SYN061 - The Burning Horse [EP] by My Cat Drinks Tap Water
SYN062 - Super-Nebular Manifestations by John Wight
SYN063 - Siamese Light by Main Dish
SYN064 - Radio Guacal by Emiliano Mendoza
SYN065 - The Maya Deren Broadcast Intrusion! by Kiran Leonard

synestheticmusic discontinued in february 2010. the new label is remote viewing.


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