21-radio last.fm a pagamento. pay for radio

  • 21-radio last.fm a pagamento. pay for radio

    é fatta, volete la radio pagate!
    quali sono le vostre intenzioni come artisti?

  • is official

  • =(

    I'm the operator, with my pocket calculator
  • please tell us what do you thinks about

    the most relevant ideas or comment will published in a journal.

    i commenti o le idee più interessanti le pubblicheremo in un journal.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 23 Apr 2009, 19:09

    • RenatoV said...
    • User
    • 23 Apr 2009, 19:14
    Uso l'inglese così anche altri possono capire (mio inglese permettendo)

    There is no alternative to to pay if you want to continue the use of Last. So for now I paid for 3 month.

    I know that they are working for to develop radios for free contents but for now I don't see any possibility of to continue my use of last without pay.

    As artist I hope that this new way don't compromise the possibility of to share my music with many people as possible.

    The risk of the breakup of the community is the most sadly thing, without the possibility of to listen music for free many people will leave Last, that's sure, I am afraid so!

    Renato Ventura Music Fan Club - Free For Free
    Play all my music just in one Click.
  • I liked so much last.fm that I think that I will. I will pay for this service. For me is the better music social network in all the web. But ............free has another taste.......

  • I was inclined to pay, but the way they introduced this service after the initial delay is so shockingly stupid (a blog post, none of the announced alternative payment methods except for the most stupid: "pay for a friend") that at the moment I'm unsure; not that I can't pay with Paypal, but the lack of any other form of payment is discriminating, and this discrimination comes after the geographic one, which is of course worse.

    they must be really running out of money if they act so supreficially.

  • I don't think they are running out of money - I think this is the growing effect of the CBS ownership over time and the soulless greed motive that is behind most large corporations.

    I subscribed to Last.fm for the first time about 18 months ago because I wanted to support a site I love for its revolutionising of my music life. It's not an exaggeration to say it has changed my life in general really as it was being on this site that allowed me to start meeting and collaborating in cyberspace as a vocalist with many different electronic music producers around the world. I would not be doing much music wise if I hadn't stumbled on Last.fm one night a couple of years ago...

    The changes in the middle of last year sent me off on a bit of a net odyssey around many other music sites and this continues - I've found so many other wonderful resources I'm not sorry I was pushed 'out of the nest' a bit by those earlier changes. I'm still on Last.fm pretty much every day but not with as much passion as a year ago.

    I will continue my subscription and see what eventuates but I like so many others am disappointed at this latest proposal by Last.fm as it damages the cultural power of the site as a global resource and living archive of world music available to the world to hear.

    As an artist I also agree with Renato in expecting a reduction in plays due to the mass exodus of many users who won't be willing or able to pay.

  • c'è da chiarire una cosa che non mi sembra chiara: se non pago mi sbattono fuori?

    si je ne paye pas on me jette dehor?

    if i do not pay last put me out?

  • no, if you don't pay, you will still able to scrobble (id est: to collect data about the songs you listen), post mesages on the forum and on the shoutboxes, and so on. Generally, every social activitiy will be still available to non-subscribers

  • As for me, I use different profiles for continue to listen my radio ... All the 30 I change ... ; P

    • ZzBrr said...
    • User
    • 23 Apr 2009, 21:07
    If i wasn't the person i am i would maybe put them in justice because i don't remember reading about this trial period when signing...but considering the reality of the thing i will just continue a happy life somewhere else and they will be dead (let's say victims of the financial crisis...) nothing is to last in this world , not even FM my friends...
    meet you on my space until we also move from there...

  • supermetapatadeclaration

    we dont pay, we dont go. there are much escamotages se vogliamo

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 24 Apr 2009, 00:49
    DILLEMMA, as an small artist and a user:
    since this was to be a LITTLE "income on the side" for me
    - and other full-time working musicians; it is music that pays my bills!
    (mostly touring and work in studio sessions.
    you can't get rich in here, as an small artist,
    - it is simply not very likely or easily done anyway)!

    And to totally boycott or leave now,(that IS an option and a last resort)
    IS very hard; to give up all the work and hours
    (both for artists as well as users) putted in here
    (and not to forget) it is thousands of small artists
    and their efforts to reach listeners through their labor
    - especially outside their own countries.

    Plus all the friendships, people connected here..
    (which is just as much the reason for myself being a user)
    - it would be very sad for all to loose some of them:

    There should at least be DISCOUNTS for 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES
    - or some kind of alternatives (like adds,sponsors etc.) to meet the needs for
    - THE ECONOMICALLY CHALLENGED! Not all have that kind of money!!!

    And I just can't understand how they (last.fm/CBS) -
    other than unimportant or not very sufficient solutions to the matter
    - like: you can now pay for others subscriptions
    - which always has been possible anyway!
    ...BUT WHO WILL/CAN PAY FOR THE REST THEN, i just ask?...

    a VERY DISAPOINTED user and SMALL artist!
    - no change?- no chance!

  • a detail that's worth mentioning...

    it was confirmed to me by last.fm in one of the support forums that everyone in the world will still be able to listen to full length tracks and albums on the various artist pages (if the artists have made full length streaming available) - it's the streaming of last.fm radio that will no longer be free

  • First of all, I want to apologize for my absence at the party...I'm really sorry, but I was in Roma with no connection...then..I still got no words, I'll continue to sustain my idea that a paradise for Indipendent artist has become a sort of hell..Finally I decided that I won't pay, but I'll continue using LastFm for didn't lose the friends and substainers I got here...

    • titaka said...
    • User
    • 24 Apr 2009, 10:29


    I haven't been around that much these days for many reasons... But anyways, when I've joined Last.fm it was because i found it a revolutionary way to listen to music, with no different levels made by the mainstream most known names or the underground most "hypered" ones... I'm a little shocked for this decision to make (some) people pay to listen to its radio: it has never happened for the FMradio, has it?...

  • :(

    I'm sorry but for this decision of last.fm I've disabled the full-length preview and the free downloads of almost of my music!

    Mirko Fait
  • Pas payer papillon...

    The private fm is paid by advertising like Last.fm. .. She wanted to increase its margins and for preserve its prestige declined the alternative of audio advertising ...

    But I refuse to pay for a service than was first, before I commit, presented as free ... I feel that my radio and my tags were taken hostage ... And I wont resign to the ultimatum ...

  • BottaBass ha detto:
    First of all, I want to apologize for my absence at the party...I'm really sorry, but I was in Roma with no connection...then..I still got no words, I'll continue to sustain my idea that a paradise for Indipendent artist has become a sort of hell..Finally I decided that I won't pay, but I'll continue using LastFm for didn't lose the friends and substainers I got here...

    the same for me

    • Cianoiz said...
    • User
    • 24 Apr 2009, 12:50
    Io propongo di togliere tutti i nostri brani e dire a tutti gli artisti di boiccottare last fm nella stessa maniera

  • I won't pay but i'll continue to stay in Last.fm.

    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.(Mohandas Gandhi)
  • You know what is sad about this? Last.fm is more than a way to listen to free music. Anyone that knows anything about anything can listen to all the free music they want. Last.fm is, soon to be was, a big multi-cultural family! Like any family there are embarrassing uncles, really weird Aunts and badly behaved teenagers but somehow it all works and is fun and interesting. I am from a small town in Scotland so I guess I am OK for now but I have in the short time that I have been on last.fm developed relationships with peculiar people from Italy, France, Russia and I don’t know where else. Obviously these relationships aren’t the same as relationships in the real world but if they leave last.fm, and I don’t blame them if they do, I will miss them. Why is last.fm splitting up this family by nationality? Because they know, if they start charging, people are going to leave and advertising revenue is going to be effected. They have calculated that if they retain the users in the US, UK and Germany they can retain their core advertising. What a cynical and exploitative way to run a business! Shame on you Richard Jones!

    That's more than enough!
  • i dislike it , ofcourse

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