California Concert Reviews

  • California Concert Reviews

    hey fellow californians! ive been going to many shows all over california lately, as soon as im done creating this group and getting new members, ill post some reviews. so here is where you can post your reviews on your shows u have been to. if you are an artists, u may post comments on your audiences. have fun. que la musique de ton coeur fasse danser ta vie
  • well i was wondering if anyone went to the roger waters concert or the who concert? i went to roger and loved it. i didnt get to see the who so i would like to know how it was

  • sorry theoryjean i totally disregarded your forum rules. ok. the roger waters copncert was at the hollywod bowl on i think 10/3-10/5. I liked it a lot because not only was it a dark side of the moon concert, but he also played a lot of material from The Wall and Animals and even had a flying pig. He also played some solo work and Nick Mason actually came and drummed on the songs. The band jsut sounded great, the guitar player sounded exactly like Gilmour, and the music was phenomenal. It was also a visual spectacle too with fireworks and lasers and a movie screen.

  • The Mars Volta at The Ventura Theatre 3/28/07

    This is a relatively small venue as it only holds about 1200 people. The way its set up is a lot like the Wiltern in Hollywood where there are 3 staggered levels of standing room only GA and a small balcony. The venue is kind of old so it has that classic mystique architecture business going on, its pretty nice looking.

    I am a huge fan of TMV and I was expecting a lot from this show and they delivered. They are always criticized (rightfully so at times) for having their sound be overbearing and just come off as noise, however at this show I felt that the all the levels were appropriate and no one instrument drowned any other one out. They played for just under 2 hours, and the bulk of what they played was off their most recent album Amputechture with Viscera Eyes, Vermicide (didn't think we'd get that one) Tetragrammaton (This is THE song i needed to see the most), Meccamputechture, and Day of the Baphomets. They also played 2 new or parts of new songs that will probably be on their next album. They also played Roulette Dares and Drunkenship of Deloussed and Cygnus of of Frances. Of course there were extended jam sessions in their songs like were use to when they play live, but at this show they toned that down it seemed like.

    I was sitting in the balcony and had a great view the whole time. They have a very tight set and its obvious they are well rehearsed. I didn't realize at the time but Paul Hinojos who was their bassist for ATDI is now playing guitar for them, so that was pretty cool. What people don't realize about these guys is that even though Cedric and Omar are technically the band, their live band is a group of very talented musicians. The only thing i can knock on is that their new drummer could have been a little more dynamic. For example, during the slow parts of Roulette Dares or Tetra he kept the drums very constant, hard hitting, and busy when on the albums they slow it down. Don't get me wrong he' still really good.

    Basically, this show was rocked and for anyone who's down with TMV, and for those of you who aren't its ok im not mad at you.

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