Scrobbl crashes iPhone with last SBSettings updates

  • Scrobbl crashes iPhone with last SBSettings updates


    Today I updated with the last version from the famous cydia package "SBSettings" that carry more options and easy access to configuration and option toggles from the status bar.

    Well, after this updating I had always a "safe mode" run and reading on the BigBoss site comments one person say that "scrobbl" casues this incompatibility.
    I removed it and thats true: The problem was caused by scrobbl package.

    So remember:
    1) If you wan't to keep scrobbl funciontality, don't update SBSsettings for now or
    2) If you update SBSettings, remove scrobbl package until update.

    So I hope that with this post we could take care about this crash that for sure will affect to us and I like to say to the scrobbl developer that this could be a good moment for update the app solving the bugs and the real problem that casues imcopantibility with the real know SBSettings and crashes the iPhone.

    For the moment I lost the scrobbling functionality (sad-face) because I don't know how to back to a previous SBSettings version and this will happen to much more people so scrobbl will get unusable. Hope that at last it has an update!


    Updated info:
    - The bug only gets your iPhone to safe mode in a reboot (remember, Scrobbl 0.9.5 and last SBSettings). Normal use is ok, but if any day you reboot, you will get safe mode.
    - Some users could exit safe mode and get normal usage. Me not, my iphone always reboot and get safe mode again when I try to exit it.
    - Author updated to It is not in the repo, so you must install manually the deb (how to: It solves the bug.
    - The crash was caused by the status bar icons, so you must disable it on the new version. The crash still exists, but with you can disable correctly these icons, 0.9.5 have a bug that dont make it correctly.

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  • I'm confused. I just updated and everything was ok. Then I rebooted and saw safe mode. However i could exit safe mode without making any changes and things now seem to be working OK and no more springboard crashes.

    Can anyone else confirm this? Or have any more details?

  • I can't get out safe mode until I deleted scrobbl and reboot the iPhone. Of course I made that in safe mode where no mobilesubstrate addons, daemons and other jailbreak addons are loaded.

  • Could you send any logs? I can't debug with mine since it seems I can't reproduce and it's happily scrobbling away.

    Did you try just deleting the toggle first? Does it do the same thing when you reinstall (both scrobble toggle and scrobbl)?

    If it's scrobbl rather than the toggle then I think it must be statusbar icon related.

  • I never used the scrobble toggle, the conflict it's by scrobbl itself. Read this post on bigboss site:
    Last commenters experienced same than me: with last SBSettings update, scrobbl gets iPhone to safe mode :/
    I can't suppose why, I hope that more users tells his experiences. I have no time today, but tomorrow I will install again scrobbl for try to get more info...

    edit: btw, how I can send you logs or more in depth info?

  • I can confirm this only happens when you reboot or boot the phone. You can get out of safe mode by hitting restart. I was wondering what was causing this conflict. I am keeping scrobbl installed since I rarely reboot my phone. It would be cool if we could get an update.

  • FYI I use the scrobbl SBSettings toggle to disable scrobbl before rebooting or shutting down the phone. Good temp solution.

  • It's almost certainly the statusbar icon then. Everything else is using the official api. The icon is hacky though.

    I would retire the statusbar icon completely, but I actually use it to check scrobbles are going though at a glance on dodgy networks.

    Maybe make the statusbar icon off by default and finally fix the statusbar on/off toggle, but ignore the sbsettings issue for now?

    Personally I suspect the OS 4.0 of which details are being released next week will finally feature multitasking so I'm reluctant to do much more than that.

  • Could someone try turning off the icon using the working status toggle in 0.9.5-1 and see if the problem persists? (the deb is here)

  • hippopotenuse I will try that deb in a few hours.
    Meanwhile I confirm the mentioned case: when rebooting completly your device (no respring) you will get the mentioned safe mode error. It only appear on a complete reboot, that takes much more time than normal.
    Then the bug could be suffered only in a reboot, not in the instlalation or respring, at least for me.

  • Hey, just tested the deb hippopotenuse and it works!
    I installed and reboot and runs great, no safe mode, no errors and it scrobbles correctly. The icon status icon now hide correctly.
    In my opinion, submit it to the repo, until 4.0 gets released and jailbreaked many ppl could encounter this bug :)
    Thanks and really really good job!

  • Latest SBSettings and Scrobbl working fine here.. iPhone 3G 3.1.2..

  • @wreckages Make a reboot in your device...

  • Is that latest version erudite going to pop up in the repos or should I manually install it? If I manually install do I need to uninstall old version first?

  • @erudite_ ah, it went into safe mode. resprung the device and it's working as normal again. may as well manually update the deb, though

  • I updated to the new deb. Still get safe mode crashes on reboot...

    That being said it only crashes when you have the status bar icons enabled. Does not work if you keep them enabled.

    I'm guessing its not going to matter in teh long run as the Last.FM app should support scrobbling of the iPod plays in OS 4.0

    I will make due with this until that 4.0 rls. Thanks again!

  • @SporTech I deleted previous version first (the config files still remains, so you dont have to configure ur account again) and installed the deb via ssh (dpkg -i debname.deb) with root account.
    I don't know if the will up to the repo, the author is hippopotenuse.

    @wreckages Not for me, in my case with 0.9.5 it go to safe mode, try to respring and it go to reboot automatically... and the again safe mode. The only way was delete 0.9.5. With and disabled icons, it reboots ok.

    @SporTech Yeah, author mentioned that the conflict was caused by the status icon. So works correctly with last SBSettings on reboot if you keep the status icon hidden.
    And it's no clear that Apple allow to run a "daemon" for scrobble in Last.FM app, the multitask showed desnt mention directly the background execution without api, and don't forget that in some countries app doesn't appear in the App Store (for example in spain its disabled now) so scrobbl probably will be still needed on os 4 :(

  • With Scrobbl installed I can't reboot phone.
    When turning on the phone there always appears an apple and a moving circle.
    i have to manually delete this package from phone with iphone browser :|
    then the phone works normally

  • @errorek95 With the previous .deb file and status bar icons disabled, that's solved.

  • i can't download the deb file from above :(
    is it down? can anybody upload it again?

  • If I'm not mistaken the most recent update of SBSettings from just the other day fixed this problem. I haven't had a crash on reboot yet.

    • Geomil said...
    • User
    • 19 Apr 2010, 13:21
    Nope, if you enable the Statusbar-Icon it still crashes with the new SBSettings...

  • I've had my status bar icon always enabled and since the last SBSettings update I've had no problem. Oh well.

    • Geomil said...
    • User
    • 19 Apr 2010, 16:43
    Wich iPhone/iPod do you have? I have installed the new update from SBSettings today (3.0.7-1) and I have also installed the newest .deb from Scrobbl (0.9.5-1) on my iPhone 3G 3.1.3 and puts me into safemode after reboot if I have enabled the Statusbar-Icon.

  • iPhone 3GS Firmware 3.1.2

    Just tried again and had no problem.

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