Known Bugs in 0.9.5

  • Known Bugs in 0.9.5

    -Battery life while scrobbling over edge/3G is reduced. For now to improve this turn off scrobbling over 3G in the app, scrobbl will then automatically submit your tracks within 30 seconds when you next have wifi. Scrobbl should not effect your idle battery life.

    -The status bar icon toggle is broken. To remove the icon delete the files ending in Scrobble.png inside System/Library/CoreServices/ and reboot/respring.

    -When entering your password some peoples keyboard doesn't toggle between letters and numbers properly.

    -SBSettings Scrobble Toggle will only install via Cydia or dpkg, not Icy. I think this is a problem with Icy.

    -UI can be unresponsive while switching to username/password page.

    -If you have trouble installing try some combination of: reinstalling scrobbl, rebooting your phone, and deleting both /var/mobile/Library/scrobbled/queue.plist and /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/org.nodomain.scrobbled.plist .

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  • i dont see the status icon. where is it? is there something i need to install before i can see it?

  • No you don;t need to install anything, it should be an 'as' symbol on the right of the status bar.

    Are things showing up as being scrobbled on If so then a respring or reboot should fix it.

  • no, everything seems to be scrobbling just fine. i just cant see the icon. by "status bar" you do mean the bar with the wifi symbol on it right? could it be because i am on an ipod touch?

  • Hmmm odd, Ipod touch doesn't matter, you've got 0.9.5 installed right? It should look like the 'as' in the top right next to the battery of this image:
    If a powering off and on didn't fix it then could you check that there's 6 files ending in Scrobbler.png inside /System/Library/CoreServices/

    PS that's not my iphone with the hello kitty background I promise :P

  • thanks for the help. after looking in the springbord folder i saw that the icons weren't there. so i decided a reinstall was the best idea. i did that and the icon still wasnt there, so i decided i would try to mess with the settings. after enabling debugging the icon showed up.

  • Uhm what do you mean by enabling deugging?
    I have reinstalled it too but i don't the Status bar icon
    and/or the app icon of scrobbl.

  • Cyb3rfr3ak, try reinstalling using cydia (if you used icy before) and then respring/reboot your phone.

    If that doesn't work and there weren't any errors printed during the install then could you check if the folder /Applications/ is there.

  • Uhm lol I don't know how but suddenly the statusbar icon
    AND the app icon are there o.o""

    I changed some settings in the iPhone settings.
    Then all of the icons I put in Folders with 'Categories'
    were on the Home screen.
    So I had to put all of them again in the Folders and
    somehow the scrobbl app appeared in the applist ._.'
    Weird.. but anyway i can scrobble now :D
    Thanks for answering btw. :)
    Great app!! ;)

  • Icon

    Just to let everyone know, after deleting the files hippo said to, you have to reboot your phone before the icon will go away

    • psp2468 said...
    • User
    • 17 Jul 2009, 14:28
    Great app, thanks for it!

    I have a question, when during the song does it actually scrobble? At the end, after 30 seconds?

  • The song is added to the queue to be scrobbled after ~50% (or ~240s if thats shorter). If you're online the queue is submitted to after the track finishes playing. This means the now playing notification makes sense, and it agrees with's guidelines.

  • I've noticed that if I have gotten past the 50% point and pause the track, then come back and finish it, the program scrobbles the track twice.

    I have an iPod Touch 2G, so is that because it's always running in offline mode?

    • scottjl said...
    • User
    • 19 Oct 2009, 03:00
    Is this app still supported? Any updates coming? Fix the status bar icon toggle bug?

    memento mori
  • Re: Icon

    markmcrobie said:
    Just to let everyone know, after deleting the files hippo said to, you have to reboot your phone before the icon will go away

    Or Respring.

  • Just want to make sure i'm still up to date. Is 0.9.5 the very latest version from Cydia that I should have installed?

  • It's planned a new version working on the bugs mentioned?

    • ketsugi said...
    • User
    • 17 May 2010, 06:05


    I recently jailbroke my phone and installed Scrobble via Cydia. I noticed that my version is 0.9, not 0.9.5. Is there an official repo I should get the latest version from? Or has a newer version come out in the last 10 months or so?

    • ugril said...
    • User
    • 13 Jun 2010, 07:47
    How do you remove an icon in Windows XP?

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