• WIN A LAST.FM SUBSCRIPTION! << Please participate >>

    7 Oct 2006, 18:13 by bigpixels

    Yeah, I'm not kidding. I'm putting a full 3 dollar bill on the line, and you could get a[nother] month of, courtesy of me! Now you might be thinking.. that's not a hell of a lot of money. Actually, it isn't, and you haven't tried subscribing yet and you think it's cheap, then skip the contest and subscribe right now!

    This is an experiment in randomization.
    so please don't actually "pick" an album from my tag page.

    So how does it work? I've been agressively using the tag "Sexy Album Covers". Let's see what happens when you judge an album by its cover.. and then scrobble it.

    Here are the rules/instructions.

    1. Start the tag radio labeled "sexy album covers" (link below)

    2. Listen to the entire first song that comes up, make sure it scrobbles, and live with the possible embarassment.

    3. Write down the track name as a comment in this journal entry, followed by what you thought of it, and if you've ever heard of it before, diss, discuss, whatever. PREFERABLY use the [track] or [track artist] tag so that people can locate it without doing a search. If you wanna embed the image as well, go right ahead. What?

    edit 7 Oct 2006: Make sure that you post the link to the track that your audioscrbbler links to, or else people won't see the album cover when they follow the link.

    And if you're thinking that this is a clever ploy to drive traffic to my page, ask yourself.. what's the point of driving traffic to my page? Right. None.

    4. After 50 unique journal comments about tracks (i.e., NOT the 50th comment), a winner will be drawn and immortalized in the thread.

    5. Depending on how this'll turn out, we'll draw again at new thread/contest/rules.

    If you have questions, please don't dirty up the thread, send me an IM, and if it's pertinent, I'll update the journal post. Long story short is you won't get more than ONE, one month subscription out of this. Only one scrobblecomment per user will be counted as a ballot which I will pay through my means.