For Guitar players...What song of radiohead is more difficult for your fingers???...…

  • For Guitar players...What song of radiohead is more difficult for your fingers???... XD

    For me is My Irong lung, Bodysnatchers

  • mmmmm "i might be wrong" i have the book and i just can't play that song! :(

  • bodysnatchers is not that bad. :D the only thing was that i hurt my fingers and i couldnt play a week (well my teacher said that i should stop for a week but im addicted so...). :D

  • mmm the solo of airbag

    blink your eyes, one for yes, two for no
  • More of a rhythm thing

    definitely post-bends stuff. Most of the difficulty of their songs comes from the rhythms and nothing about speed (when compared to metal for example): they continue to deviate from standard time signatures. Bodysnatchers is a good example: it feels like it starts on an upbeat and the whole thing has bizarre accents. The melody in 2+2+5 is rough. It's in 7/8 and i feel like i'm ripping my hand apart playing the chords. I don't think I could memorize the guitar line on knives out. One part - i'm assuming jonny's - doesn't repeat! genius

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Jul 2009, 20:52
    Probably something like Gagging Order or Lozenge Of Love. I Might Be Wrong isn't that hard until you get to the chorus and that outro part, I sometimes find the chord changes in A Wolf At The Door difficult though (A/G to Dm). Definitely agree with the post about the time signatures, stuff like How To Disappear Completely and There There have a really weird rhythm.

    • Eron_xD said...
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    • 17 Aug 2009, 00:20
    knives out.. =D

  • 15 step


  • Paranoid Android
    My Iron Lung

    • Timvank said...
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    • 6 Oct 2011, 14:57
    Eron_xD said:
    knives out.. =D


    • GReeVz said...
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    • 6 Oct 2011, 17:52
    Paranoid Android is quite difficult, but it's really fun to play

  • Probably Johnny's part on "Just"... The riff right after the first bar off the intro. That just steps up and up and up. Til my fingers barely fit on the frets.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Nov 2012, 14:07
    Well... maybe Paranoid Android?

    The Bends-era songs I find quite easy to play.

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