• Scarred for life.

    i feel like i don't belong here. Like no one cares. And my parents think Its just Me Overreacting But i really feel Stressed. I use to Hurt myself but i Stopped a couple months Ago. Then i started cutting class. Sometimes i feel so lost I Feel like crying Almost Every Night But i Try To Be Strong And Keep it Inside. Weirdest Part yet? I Don't know Why i Cry it Just Happens. It Just feels Like I'm Not Good Enough For Anything. I Feel Like A Complete No Body Everywhere i Go. And worst part ever? i Had this boyfriend and we've been together for about a year Now. And i gave him a Part of me. He Was My First. But Then i found out He Had Another Girl Pregnant And It Just felt Like My Heart Wanted to Come Right Out.I Tried to Change But Still The Same? What am i ? I Don't belong ='(

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    • 8 Dec 2008, 15:34
    Well lets just say I had rough time too.
    I cut myself when i feel depressed and when I wan't to cry but for some reason I can't
    Weard isn't it?
    Now I feel happy I'm going to school where people are great and I've made real friends not like back in my old school where i fealt like a freak and like I don't belong there.
    There were a lots of reasons why I've cuted myself but I know that isn't good couse now for every reason I could cut myself or worse.
    I really feal sad couse of things that hapened to you BadlyHurting and I hope you will get through. One day there will be a place where you will be happy where you will feal like you belong. About your parents I can't bealive they are so.. argh! My mother asked me :''Is your alergy getting worse?'' because of my red eyes. They were red couse I've cried so hard that I thought that my head was about to explode and my heart going to stop. They don't know that I've cuted myself although there were big scars on my arms. Sometimes I think they were just closing there eyes not to see.

  • I used to. Now I'm trying not to anymore. But it's hard.

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    • 3 Jun 2010, 12:15
    Haha, I really love cutting myself. Maybe that's because I hate the awful creature I am, so I actually enjoy injuring and punishing it. The severe pain, the sight of a lot of my blood, it brings me a kind of sick satisfaction and rejoicing. For a moment it makes me feel as if I had control of myself.

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    • 8 Jun 2010, 10:55
    I love it, too. Because when I hurt myself, I feel stronger for a moment, it makes me happy, even if I'm depressed... I love the pain, and cutting is the best way to release it...

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    • 5 Aug 2010, 12:05
    I know, nothing can be more tormenting than eternal suffering called Life. So I'm hurting myself to release Life from my veins. It is like a poison, it kills me inside, I feel it, but I can't do anything. I can't defend myself from this. But although it is killing me, I can't die, I have to suffer even if I don't want to. But I love my suffering, it's a kind of pleasure, and I don't want to lose it. So maybe I would be alive?... I know, if I will be alive, my suffering will never leave me...

    • NagisaF said...
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    • 5 Aug 2010, 23:25
    I've hurt myself before and the real truth like everyone pretty much has said is that it doesn't help things at all. It just makes you feel even more hurt. Just talk to your problems with someone and that helps most of the time. Hope this is helpful. ^_^

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    • 27 Jan 2011, 17:45
    _tourniquet said:
    I used to. Now I'm trying not to anymore. But it's hard.

    The same in my case.

  • my sweetest friend

  • nopeeking said:
    my sweetest friend

    Not that I want to kick off a flame war or anything, but you seem to have been the only user who got the joke.

    The feng shui in this forum is all wrong.

    My journal is cool.
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