*** featured artists archive ***

  • *** featured artists archive ***

    Régis Huby

    Régis Huby—french multi-stylistic composer in search for a new music

    Hans Werner Henze—German avant-garde composer

    watch the video :

    Boulevard Solitude—modern opera with soprano Laura Aikin
    ( not featured on last.fm ... but with this group )

    Zz Brr

    Zz Brr—structured noise from.

    Heiner Goebbels—a remarkable german composer,
    not bound in genres and widely unknown on last.fm

    watch the video :

    TRICOT—contemporary ballet

    Vladimír Hirsch

    Vladimír Hirsch—czech avant-garde composer
    hailing from the industrial and dark ambient tradition

    new album : Contemplatio per nexus - in sequentiis

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