Christmas for Orb fans

  • Christmas for Orb fans

    The Orb have just reopened their website with the announcement of a new album. "The Dream" will apparently be released sometime during the summer.

    In the meantime, Orbsessions Volume 2, will be released on 18th June.

    As if that wasn't enough, Thomas Fehlmann has just released his new solo album Honigpumpe.

    Christmas has come early.

  • pant drool wooohoooooo

    DUDE thx for that news

    may the 4 winds blowyou safely home...T
  • No problem.

    Just to update, you can now get your hands on Orbsessions Volume 2, mine arrived today. And so far, it's pretty good. I'll post a review up here sometime if I get around to it.

  • Which reminds me, anyone know how you submit a new album to the team? The new album isn't being registered by the servers yet.

  • Orbsessions Volume 2

    • jsldub said...
    • User
    • 26 Jun 2007, 15:59
    parsonsgfys said:
    That review I mentioned.

    That review was pretty good. LMFAO @
    "over-indulgent "stoner dub" mash-up from an Orb era best forgotten"

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