The Orb question I've been dying to have answered!

  • The Orb question I've been dying to have answered!

    Two CD editions of Orbus Terrarum right? Floppy map case and standard jewel case. I have the floppy map one and the artwork has different running order to the jewel case (and itunes) - for instance slug dub is longer on the jewel version. Does anyone here know if the tracks are actually different or is it a printing error?


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Dec 2006, 02:17
    Yes, on the US release, i dont know is it jewel or floppy or whatever, Slug Dub is longer, for, i think, 2 mins or something. My friend has that US edition and i know for a fact its not a printing error. :)

    • smaira said...
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    • 22 Jan 2007, 06:29

    US Release

    I have the US released plastic jewel case edition. Slug Dub time is 17:03.

  • Yeah in the map case limited edition its 15:48 - perhaps a mastering error, using the limited edition packaging to cover the cock up

    But... A couple of other tracks are different lengths too I believe

    • smaira said...
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    • 23 Jan 2007, 03:23

    Orbus Terrarum - US

    Valley - 7:36
    Plateau- 13:18
    Oxbow Lakes - 7:28
    Montagne D'Or (Der Gute Berg) - 10:41
    White River Junction - 9:36
    Occidental - 13:54
    Slug Dub - 17:03

  • Tape edition

    I used to have the tape of this and I swear another track (not slug Dub) had like a minute or more (of what I remember it was like children's voices rambling or something) Guess that doesn't help but I do remember listening to it on tape and freaking when it differed a bit from the cd version. And I wasn't doing drugs at the time. I kinda think it was Plateau but what do I know... it's late and I'm bald.

  • I have heard a different version on a mix tape a friend had been given, I've been trying to hunt it down for years, I own both the jewel case and map case and both are the 15 min versions but the longer version definitely exists. please somebody find a copy! I'd love to hear it again.


  • found it!

    there are working links halfway down the page
    in this version we get to here how tim brings his friend thrush to tea and he "gobbles up all the slugs before they had time to take to their slimy heals"

    wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for this post, thanks, i feel complete again!


  • Orbus Terrarum (US)
    1 Valley (7:36)
    2 Plateau (13:18)
    3 Oxbow Lakes (7:28)
    4 Montagne D'or (Der Gute Berg) (10:41)
    5 White River Junction (9:36)
    6 Occidental (13:54)
    7 Slug Dub (17:03)

    Orbus Terrarum (UK)
    1 Valley (7:36)
    2 Plateau (12:49)
    3 Oxbow Lakes (7:28)
    4 Montagne D'Or (Der Gute Berg) (10:41)
    5 White River Junction (9:36)
    6 Occidental (13:54)
    7 Slug Dub (15:49)

    OH, NOICE!
  • No illumination of this in Kris Needs' sleevenotes to the reissue. The track lengths are the same as the standard issue. The remix of Slug Dub is a tiny 12'28" and no kids samples.

    All of the reissues are excellent by the way, and well worth your money. Especially the Orblivion one, the additional mixes with it show that that particular album could easily have continued the trajectory of OT onwards, back up into space. Oh well.


    Is now a dead link. I should've known... my entire collection (actual discs, not mp3's), the one I've replaced more times than I care to remember, or can afford anymore... gone. Of course, the days of free music are gone. I still had everything until AFTER Napster got shut down. (Don't need to hear it- if you have to pay, it's not the original Napster (and yes, I am including all the others that used to be free. How that was any different than loaning a friend a tape to copy, back in the day, I don't know... but nobody asks me about these things.))
    The Orb was the cornerstone and the foundation of my collection, along with Artificial Intelligence, The KLF (et al...), and the Shamen, among others.
    At least I've found and can listen to some of them on Last, so for that I'm greatful, although the preview thing is kind of annoying, as there's a couple of tracks I'd dearly love to get but can only listen to half a minute...
    Anyone have the extended Assassin? Or the 40 minute Blue Room mix?
    Missing them greatly.
    Imp Teaser
    (the usual buttons weren't helping)
    America: What Time Is Love

    (Dullsville for points, I know- I'm going for efficient now, clever later.)

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    Meet all kinds of ... no, they're online, too, so you don't actually meet...
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    Sign up FREE (old-school definition- no charge, no fees, no dues, FREE!) today... before I - um, it expires. (Graphic content- both 2d and 3d)
  • Speaking of Plateau... there's been so many version of this floating around that they should release the SONG as a single.... don't know if they are allowed to do this, since 1995 was a loooong time ago!!

    Living almost in a dreamlike state.....
  • Yes... there seems to be 6 versions of this track. It would be a mind-blowing CD Single if they did release it!!!!!!

    Living almost in a dreamlike state.....
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