• RadioActive Pro Tools session available for download.

    18 Jun 2010, 03:18 by Kongcrete

    Kongcrete hit single RadioActive is now available for a free download in its raw/unmixed Pro Tools session format.
    You can remix it, rearrange it, add your own vocals, or create your own version of this song.

    Send us MP3 of your final remix and you could be featured on Kongcrete's next album. Your version will be also posted to Kongcrete's myspace, facebook and other official sites giving you full credit for your work.

    Go to: and download
    You will have an access to the full Pro Tools session as well as the 'audio' folder, containing all the necessary audio files in case you use different software (e.g. Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc.)

    Rappers, Singers and Vocalists could also download fully mixed, instrumental version of RadioActive at:

    The album version of RadioActive is also available as a FREE download at:

    For any additional information you can contact us at:

    Have fun!!!

  • World Cup 2010 Kongcrete Celebration.

    18 Jun 2010, 03:23 by Kongcrete

    Celebrate 2010 World Cup in South Africa with Kongcrete. Download full length Kongcrete album for only $1 at:

    This promotion will only last until the last day of the tournament (July 11, 2010).

    Enjoy the matches,

  • Kongcrete featured in Canadian music magazine.

    18 Oct 2009, 00:45 by Kongcrete

    Kongcrete was recently featured in an online Canadian music magazine 'Off The Dial'. An article titled 'NYC-Based Kongcrete Show Plenty of Promise', written by Robert Latham, describes the band's approach towards creating music. The author of the article gives insightful thoughts about Kongcrete's sound, as well as presents some comments and views coming directly from the band.
    To read the full article visit:
  • Get Kongcrete album for FREE.

    7 Oct 2009, 22:55 by Kongcrete

    Join Kongcrete street team and help to promote. You could:
    - add Kongcrete songs to your playlist on myspace or other social networks,
    - grab and post one of the Kongcrete widgets anywhere on the net e.g. myspace, forums, facebook, etc. (visit for some of the Kongcrete widgets),
    - recommend Kongcrete album on any of the internet forums or discussions,
    - write a review of the album e.g. on iTunes,, Amazon, etc.
    - or simply mention Kongcrete anywhere on the net.

    For each completed task send an email to with a link to your contribution on the net. In return you will receive an MP3 of one of the tracks from the album. This way you can collect all of the 12 songs from the Kongcrete debut album for FREE.
    We will also send an autographed CD to some of the selected participants.

    Thank you for your support!
  • Download our podcasts by genres: rapcore, grime, hip-hop, abstract & etc.

    30 Sep 2009, 23:13 by IrZack

    Hip-Hop Electrotribe (Various Artists)
    Релиз: presents
    Стиль: Abstract / Rap / Indie / Electro / Glitch-Hop
    Качество: VBR Kbps
    Размер: 95 Mb
    Продолжительность: 72 min

    01. Shadow Huntaz & Kareem - Snake Bite
    02. Sepalot - Surrender feat. Blu
    03. Evil Nine - All the Cash feat. El P (The Glitch Mob remix)
    04. Cellule X - Polemique
    05. Anti-pop Consortium - Volcano
    06. Lorn - Requiem feat. Mobb Deep
    07. Matt B - Cars Go Boom feat. Salva
    08. Gunporn - Rappity Rap Rap
    09. Urban District Nine - Se7en
    10. Damaged Goods - Guilty Dick
    11. Epcot - And I Could Die Tonight
    12. Grosso Gadgetto - Your mother smokes crack
    13. Audioclockers - N.Y. Tat Trapps feat. Turtle Handz
    14. Dalek - Eyes To Form Shadows
    15. Mochipet - Tangle feat. Salva and Epcot (Matt B remix)
    16. Crossworm - Before I Wake
    17. Reverse Engineering - Future Schock feat. M. Sayyid and Blu Rum 13

    Rap meets Rock (Various Artists)
    Релиз: presents
    Стиль: Hip-Hop / Rap / Rock
    Качество: VBR Kbps
    Размер: 96 Mb
    Продолжительность: 77 min

    01. Styles of Beyond - Hands Up (Grant Mohrman Outta Control Remix)
    02. Ironsoul - They Don't Know
    03. Anti-Crew - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
    04. Mr. Hyde - Killer Collage (Hardcore Metal Remix)
    05. Kottonmouth Kings - Peace Not Greed (Feat. Jack Grisham of TSOL & Corporate Avenger)
    06. Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavy Metal Kings (TERROR Remix Feat. Ill Bill)
    07. One Session - Street Warrior (Feat. Judge D)
    08. Osdorp Posse - Tegenstrijd
    09. Hilltop Hoods - What a great night
    10. The Vendetta - Ready 4 War (Feat. Big Left & Underground Professionalz)
    11. Lordz of Brooklyn - White trash (Korn Remix)
    12. Urban District Nine - Blindspot
    13. Kulture Shokk - 5150
    14. Non Phixion - The C.I.A. Is Still Trying To Kill Me (Feat. Steph Of The Deftones And Christian & Raymond Of Fear Factory)
    15. Intrinzik - Flow is Timeless (Feat. Proof, Liqiud Assassin & Axe Murder Boyz)
    16. Seth Rock - Say I'm Jaded
    17. BloodLine - Alone in the Dark
    18. Psych Ward - Hell's pits
    19. Twiztid - We Don't Die
    20. The Circle Of Tyrants - The Ultimate Revenge (feat. Vinny Appice and Alex Skolnick)

    Rhythm to Grime (Various Artists)
    Релиз: presents
    Стиль: Grime / UK Rap
    Качество: VBR Kbps
    Размер: 75 Mb
    Продолжительность: 56 min

    01. Dizzee Rascal - Paranoid
    02. Low Deep - Life we're living (Feat. Big Seac, Demon, Ghetto)
    03. Plan B - End in the streets
    04. Syer Barz - Trenches
    05. Potluck - Fire
    06. Vader - Grimes a Baby
    07. Ghetto - Fake Mc's
    08. Bashy - Kidulthood to Adulthood
    09. Durrty Goodz - Grime Killers
    10. Big Narstie - Crazy
    11. AC, Volatile & Gramma - Beak Wetting Season
    12. P Money - Don't talk rough (ft. Blacks)
    13. Revolver - Madness
    14. Akala - Comedy tragedy history
    15. Wiley - Local Lad
    16. Chipmunk - I Am Chipmunk

    Rapcore (Various Artists)
    Релиз: presents
    Стиль: Rapcore
    Качество: VBR Kbps
    Размер: 98 Mb
    Продолжительность: 71 min

    01. Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring The Noise
    02. Reveille & Cypress Hill - Splitt (Comin' Out Swingin')
    03. Rage Against the Machine - Calm Like A Bomb
    04. P.O.D. - Boom
    05. SX-10 - Tequila
    06. Methods of Mayhem - Hypocritical
    07. Limp Bizkit - Nookie
    08. Linkin Park - Forgotten
    09. Crazy Town - Toxic
    10. Clawfinger - Out To Get Me
    11. E-Town Concrete - Doormats
    12. Shootyz Groove - NYC minute
    13. All Kinds of Problems - By All Means
    14. Bionic Jive - Shut 'Em Down
    15. BTK - Boilermaker
    16. Project Wyze - Room To Breathe
    17. Urban Dance Squad - Artantica
    18. Rhythm Trip - 5 Fingaz
    19. State of Corruption - Tourniquet

    VA Wicked Shit (2009)
    Релиз: presents
    Стиль: Hip-Hop / Death Rap / Horrorcore / Juggalo
    Качество: VBR Kbps
    Размер: 72 Mb
    Продолжительность: 54 min

    01. Tech N9ne - Show Me a God
    02. Partnerz In Chryme - Dawn of the Beast (feat. Esham)
    03. Genghis Khan - Kill Everything
    04. DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain - Black Tar Heroin (feat. Jim Snooka)
    05. Necro - Some get back (Revenge)
    07. Claas - All Fall Down
    08. Twiztid - Sex Drugs Money & Murder (feat. Violent J & Boondox)
    09. Liquid Assassin - Strange (feat. Killa C)
    10. Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Ill сonnect (feat. The R.O.C.)
    11. Bloodline - Blood In (feat. DJ Nix'on)
    12. Mr. Hyde - Corpse Trail Of The Beast Man
    13. GrewSum - There will be Blood (feat. Madd Maxx, Fetus)
    14. Psych Ward - Bled streets
    15. Axe Murder Boyz - Gods Hand Killers
    16. Project: Deadman - Body Bag (feat. Dayton Family)

    PS: Viva Hardcore podcast soon!
  • FREE Song Download from Kongcrete's debut album.

    25 Aug 2009, 23:02 by Kongcrete

    Download "RadioActive" - single from Kongcrete debut album, for FREE. Visit for a free download.