What do y'all like most about last.fm?!

  • What do y'all like most about last.fm?!

    Tell me.. =)

  • I like the social aspects.. I've met so many cool people here, as well as keeping track of what I listen to!

  • True.. like me, right? :P

  • Of course :D

  • I knew it, I'm the best =D

  • Hell yes! A new function on last.fm

    If y'all ain't already recognized.. your wrong tagged tracks will get corrected automatically.. let's see how this'll works!

  • Oh, this is hard for me to answer T_T
    Things I love:
    - Loved tracks!
    - Browser-friendly libraries
    - Better recommendations
    - Real-time chart updates
    - Bigger shoutbox: displays 10 x 1000 character shouts in comparsion to 3 (or was it 5?) x 400 character shouts

    I don't totally agree that last.fm gotten "more sociable" with the new layout. Nothing in that respect has really changed - well at least, not for me, as I've initiated friendships here the same way I did before the current layout was introduced: type and click! :D

  • New library radio kinda appeals to me. Nice layout!

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