• pictures!

    please share your favorite pictures of your favorite babymaking musicians here :)

    use the title/subject line to put the name of the artist.

    also feel free to link us to funny magazine articles and videos!

  • so i just saw this thread because i'm totally oblivious to everything. so i shall search far and wide and get back to you.

    music. yes.
  • rufus motherfucking wainwright

    this better be right.

    music. yes.
  • BECK!

    music. yes.

    EVERY picture of brandon boyd is hot. he makes me want to touch myself.

    music. yes.
  • more boyd

    music. yes.

    he's just SO pretty!

    music. yes.

    please quit being queer and love me. kthx.


    oh please love me.

    music. yes.
  • BRING THE KEITH SHEY! i would do it but i was waiting for you to do it.

    music. yes.
  • did someone say keith?!

    i could totally just stop right there and everyone would be sexually satisfied for the rest of their lives.


  • kirk huffman!

    is his name i believe.
    gatsby's american dream baby!

    music. yes.
  • you can't spell urine without urie....just sayin.

  • mystery jets anyone???!?!1

  • tigresprit said:
    you can't spell urine without urie....just sayin.

    good to know.

    that being said...

    i'd still do him.

  • ....anyone noticing a theme???

  • think of the babies!

    music. yes.
  • the pictures...they speak to me..

    you know how brendon loves his bratz dolls.

    i'm gonna stop for now, i'm afraid i'm gonna explode.

    music. yes.

  • music. yes.
  • fact: i love me some paddingtons


  • oh a drew day

  • YAY

  • ok that helps a little, but i still look crazy. i mean you can look crazier than THAT shey!

  • ok, ima look crazy for you tiye :)

    ok these pictures are pretty big for this forum, so click on the pretty pictures for the bigger versions!!

    oh and go vote on the pictures i uploaded to their last.fm page!

  • oOOOOoOoOooo you can put youtube videos up now....

    lets try this...

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