• Infinity City mix series

    17 Feb 2013, 19:27 by KidVector

    Welcome to the all-new mix series from KidVector.

    I’ve wanted to get something like this going for a long time now and I’m glad to finally be able to share with you the first instalment in what will hopefully be a long running mix series.

    Our first trip to Infinity City since the 2008 finds our favorite future mega-tropolis in an introspective mood. We have a couple of remixes from the phenomenally talented Banks (expect big things in 2013), some classic tracks from MJ Cole, Magnetic Man and Scuba as well as a spotlight on some recent highlights from Project Mooncircle, finishing up with AlunaGeorge's hypnotic 'You Know You Like It'.


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  • Pixelord goes fishing. FISH TOUCH out NOW!

    31 Jan 2011, 18:54 by arousal

    Exactly one year back, we published the very first Pixelord release. 'Lucid Freaks' was an instant success and alongside his twin 'Lucid Freaks pt. 2 – The Remixes' paved the way to what culminated as 'Fly Russia' in the Summer of 2010.

    Now we are happy to present his red-hot 'Fish Touch' EP, available all digital and on 12" vinyl. Four anthems of 8bit-influenced Hip Hop and electrifying Dub, served perfectly with an icing of lush Pop. The plastic features a remix of Atlanta rising star producer heRobust and legendary UK beat smith Om Unit, whose Kraftwerkish electro boogie made heads turn in 2010 already. Digitally, 'Fish Touch' is supported by RBMA graduate Kidkanevil and US bad man Leonard DStroy.

    More info and D/L:
  • New Music January 2011

    15 Jan 2011, 13:46 by Nialloleary

    I use this Journal Entry to log all the new interesting bands/music I come across in the media/radio etc to research at a later time. If anybody has an pointers or advice on tracks/albums/bands please do let me know or make a comment.

    Clash January 2011

    Link to all reviews

    Random Recommended Albums

    James Blake new album entitled “James Blake”
    (Rated at 9/10) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “His are fragile, beautiful songs floating over warmly alien, sometimes seemingly formless musical structures yet it’s an effect borne through unconventional levels of space and patience. After hyped singles on Hemlock and R+S he deployed a remix of Feist’s ‘Limit To Your Love’, firing a viral manifesto across YouTube and clammy buses as ringtones and laptops vainly battled to represent its low-hertz loving throbs of sub bass and sparse exposed vocals..”
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Darkstar, The xx, Khonner

    British Sea Power album entitled “Vallhalla Dancehall”
    (Rated at 7/10)
    Described as“Splicing the spirit of ancient Viking alcoholics with some red-hot Jamaican jah, BSP are finally having fun. Yet their orchestral rock still finds time across thirteen chiming tracks to become thoughtful, melancholic and pastorally emotive. Their distinctly populist chorus opener ‘Who’s In Control’, thrusts us into their moshpit at a raucous live show before they regain composure to deliver a journey that swoons, broods, kicks and breathes epic space. ‘Living Is So Easy’ already sounds like a hardened classic whilst ‘Observe The Skies’ possesses a vibrancy that irrefutably declares we are onto a new addictive page with British Sea Power.”
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Brakes, Hopes Of The States, Doves

    The Dirtbombs new album entitled “Party Store”
    (Rated at 7/10)
    Described as “Party Store is an assortment of live band interpretations of classic Detroit techno music of the 80's and early 90's. These are songs Collins digested when they were originally released - at a time where he was already making waves with garage-punk legends the Gories. Songs that run the gamut of subject matter from materialistic future-disco braggadocio "Sharevari" (originally by A Number of Names) to cold, post-industrial isolation of "Alleys of Your Mind" originally by Cybotron) through the instrumental optimism of a worldwide house classic, "Strings of Life" (originally by Derrick May). ALL these themes encapsulate the climate of Detroit both now and at the time of their initial release. Let it be said clearly.this is a record that addresses, at the same time, both the past and the future of Detroit.”
    Full Review here
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Elektro Guzzi, Prinzhorn Dance School, Who Made Who

    Esben and the Witch new album entitled “Violet Cries”
    (Rated at 8/10) ) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “The band's chief strength is their ability to create a dark, erotically charged atmosphere. Their songs are beguiling, reverb-heavy affairs, built on a tension generated by stormy guitars and Rachel Davies' dramatic singing. Davies is certainly a strong vocal presence, and the Florence comparisons are not unjustified, but the band show no interest in writing anything which could be construed as a pop song; even the album's most accessible moments, like the superb, slow-building single 'Marching Song' and the dramatic 'Chorea', are unlikely to crop up too much on your local radio station's playlist. The group have rejected directness in favour of subtlety and casually sacrificed immediacy in order to construct mesmeric, gothic atmospheres. Anybody who spent their youth listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees and the dream-pop bands signed to 4AD, and anybody who wishes they were old enough to have grown up with those bands, will recognise and appreciate their priorities.”
    FullReview here
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Glasser, Portishead, Zola Jesus

    Paris Suit Yourself debut album entitled “My Main Shitstain"
    (Rated at 8/10) ) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “‘What do you want from the ideal debut album? That it excites you, intrigues you, sometimes confuses you? That it takes risks, is hard to place in terms of the records you already know, that it’s short and sharp and bursting with energy and ideas and even hooks? That it makes you laugh, or cry, or has your jaw occasionally scraping along the floor? That it sets out its stall with utter confidence and no reference to what’s going on around it? That it’s delivered with total conviction? That it fits into no pre-defined “trend” or “scene” and instead creates its own space by force of will? If even a few of those are what you’re looking for then My Main Shitstain by Paris Suit Yourself could just be your new favourite record..”
    Full Review here
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Les Georges Leningrad, TV on the Radio, Super Furry Animals.

    Spokes new album entitled “Everyone I Ever Met”
    (Rated at 9/10) ) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “While their EP of last year wallowed rather tepidly in soft/loud guitar alchemy, Spokes' debut album proper is a far brighter affair, on which the Mancunian post-rock quartet have utilised the power of vocals to produce memorable songs of frequently towering scale, rather than simply accomplished instrumental pieces. Opener 345 sets out the group's new manifesto with aplomb, as ebullient, group-sung vocals collide with wave-like crescendos of guitar and strings. Elsewhere, We Can Make It Out and Give It Up To The Night are positively anthemic, while Happy Needs Colour and Sun It Never Comes give Spokes ample room to showcase their down tempo, melancholic side. Only When I Was A Daisy, When I Was A Tree finds the band meandering slightly, but as debut albums go Everyone I Ever Met feels fully formed and more than punches its weight; this is leagues beyond what most in their field can muster..”
    Full Review here
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Arcade Fire, Anathallo, Broken Records

    Tipper new album entitled “Broken Soul Jamboree”
    (Rated at 8/10) ) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “awaiting review..”
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Crunch, Vibesquad, Kilowatts.

    Various Artists new album entitled Werkschau
    (Rated at 8/10) ) CLASH RECOMMENDS
    Described as “Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control imprint has been running for twelve years and here they celebrate that fact with Werkschau. Instead of looking back, Werkschau looks forward because it features genre crossing unreleased material from new players and old friends. Winners include Ellen Allien’s own sensuous The Kiss, Zander VT’s fresh Gotta Look Up To Get Down and Chaim’s clean cutting The Country. Werkschau serves Bpitch well as a forward thinking celebration of the label’s success..”
    Dig it? Dig Deeper….. Cormac, Ellen Allien, WE LOVE
  • Grap Luva Live SP1200 Beats Session Part 2

    2 Jan 2011, 15:23 by AbbottSupreme

    Redefinition returns with more footage from Grap Luva’s visit to Damu The Fudgemunk’s home studio. More beats are played straight out of his E-mu SP1200 and more stories behind their creation.

    I ended up in a Pete Rock bootcamp. - Grap Luva

    Artist Connection
  • The Alchemist and Oh No “The Sickness” Behind The Scenes

    28 Dec 2010, 06:10 by AbbottSupreme

    The Alchemist, Oh No, Goldwatch, and Hector The Corrector play a bunch of beats while waiting out a sandstorm at The Salton Sea.

    Somebody’s gonna get killed to this beat! – The Alchemist

    Artist Connection
    Gutter Water
  • Top Albums Of 2010

    11 Dec 2010, 09:35 by Nialloleary

    Top Albums Of 2010

    I’m not exactly sure why but I love end of year reviews. It’s a great way to find new music and a chance to reassess albums you might have passed over. So if you have time please, tell me what I’ve missed out on, list your top albums of the year or maybe send me a link to any interesting end of year reviews!

    Many thanks to all my Lastfm friends and everybody else on lastfm who helped me broaden my musical horizons this year!

    Top Albums Of 2010

    Number 25


    Recommended track to download…..’In The Wings’

    Number 24

    Shed-The Traveller

    Recommended track to download…..’STP 2’

    Number 23

    Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti-Before Today

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Revolution’s A Lie’

    Number 22

    Madlib-Medicine Show No. 1 Before The Verdict

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Further’

    Number 21

    Gold Panda-Lucky Shiner

    Recommended track to download…..’Same Dream China’

    Number 20

    Best Coast-‘Crazy For You’

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Boyfriend’

    Number 19

    These New Puritans-Hidden

    Recommended track to download…..’We Want War’

    Number 18

    Avey Tare-Down There

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Laughing Hieroglyphic’

    Number 17


    Recommended track to download…..‘Scarecrows On A Killer Slant’

    Number 16


    Recommended track to download…..”Vial Ft. Burial”

    Number 15

    Alex Smoke-Lux

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Ikos’

    Number 14

    Four Tet-There Is Love In You

    Recommended track to download…..”Reversing”

    Number 13

    Sufjan Stevens-The Age of Adz

    Recommended track to download…..’All for Myself”

    Number 12

    Flying Lotus-Cosmogramma

    Recommended track to download….. ...And the World Laughs with You (ft. Thom Yorke)

    Number 11

    M.I.A.-/\/\ /\ Y /\

    Recommended track to download…..’BORN FREE’

    Number 10


    Recommended track to download….. ‘Moments’

    Number 9


    Recommended track to download…..’Always Human’

    Number 8

    Eleven Tigers-Clouds Are Mountains

    Recommended track to download…..Open Mirror

    Number 7

    Deerhunter-Halcyon Digest

    Recommended track to download…..”Earthquake”

    Number 6

    Clubroot-II - MMX

    Recommended track to download….. ‘Orbiting’

    Number 5

    Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Recommended track to download…..’Lost In The World (feat. Bon Iver)’

    Number 4

    Lorn-Nothing Else

    Recommended track to download…..’None an Island’

    Number 3

    Mount Kimbie-Crooks & Lovers

    Recommended track to download…..’Tunnelvision’

    Number 2

    Guilty Simpson-OJ Simpson

    Recommended track to download…..’New Heights’

    Number 1


    Recommended track to download…..”Three Sided Shape’

  • Grap Luva 7 Minutes of Sound (E-mu SP1200 Session)

    20 Dec 2010, 23:27 by AbbottSupreme

    Armed with his E-mu SP1200, Grap Luva visits the studio of Damu The Fudgemunk to run through a selection of beats from his collection of floppies. Along the way Grap Luva explains some of his musical influences and philosophy behind making beats.

    Later on Grap tells the story of creating the beat for “Half Man, Half Amazin” by Pete Rock featuring Method Man.

    Artist Connection
    DJ Premier
    Half Man Half Amazin (feat. Method Man)
  • New Album coming out soon on Domination records

    18 Dec 2010, 01:58 by Depakote

    follow me here for more new on it My new facebook page please tell a friend!/pages/Depakote/154622001241242

    or here

    It's 9 track instrumental the album is called Suicide Watch dedicated to people with mental illness
  • Elan Tamara & Dimitri Grimm – For Medals

    17 Dec 2010, 17:20 by nutriot

    «Three sweet songs as a present.. Few years ago we were up to record a whole album or at least an EP together. Then… a plethora of hindrances came along and the folder named ‘Elan Tamara + Dimlite’ remained untouched ever since. These songs are from 2007 / 08, they are and will forever be in demo state. But instead of trashing them…: it’s the season, and you might enjoy them.»

    Download [url="";]Elan Tamara & Dimitri Grimm – For Medals here
  • Anenon presents A Fragmented Luminescence Mixtape

    8 Dec 2010, 19:37 by arousal

    Anenon is Brian Allen Simon, musician and founder of Non Projects, a forward-thinking music label based out of Los Angeles. The young label's roster includes the likes of Asura, Ana Caravelle, a.d.l.r., and Anenon himself. A lifetime resident of LA, Brian is fully interested in the ever changing intersection of heart and ability in the fields of music and sound as you can clearly hear from the A Fragmented Luminescence Mixtape for Error Broadcast.
    Neighbours make their appearance (Devonwho, Baths, yuk., a.d.l.r.) but there is definitely more than friends’ music on this mix. Brian digs into experimental Jazz and old school Electronica, as well as Ambient and Psychedelic Rock, condensing all elements into 25 minutes of emotive fluxus. We invite you to get lost with the final part of the mix where Brian showcases his latest experimentations in Sax intonation, texture and deep drones. Shallow and depth. Worth the trip!

    More info and D/L:

    01. Meredith Monk - Word Intro
    02. Meredith Monk - Fields / Clouds
    03. Anenon - Lowlands
    04. Boards of Canada - Light Clear Hair
    05. Christian Wallumrød Ensemble - Stompin At Gagarin
    06. a. d. l. r. - Wilder Plain
    07. yuk. - Shining (Devonwho Restitch)
    08. Active Child - Wilderness
    09. Boards of Canada - Sac
    10. Baths - Mecha Joy
    11. Dntel - Fear Of Corners / Emeralds - Alive In The Sea Of Information / Grouper - Vessel
    12. Shigeto - Look At All The Smiling Faces
    13. Anenon - Drops
    14. Anenon - White Winter Lights (Lullaby for Laura)