• 'Emo black metal ftw.'

    11 Jul 2008, 06:37 by Amarvl

    - W.t.F. (2007)

    A sarcastic tone to it of course. Of course she was talking about DSBM here, often labelled as 'emo black metal', however doing so reveals little more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. Years back, a friend said to me when I talked about another friend 'When are you going to learn it Marrie? being depressed is a fashion.' to which I said: 'Yes, but claiming every depression is but crying of attention in a puberty phase is tenfold the fashion to do.'

    The point here is that the friend here had never even spoken to the other friend, didn't even know she existed, all he heard was me saying that she wasn't that happy and therefore couldn't come to some activity, immediately he assumed it to be fakery without any reason to believe that it was other than quite simply I said she had those moods. And that's how it works, the self-fulfilling prophecy. A lot of people who claim—correctly that the stereotypical emo just fakes it claim it of every person associated with negative feelings. And in that their opinion about emos becomes worthless. Children, I'm going to introduce you to logic, not common sense, logic. We have our axioms here:

    Person A believes every person of whom is said to be depressed to fake it.
    Person B is said of to be depressed.

    Well, since person A calls fakery from every person, clearly person A shall claim fakery from person B regardless of whether it is true that person B is depressed or not. In short, the truthvalue of person B's depression is independent of the conclusion of person A. It doesn't matter if person B is depressed or not, the conclusion of person A will be the same any how, and in that way whether person B is depressed or not cannot possibly be deduced from what person A says, thus the opinion of person A is irrelevant.

    People have the tendency to find strength in people agreeing with them, ironically also in black metal, the same people so much claiming to be 'individual'. The youtube comment rating system is a prime example of this. Posts saying 'Excellent video' and nothing more will get a +4 rating or some-thing, and posts giving elaborate arguments to why it's bad, showing clear superior technically knowledge of for instance classical music will get a -3 or some-thing like that. I'm not interested in if people agree with me or not, I'm interested in their reason more so than their arguments. Almost all will agree with me that the stereotypical emo fakes a teenage depression, but I've often attacked those people on shallow arguments, again noting that they think every-one does so.

    What's also absurd is that a lot aren't even able to recognise the music as their præcious 'emo' without reading the track titles. They call a lot of music emo without knowing how actual emotive hardcore punk sounds, that's the absurdity. Emotive hardcore punk is uplifting, energetic, danceable and jumpy music, like all punk, it's just more melodic. But as soon as it's called 'Life is Pain', it's 'emo', woooh, how else should they call the project? There are either two options here to conform to your majesty's standards:

    1: Choose an artist name that doesn't reflect the music, been there done that: Lifelover, it's going to sound like a satire any-way.
    2: Stop making the music you want to make altogether?


    The music is about that life is pain for Crikey's¹ sake, but apparently if you name it like that you're 'emo'... and if you don't and the music is exactly the same you aren't emo.. yah... Also, a lot of bands have never explicitly stated to be '' or even '' to begin with. I've never seen that crazy funny and strangely hot B. from Ancestral say it on any official sites. I, myself usually avoid genera to begin with when I note my music some-where and simply give a description, it can't be more clear than that. I've also had the luck a couple of days ago to hear Trist's reflection upon this scene who claimed never to wanted to be put into the black metal cubicle, and never thought 'I'm going to make black metal' and who more or less said that black metal is shit. Which it is, in fact, music is shit, there are just some extremely rare exceptions to this rule. I just found a picture of him and I thought it was extremely cute and most agreed and one said 'Well, mail him that he's cute.' which I did for fun as it's rather absurd to mail one with an URL to a picture with the body 'Cute n.n' to it. These guys aren't usually taking the whole image very seriously, they're mostly dreamers, and uniformly fond of Souvenirs D'une Autre Monde, which is a reflexion upon good times, people claiming it has 'hidden darkness' are trying too see things they want to see but aren't there, also a lot listen to dreamy stuff, post rock et cetera. Try the new French band Kwoon if you find yourself in this, the CD also has beautiful artwork. Melancholy and nostalgia aren't far apart any-way, people claiming melancholy is some sort of bitter void of hatred in the 1349 fashion, I get you not. It's a romantic, sentimental and tender emotion, like dreaminess and nostalgia. There is how-ever one who keeps posing like his potency depends on it, to that, I præsent this private message log from this very site:

    Heheh, well, the terrible situation is:

    A: Shining isn't depressive black metal but standard doom with some faint black influences.
    B: Shining overtly claims to be suicidal black metal and Kvarforth is the Necrobutcher of the 'Forget Satanism, embrace suicide' kiddies.
    C: Because shining isn't depressive black metal, or black metal to begin with with its heavy and accessible doom metal production and no tormented screams but low and calm gruffs, nothing to hurt your ears with 98% of the population saying 'I only hear noise, where's the music' et al. It's overtly more popular than any depressive black metal will ever be, thus, every-one thinks of 'Shining' with the name, I have sincere doubts Kvarforth is but all depressive with those vocals, melodies and lyrics and the aggressive nature of the concert. If suicidal black metal goes live, no one's jumping around and screaming, every-one's quiet mostly, no head-banging or any-thing like that.

    That's the situation, that's probably why a lot say 'DSBM' to avoid the term 'suicidal' or 'depressive' which is now completely linked to Shining.

    And also later on:

    Well, twofold here.

    Cutting on stage: Artificial.
    Showing cuttings on album covers: No idea why not.

    The point is that one, or at least I, does not feel the perpetual need to damage oneself, just at certain moments, I find it hard to believe these all coincide with performances on stage. So it's a bit meaningless there, however, not more meaningless than putting up a smile when you shake the hand of an ambassador when you are not feeling like smiling. Both is adjusting your external mood because the situation requires it. I'm against both. For some strange reason exaggerating 'depression' is looked down upon as crybaby but faking happiness is seen as 'brave' or something. Why the latter clearly comes from fright of being unaccepted when showing your 'true self'. I partly blame society for this for indoctrinating children that every-thing not positive is 'evil' and every-one should be happy, and I partly blame aforesaid children for accepting it without question. The former is as much a human trait as the latter.

    Take for instance the medical term 'chemical imbalance', apparently I have an 'imbalance' in my chemistry. Although it in no-way meets the chemical/physical criteria of being an 'imbalance', it's just a state of chemicals in my brain, but because they make happen that I don't feel too 'happy', it's labelled as an 'imbalance', because happy is a more 'balanced' state, even though no criteria for 'balance' are met in either states.

    And that's how people think, and that's apparently how you think too about those cutting covers, because t'was forced into your brain as a child. Why can't people look depressed on albumcovers if the music is extremely depressed but people can look happy on album covers if the music is?. That's the asymmetry, also often found in that if you say 'You suck.' you have to give substantial arguments but every-one accepts 'You rule.' without further explanation. And also that a lot of bands seem to put derivatives of words like 'dark' in their names or titles while no-where one encounters words like 'positive' and 'bright' as antagonyms to that, effectively those bands then themselves say that 'dark' is 'unnatural' or 'imbalanced' if it is required to add it to it.

    But moreover, I don't really like covers or clips which feature the artist. And overtly posed pictures, daily life pictures are better I feel.

    As an obvious reaction to two questions.

    This is probably going to attract a lot of Shining kids I fear who agree with me until they read I bash Shining, while I used the same deductive method for come to both. If that happens, they will be an example of what I said earlier, people don't generally care for your reasoning and logic, especially if they are historical Germanic linguists with a beard to tr00 for school, they care for your conclusion. I care for the former, as I'm a mathematician... Why do you think all the stuff we learn is præsented like: 'Theorem: The set of all functions from the natural numbers to {0,1} is uncountable.

    Proof: ...', hmm?

    1: They say prawn, not shrimp. PUT ANOTHER FUCKING PRAWN ON THE BARBIE.