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    off topic?

    off topic?
    We are a group of Last.fm users (www.lastfm.com)
    In recent months there has been on the shoutboxes of some users of this popular social network a series of unfortunate,offensive and threatening phrases. These are real attacks on the dignity of individuals, peoples, history and Peace. There aren’t only intolerance and racism, but also explicit political propaganda.
    Many of the authors of these sayings exhibit on their pages Nazi symbols and are members of Lastfm groups where you can openly defend Nazi ideals,and this is illegal in Italy and many other states.
    Repeatedly it has been reported to the moderators and the Last.fm team, but, after a prolonged silence, some of them has confined theirselves to merely saying that there weren’t the conditions to intervene. “ Everything is right then!”
    Yet it is not the case, since the Regulation prohibits the spreading of libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, or racist material,it shouldn't be allowed to use material containing ethnically or culturally offensive messages,or ideas which promote violence and racial hatred.
    So we decided to promote a petition asking for the clear explication of the regulation on this point(in line with the laws of the so-called "civilized countries”) which are also deemed offensive content and symbols referring to Nazi ideology.
    In addition to this we gathered in a new independent and apolitic group effectively to support our initiative to develop strategies and action to contrast in a much stronger way the proliferation of such contents. But after a few days we have received the complaint and the threat of action against us by some moderators!
    We haven't discouraged and decided, on the cleaning done on Facebook, to extend our complaint outside of this enclosure in which we are asked to continue to live passively with this horror.
    On January 27 in Italy is celebrated the Day of Remembrance,dedicated to the victims of the Shoah.
    With this letter we demand the immediate action of people, associations and institutions sensitive to accept our alarm.
    We retain in fact deeply miseducating the superficiality and the indifference with these wicked actions come welcomed and respected within an area of significant cultural exchange, as if you do not even take account of the wide use by young people of the means in question, which, for this reason, deserves serious protection from every form of propagandistic and instrumental abuse.
    Thank you for your attention

    Clean up Last.fm group
    our journal: http://www.lastfm.it/user/balconaggio/journal/2008/12/30/2d5m85_english_version

    MSN and/or EMAILS----->cleanuplastfm@hotmail.it

    OUR NEW BLOG -----> http://cleanuplastfm.blogspot.com/

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