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Leader: Gelordum
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Created on: 18 Jun 2012
Description: Logos Generator

This tool generates a banner with logos of bands that you are listening to and shows it on your page.

To generate a banner with logos for your account you simply need to fill out a form with your
username and make layout preferences if it is needed, then click "generate" button. On the next page
you will find a code and banner preview, just copy this code and paste it into your profile.

The number at the top of application is showing a total amount of logos in database and amount of
currently generated banners, you can click on it for more details about the logos in database.

Available only at:

Backlink. Don't remove it from the code for your profile or you can be banned from using this application.

Watermark. You will see it once a month within few days until we gather needed sum to pay for the server.
Don't remove it from the banner for your profile or you can be banned from using this application.



1. Check the list of artists in database before submitting new logos to avoid duplicates:
2. Don't submit logos from this list (you can only vote for them):
3. Post in the most appropriate topic of our forum (but genres are not important at all):
4. Logos must be black on white (grayscale is acceptable with black parts). Don't use too much contrast.
5. Be sure, that background is not transparent, without any "dirt" and borders.
6. Width of logos must not be greater than 160 pixels and not be lesser than 150 pixels.
7. Height of logos must not be greater than 200 pixels (recommended height for high logos is 180 pixels).
8. Don't leave empty space at the top and bottom. If logos are not high, don't leave it at the left and right.
9. Be sure, that file extension and file format are the same.
10. Give only direct links to logo files. Don't use archives and private links.
11. Submissions must include direct links at the bands' pages.
12. If you don't know how to make good-looking logos, you can ask for help here:

Good submission example:


Wrongly submitted logos will not be added into database!

There are many bands with the same names, check this topic to vote for logos you like more:


We really need your financial help!

A monthly donation of a dollar (or even less!) will not make a poor man of you.
We maintain this project only for you and not for our income. So far donations
have been very sparse but very appreciated! If you like what we do and want
to help us, this is the perfect way to do so. Thanks to everyone for all the help!

Hall of Fame - Most Thankful Users:

More good people:
PapaWolfChop - initiator of the project and a good girl :)
Gelordum - webmaster who keeps everything working.
alexobviously - coder who made a lot of improvements.
RachelCarrie - our great helper in logos extraction.
PhiL666 - author of the original BandLogos script.

Still have questions? Feel free to write here.

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  • Gelordum

    Seven-Fold, no problem :)

    18 Aug 5:01pm Reply
  • Seven-Fold

    thanks for the apps !!!

    17 Aug 9:52pm Reply
  • AtroBean

    need logos for: The Venus In Furs Wylde Ratttz My First Band Erin, please

    16 Aug 10:01am Reply
  • Nattyyykay

    someone find a logo for Ice Cube

    15 Aug 7:22am Reply
  • Gelordum

    DavidVSoho, you can choose the number of logos, just change in link the part "nb=50" to anything you want ("nb=16" or "nb=17").

    14 Aug 1:45pm Reply
  • DavidVSoho

    Give the possibility to choose the number of logos. For example I would 16 or 17 logos in my page. Or give the possibility to choose logos. For example I would Led Zeppelin logo but they are not in my 15 overall listens.

    14 Aug 10:12am Reply
  • redgo

    Great app. Please find a logo for "roni size" and maybe a more distinctive one for "venetian snares". Thanks!

    11 Aug 2:21pm Reply
  • PapaWolfChop

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the recent donations! As always, if you see your name on the list and would like it changed to your user name, just message Gelordum! :D

    11 Aug 3:52am Reply
  • Gelordum

    MecchaMatt, thanks for kind words :)

    10 Aug 2:03pm Reply
  • VicPoirier

    Could anybody make a logo for "Tommy Guerrero"

    10 Aug 10:19am Reply
  • MecchaMatt

    I've just discovered this group and I must say, it's a nice one with a great tool. Thanks for this!

    10 Aug 9:31am Reply
  • bmharaldson

    Need a logo for the german indie/alternative rock band Heisskalt

    9 Aug 10:34pm Reply
  • zaakjes_

    I think my favorite logo I've seen so far is that one from stonerrockband Big Business. What's yours?

    8 Aug 6:21pm Reply
  • ColetteCrazyFan

    Need a logo for Indila

    6 Aug 12:24pm Reply
  • wpadiguangco

    Hey zaakjes_, posted to the forum. Please add Stars Go Dim. Thanks! :D

    4 Aug 10:41am Reply
  • kebabseller

    Needs Finntroll logo. Fast.

    4 Aug 9:13am Reply
  • RaminMoozikbaz

    Need A Logo For " John Surman "

    3 Aug 5:25pm Reply
  • BC17

    I wish the boris logo was the one that you can read the band's name :/

    2 Aug 12:21am Reply
  • wpadiguangco

    Thank you so much zaakjes_!

    27 Jul 11:53pm Reply
  • just_me_3008

    이병우 - Lee Byung-Woo really need a logo :D

    22 Jul 9:11am Reply
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