First korn album?

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    • 24 Aug 2005, 09:44

    First korn album?

    What was your first korn album that you purchased? :)

    Mine was Issues in 1999, of course. Well, i didn't buy it, got it for xmas, cause i saw a music video to "Falling Away From Me" way before xmas and it was just something that fascinated me so much.. Korn was the first band for me that i loved so much, that i bought the other records the next year. 2000 and 2001 were the years.. and i still love korn, just don't listen to it as much as i used to, but i fucking love them. I hate korn haters, i mean, earlier fans that started to hate them.. well, anyways, i thought to make a topic like this, i hope nobody minds..

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    • 25 Aug 2005, 20:58

    first korn album...

    so my first album of korn was "follow the leader".
    I got it when i was very small. and i got it because i was crazy about "freak on a leash", but how isn't?!

    so that my story...Freak on a Leash

  • The first album I ever heard from them (and what made me like them) was Issues, which I borrowed from my cousin...yeah in short the thing practically saved my life...

    But technically the first I actually bought was Follow the Leader.

    So...that's my story, lol.

  • The first one I bought was Untouchables, and it's still my favourite. It actually wasn't really what I expected it to be like but it quickly grew on me.

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    • 9 Sep 2005, 11:48


    Quoth Riktenkay:
    The first one I bought was Untouchables, and it's still my favourite. It actually wasn't really what I expected it to be like but it quickly grew on me.

    I actually went and downloaded the leaked one, but i still bought the album, cause i thought it was purely brilliant. It definitely was a new side to them, but still good nevertheless. I liked especially the add of synths.

  • I went to the record store and bought Follow the Leader and Issues at the same time. That was in 99, when I was in the U.S. When I got back to Germany, I got the rest of 'em. ;-)

  • Issues and Life is Peachy back in (IIRC) 2000. I wanted to buy some new albums and LiP was cheap, so I took it. The guy at the counter turned out to be a big KoRn fan and he recommended Issues, so I took that one too.

    • mehby said...
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    • 3 Oct 2005, 06:51
    First one i actually owned would have be the self titled album. I had heard of them through some mates but was actually the first one to buy one of their albums

    The Way it's meant to Be.
    • zamppa said...
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    • 22 Oct 2005, 13:50

    First korn album

    Mine was Issues in 1999
    and next was Follow the leader in 2000

    • Ru9Flip said...
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    • 20 Jan 2006, 07:23
    my first Korn album was "Follow The Leader" - i liked it when i listened to it at a local music store. i've been a Korn fan since... i don't know - i think it was 1998 (right?)

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    • 28 Jan 2006, 22:02
    My first one was actually See you on the Otherside.. got me to buy some of the other ones.

  • my first one was issues.
    and next was korn,life is peachy and follow the leader.
    i have payed withe my last cent the 3 cd´s

  • MY FIRST ALBUM WAS untouchables, one my friend give me mp3 disk, with many group , and on this disk was this album ! Korn change my life!

    A.D.I.D.A.S. dream about fucking!
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    • 9 Feb 2006, 00:25
    I started with the GH, then came Take a Look in the Mirror, Untouchables, Follow the Leader, Issues, then the first two and finally See you on the Otherside. Needless to say, i liked the group even more with each album.

    Pretty much inverse order...

  • first album i bought, i got follow the leader for a tenner off a freind with Static-X's ''Machine'' and ''Shadow Zone'' i listened to the Static-X more, but loved the KoRn far more, i just didnt want to over-listen to it...if that makes sense

  • Follow the Leader was also my first Korn album.

    • Teply said...
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    • 29 Mar 2006, 09:42
    it was "follow the leader" in 1998.
    good old days)

  • issues.

    i first listened to some of follow the leader tracks. but the first album i bought was issues.
    and that's still my favorite one - though i love every single song they've ever played.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Apr 2006, 13:47
    [2001] follow the leader
    [2001] korn
    [2002] life is peachy
    [2002] untouchables
    [2002] issues
    [2003] take a look in the mirror
    [2004] greatest hits
    [ASAP] see you on the other side

  • My brother had a pirated version of Issues on his harddrive, and one day I just copied his MP3 folder over to my machine. I wasn't that familiar with KoRn at that time and though they were just another death metal band:P
    Anyway, Make Me Bad was the only song that caught my ear and I never really bothered to listen to the other songs until like a couple of years later, I saw the video for Falling Away From Me and I immediately fell in love with it:) So, I bought Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (With the CBGB concert. Truly awesome show, I must say!) and that was the time when I went from casual Korn listener to a huge fan.

    My taste in music is better than yours.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Apr 2006, 05:52
    it was 'Follow the Leader', mainly because of the 'Got the Life' single... 'Life Is Peachy' and 'Korn' followed as I wanted to catch up with the band

  • First time I heard Korn was the 'Shoots And Ladders' video on MTV and was from that point the huge Korn fan I am today. Bought their first album a couple of days later and was blown away of the sound and of Jonathans vocals.

    • A8raW said...
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    • 11 May 2006, 01:20
    Life is pechy back in 1998 (maybe 1997), I got it because A.D.I.D.A.S. video :)

    • neclord said...
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    • 3 Jun 2006, 12:44
    The first one was 'Follow the leader'. We used to listen to it with my friends on 'constructionsiteinthemiddleofnowhere' parties and in that grim environment it sounded really demonic! just fell in love with this album.

    "no-one assails me with impunity"
    "no blood, no glory"
    "I intend to live forever. so far so good"
    "venture not to defend what your judgement doubts of"
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    • 18 Jun 2006, 09:24
    follow the leader :)

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