Album due out in February 21st?

  • Album due out in February 21st?

    As posted by spikiegirl on Knvlsm Lj comm and reported on JaME

    07.12.2006 - Tanja
    translation : Kay
    source : Brand X
    artist(s) : kannivalism
    Kannivalism will release their very first full length album!

    The title is still undecided, but it will be released on February 21st. There will be two versions available: the limited, first press for 3500 yen and the regular edition for 3000.

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    • 8 Dec 2006, 10:05
    I saw that yesterday!! X3

    Brand-x says that the first press will probably come with a DVD.
    It could be a brand-x special; but both editions might come with with a poster if you pre-order them? I hope CDJapan do the posters too if that is true. :D

    I can't wait for the tracklisting and such to be released. Hopefully the release date won't be changed either. D8;

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