• Steve Ellington Band - Faithless (Official Video) HD 1280x720

    4 Aug 2009, 13:11 by junkstreet

  • Gizehcast

    23 Jun 2009, 16:23 by gizehrecordings

    So we've succumbed to the world of podcasting finally.

    Welcome to the adventures of Gizehcast. A regular podcast featuring the best and worst of the Gizeh catalogue, live sets and other audio treats we think might take yer fancy.

    Episode one is here: http://gizehcast.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/4

    Subscribe away - open it in iTunes if you can, it's better.

    Enjoy...... here's the tracklisting:

    1. Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals
    2. Trespassers William - I Could Go Back
    3. Redjetson - Questions I Don't Want to Ask
    4. Sleepingdog - If Only (Sophia cover)
    5. Her Name Is Calla- Wren
    6. Glissando - With a Kiss and a Tear
    7. Worriedaboutsatan remix of 'We Anchor in Hope' by Codes In The Clouds

  • New Gizeh signings....

    15 Jan 2009, 17:55 by gizehrecordings

    The exciting news we've been wanting to bring you for some time is finally here. We are delighted to announce that we have three new signings to Gizeh in the form of Trespassers William, Worriedaboutsatan and Redjetson.

    Trespassers William join us to release their new EP 'The Natural Order of Things'. Previous releases on Bella Union and Nettwerk records means that TW are probably the most established band we have worked with to date and as long-term fans it's a real privillage to be able to release a record for them. Anna-Lynne's longing, comforting vocals are still the focal point but a more experimental backdrop has emerged through textured sounds and rhythms to produce an EP of staggering, elegant beauty.

    A new Worriedaboutsatan record 'Arrivals' will be released in April and sees a slight departure from the usual Gizeh 'sound'. These guys are seriously the real deal and their intricate, emotive, minimal techno mixed through swirling ambience and atmosphere will keep you hooked for sure. Taking elements of the likes of Boards of Canda, Sigur Ros and possibly even Burial we hope you will fall in love with this record the way that we have.

    As some of you will probably know, Redjetson disbanded some months ago but left behind a fully-formed album in 'Other Arms' that was just too good to not be released. This will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Redjetson's debut album 'New General Catalogue' was released by Drowned in sound in 2005 and tours with the likes of 65daysofstatic, Bloc Party, Youthmovies and I Like Trains pushed the band to a much wide audience.... a band that will be missed but leave something special behind to remember them by.

    There are no confirmed release dates for these releases as yet but expect them all to drop around April time. We'll keep you posted on all the news of tour dates, free downloads etc as it comes in.

    In other news......

    Glissando UK TOUR STARTS JANUARY 29th.
    This tour will feature The Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble (alongside the usual Richard and Elly); Paul Elam (guitar/percussion), Sophie Green (violin) and Lauren Smith (cello).

    29th York - City Screen Basement
    30th Leeds - Packhorse
    31st Northampton - Labour Club
    1st Nottingham - Lee Rosy's
    2nd Brighton - Freebutt
    3rd London - Macbeth
    4th Manchester - Retro Bar
    5th Lancaster - Yorkshire House
    6th Edinburgh - Wee Red Bar
    7th Glasgow - Captain's Rest

    Glissando have recorded a cover of Death Cab For Cutie's Passenger Seat which is up on their myspace page at the moment. There is a new video for Floods filmed by Sarah Evans at the bands recent performance at London's Union Chapel in December up on youtube and myspace. Also pick yourself up a copy of the new Rock A Rolla magazine for a rather lovely Glissando interview.

    Sleepingdog UK TOUR
    The final dates for Sleepingdog's UK tour are currently being confirmed for March alongside plenty of European dates. Keep checking the site or Chantal's myspace for details.

    Some Her Name is Calla UK dates are in the pipeline to road-test some new material as the band continue to work on their debut full-length 'The Quiet Lamb'.

    Don't forget you can buy all the records, shirts, bags etc over at the Gizeh Online Store... there are still some wonderful bargains going on so get yourself over there.
    A new addition to the distribution section of the store is a very limited edition record by the wonderful Talvihorros called 'It's Already On Fire'. Beautiful music in beautiful packaging and something you should certainly check out.

  • Trespassers William / worriedaboutsatan / Redjetson / HNIC pre-orders

    1 Mar 2009, 21:06 by gizehrecordings

    We're pleased to announce that you can now pre-order our next four releases.


    GZH23 Her Name Is Calla - A Blood Promise DVD/CD
    Released March 9th
    This release is limited to 300 copies, handpackaged and hand numbered.
    The DVD contains a glorious video to New England made by Ashley Dean using only shadow puppetry as well as a video to With Eyes So Full of Sparks of Love. Also on the DVD, you can find live performances from 'Calla's show last November at the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds, tour documentaries, other live footage and some other bits and bobs.
    As if that wasn't enough, the package comes complete with a CD containing a live version of Nylon as well as two very gentle new songs.

    GZH22 Trespassers William - The Natural Order of Things
    Released May 25th
    New to the Gizeh family, Trespassers William return with a new EP full of their usual chilling warmth. A sensory overload of broken, distorted soundscapes, all the while pinned back by Anna-Lynne's unmistakably haunting vocals and words.

    GZH21 Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals
    Released May 25th
    Ambient, minimalistic and down-right captivating. worriedaboutsatan have created a masterpiece of an album as they take you through the depths of electronica, immersed in weaving, beautiful beats and rhythms. Arrivals is an aural treat that will resonate in the heart and mind.

    The limited edition version of Arrivals comes in hand-made packaging, designed, made and numbered by worriedaboutsatan. Strictly limited to 100 copies. This version comes with two extra tracks which are radio-edits of 'evil dogs' and 'you're in my thoughts', an exclusive one-off photograph (all 100 are different), 2 badges, a sticker and a remix CD.

    GZH22 Redjetson - Other Arms
    Released April 20th
    Redjetson's posthumous release soars, swirls and documents a band at its creative peak. The rawness of this record really shines through as the bands signature minor chord melodies wrap around your ears.

    We've reduced a number of items in the online shop - take a look around, there are some real bargains! We also stock some items that are not Gizeh releases but things we think you will enjoy.

    GZH19 Sleepingdog Polar Life £8
    GZH18 Glissando Live in Leeds (Ltd CDr) £3
    GZH17 Glissando With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea £8
    GZH16 Her Name Is Calla The Heritage £6
    GZH15 Her Name Is Calla A Moment of Clarity 7" ON SALE £2
    GZH14 Immune 1/f ON SALE £5
    GZH13 Detwiije Would You Rather Be Followed By Forty Ducks For the Rest of Your Life? ON SALE £2
    GZH12 Profane The Day We Scorched the Sky ON SALE £1
    GZH10 Greenland The Prisons of Language ON SALE £2
    GZH03 30 Day Hex 30 Day Hex ON SALE £1
    GIZEH RECORDS Canvas tote bag £4

    Distributed stock:
    GLISSANDO T-Shirt £8
    GLISSANDO With Our Arms Poster £1
    GLISSANDO Loves Are Like Empires £5
    BUCHAREST DVD (soundtrack by Glissando) £3
    BREW RECORDS Compilation £5
    TALVIHORROS It's Already On Fire £6
    PUPILAR Bark Black, Weeping Tip £3
    PUPILAR Don't Hate us £3
    THE FRENCH QUARTER We're Not French £5
    I CONCUR Oblige 7" £3
    IMMUNE T-Shirt £8
    FALCONETTI Finisterre £3

    14th - The Hope, Chichester
    15th - Prince Albert, Brighton
    17th - Macbeth, London
    18th - House Show, Leeds w/ Eric Chenaux (Gizeh show - email for details)
    19th - Arts Centre, Newcastle
    20th - Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

    22nd - Green Room, Sheffield
    23rd - The Cluny, Newcastle
    24th - Roadhouse, Manchester
    25th - Mad Ferret, Preston
    26th – The Talbot, Wrexham
    27th - Sumo, Leicester
    29th – The Library, Leeds (Gizeh show)
    (all dates with Spokes)

    HER NAME IS CALLA DATE WITH Jeniferever & Kyte
    10th - The Luminere, London

    Hope you enjoy all the new music we having going on.
    Be good.
    Rich // Gizeh
  • A couple of new interviews

    11 Mar 2009, 14:32 by gizehrecordings

  • Glissando tour 209

    19 Nov 2008, 14:25 by gizehrecordings

  • Sleepingdog 'Polar Life' out now!

    5 Nov 2008, 09:46 by gizehrecordings

    We at Gizeh HQ are delighted to announce that the wonderful new Sleepingdog record 'Polar Life' is out now.

    Pick up a copy over at the Gizeh Online Store www.gizehrecords.bigcartel.com or at your local record store.


    Press for the album has been excellent. Here are a few quotes:

    "While Chantal Acda's second album as Sleepingdog barely shifts from a stately first gear, therein lies its considerable charm. Against a backdrop of gently swelling strings and piano her clear voice enchants, particularly on the plaintive banjo-led highlight 'Ardennes' and poem-inspired 'The Sun Sinks In The Sea'"
    7/10 Rock Sound

    "Acda’s voice is probably as close to celestial as any human is ever going to achieve. Constantly to the fore but never intrusive, their graceful clarity is captivating and perfectly matched to the languid elegance of the instrumentation."
    Sonic Dice

    "Piano and vocals are well to the fore but delicate electronic noises permeate throughout, think Tori Amos lost in the dark. Acda’s voice is clear, pure and transfixingly beautiful, it evokes comparison to Lamb’s Louise Rhodes in tone, range and its ability to raise hairs on back of one’s neck."
    Echoes and Dust

    Forthcoming Tour Dates:
    14 Nov Livingroom, Lovenjoel BE
    21 Nov CC Hasselt, Hasselt BE
    22 Nov tbc, Portland US
    23 Nov Oly Donut, Olympia US
    25 Nov Cultural Arts Center, Seattle US
    26 Nov The Finger Complex, Olympia US
    27 Nov tbc, Seattle US
    29 Nov Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island US
    30 Nov The Boiler Room, Port Townsand US

    European Tour - Febrauary 08
    UK Tour - March 08
    US Tour - April 08
  • Glissando - UK tour in September

    25 Aug 2008, 15:28 by gizehrecordings


    26 Jun 2008, 17:31 by samsaunders

    I wrote a review of the Leeds gig at The Library on June 21.

    The three new iLiKETRAINS songs sounded very promising, These Monsters were a revelation and The Benjamin Wetherill Band was really really good.
  • A Benefit of Tagging (Leeds UK)

    10 Feb 2008, 13:11 by samsaunders

    Over the last week, last.fm users connected with music in the Leeds (UK) area have been tagging artists, albums and tracks that are part of the thriving regional music scene with a unique tag. Over a hundred artists and hundreds of tracks are now covered and a really fine Radio Station is now up and running.

    It's a nice break from your own personal library.

    It also beats anything that a PSB or commercial station could do. We're really pleased with the results, and lots of us have been playing it in the last.fm software

    You can see the result just here and get the best result (I think) by clicking the Play in software options so that you can navigate away and keep listening (and scrobbling the results of course).

    I know this has always been self evident and that lots of people do things like it all the time. But with 40 or so people cooperating and then sharing the benefit it seems to have come alive in a way that last.fm always intended.

    Every new tune that goes up can be given the same tag and the pool expands on a daily basis.

    People as diverse as The Kaiser Chiefs and David Thomas Broughton are set alongside less well-known but valued artists like Grammatics and Mucky Sailor.

    If you hate a track - click the ban button - if a track doesn't fir your mood, fast forward to the next good one. Perfect. (and there are no inane "presenters" gushing about their celebrity lifestyles in between tracks). If you want the facts, the screen tells all.

    Please feel free to snort "Yeh, we do that all the time, where have you been?". But for me this has been a revelation.