twee-noob recommendations

    • lan_yu said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 05:26

    twee-noob recommendations

    Would you be so kind as to recommend a couple of artists that would be a good start to tweeze oneself? =)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 05:39
    Well, I'd start out with the Would-Be-Goods, but wait--you seem to already know about them. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully, in the meantime some others will also have suggestions. streamable suggestions are best, if at all possible.

    • wbdoak said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 06:01
    can i second that request?

  • sort of in order of popularity:

    Belle and Sebastian
    Camera Obscura
    Architecture in Helsinki
    The Pipettes
    I'm from Barcelona
    The Lucksmiths
    All Girl Summer Fun Band
    Tiger Trap
    The Sofites
    Pony Up!
    The Brunettes
    Saturday Looks Good to Me
    Acid House Kings

    • Kulle said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 17:20
    Honestly, you really only have to listen to McCarthy because everything else is pretty horrible. You should trust me on this one.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 20:13
    beat happening, people. glo-worm, heavenly, tiger trap.. im kinda lazy right now :/.

    • jangly said...
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    • 28 Nov 2006, 21:42
    Fat Tulips!

  • Fat Tulips!

    ESP! I was about to say that.

    OH MY GOD! *has a heart attack* No one said talulah gosh! And don't forget the pastels.
    And a bazillion other bands. Try the BMX bandits.
    But I'm really not one to talk, I'm kind of new to this myself, so if you post anything that you won't find anywhere off The 'list, I'll be lost. But I'll definetly check it out!
    Also, may I say WOW! I was member 61 at eight this morning and now there are 99 members!

    tilly kid
  • And I'm the 100th member. :-p

    The Field Mice would be another obvious choice...and therefore Northern Picture Library and Trembling Blue Stars.

    I'm also really liking a lot of Music Is My Girlfriend labels stuff at the moment, and they have a fair amount of downloadable tunes.

  • Am I the only one who, despite being the biggest fan of Go Sailor!, The Softies, All Girl Summer Fun Band, and even Rose's solo work, thinks that Tiger Trap is a little bit lacking?

    I really like the track Puzzle Pieces, but the rest seems mediocre, at best.

    As for good intro twee bands, it really depends on what your current musical taste it.

    If you're a fan of punk, I would check out more or less cuddlecore bands like cub, The Maulies, Go Sailor!, and Tattle Tale, and All Girl Summer Fun Band first. Also early twee like Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Trixies Big Red Motorbike, and The Marine Girls.

    If you already like slower bands like, say The Smiths, Elliot Smith, etc, I would most definitely check out The Lucksmiths, Math and Physics Club, Brighter, and well, quite frankly hit up the Sarah Records catalog.

    If you're a fan of female vocals, I would check out Friday Bridge, Strawberry Story, The Softies, Heavenly, and Fat Tulips.

    If anyone cares for a recommendation, I could probably pull up a band or two that you'd die for if you gave me some bands to work off of.

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    • ryantan said...
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    • 29 Nov 2006, 04:01
    MontyCantsin can you visit my page and see what I'd really love. Theres lots of bands to work of on my page :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Nov 2006, 06:33
    I'd go with St. Christopher, regardless of the mood you are looking for. Let St. Christopher decide instead.

    Fat Tulips
    , well.. Of course. You're missing out on greatness if you don't give them a go. Sheggi DOES have the best vocals ever you know.

    Anorak Girl, Helen Love, Teen Anthems & Supercute for the upbeat electronic bubblegum popsters.

    Trixie's Big Red Motorbike, Sundress and Twa Toots for some old-school, assbeating girl vocals.

    For the punk! There's only one band that pulls it of without compromises and that's Your Place or Mine.

  • don't forget Television Personalities!!!

  • Carnival Park :D

  • strawberry story
    confetti (mark from the fat tulips)
    east village
    even as we speak
    the groovy little numbers
    the lovely eggs
    the popguns

    tilly kid
  • the tidy ups!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Jan 2007, 23:34


    The Pastels sounds like twee pop...I love them.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Jan 2007, 23:35


    sometimes sometimes!!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Jan 2007, 23:10
    rocketship! i must say because it is my fav twee band. and also definitely listen to beat happening

  • i say ...

    Bears, hello seahorse, luna, pipas, the gentle waves !!!!!

  • Pants Yell! fo' sho'.

    I've recently happened upon a track by Hanky Panky called "Hurray" on a mix tape and I was wondering if anyone had a source for a full album or an EP?

  • mmm definitely lots of swedish pop!

    the shermans
    i'm from barcelona
    suburban kids with biblical names

    anything on labrador, really!

    as for australian stuff, you could try

    the cat's miaow
    even as we speak
    the singing bush
    the lucksmiths

    oh yes, and much love for everything else mentioned above.

  • No one even mentioned boyracer 14 iced bears, or slumberland groups, crayon, wimp factor 14, come on people. Basically listen to a bunch of tullycraft and they will name drop enough bands to keep you busy for years. Or you could always start at the beginning with the C86 tape there should be somewhere to find it online just google it.

  • dear nora!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kleenex girl wonder

    or something
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