the angels of light/ akron family split

  • the angels of light/ akron family split

    this record is amazing.i remember Swans from when i was just a little girl...and they sticked to my head.13 (or more) years later i discoverd the wonderful world of Michael Gira and his angels of light...
    i highly recommend this record and if any of you will love it please let me know...
    that would be all...

    "I got drunk and i fell down!"
    • torfinn said...
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    • 2 Aug 2006, 13:58
    Ah, I love both The Angels of Light and Swans. But you should really check out Gira's last two solo albums, "Solo recordings at home" and "I'm singing to you from my room". There he performs Angels/Swans songs with only his acoustic guitar. It's so beautiful! These are limited edition though, so get em while you still can.

  • i have listened to those recordings. very lovely. also the one with d. matz.
    thanks for the recommendation.

    "I got drunk and i fell down!"
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Sep 2006, 07:11
    They were amazing together when they both came through town. Akron/ Family did their set then backed Gira for his. Gira poked fun at their long hair and beards. ONe of my many highlights in 2005.

  • ah!

    Yeah, I just heard Akron Family for the first time on here the other day. I was surprised and excited to hear it because the lyrics are part of the English translation of the Buddha's mantra! ("Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone compeltely beyond...") Is the rest of their stuff similarly themed? It seemed like that might be the case for all or most of the artists on that label...

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