My shrinking interest in male bands

  • My shrinking interest in male bands

    For me, as a man playing in bands and a fan of indie/punk music (incredibly male-dominated and also white music), it felt pretty weird at first to realise how I'm almost never interested in male bands upon first glance anymore. I was going to a big (and may I say great) festival here in sweden called Trästockfestivalen, and to prepare myself, I checked up on what bands were going to play, only to feel my own enthusiasm decreasing with every fucking page of yet another 100 % male white stupid indie band. Sure, I'm all for men playing music (hell, I do, so I would've been a hypocrite not to), but this thick mass of them in the musical landscape is so extremely uninspiring it's almost funny. I've seen these guys do their moves and their often bordering-to-sexist stagebanter a thousand times and I want some change. I don't even know where I'm going with this, but anyhow, stating the obvious: variety rules.
    When a documentary about the indie-scene of early 2000's brittain aired, I couldn't get over the fact that every single fucking person interviewed had a penis, and the same applied to those seen in live clips and music videos. Stagnation is so extremely far away from subversion as you can possibly get, so please open up for new ideas! PLEASE!

  • Alright, I realised there was a sore lack of any real points being made in that way too long text. What I'm getting at is how stupid it is (at least here in sweden) that so many of the so-called girl bands either are being completely neglected probably to some part because of their genetalia, or get completely different treatment leading to them in the end not getting the same kind of attention as their male counterparts. Luckily, my band (not impossibly due to the fact that we're made up of two guys and three girls instead of being completely female) has, at least to the greater part, managed to avoid those pitfalls, but I sure know of others that haven't. And as said earlier, for the music to be in any way a subversive force, it has to keep evolving as a movement, which means the stagnation an all-male scene offers does nothing but slow down the process. The art that is music has already been taken to most extremes sonically, so why not allow a new revolution from within, one that should really have come fifty years ago? Don't be quiet, fucking don't be, that does nothing but keep up the all-encompassing male dominance in the field of taking up public space (and who knows, one revolution might possibly, most probably even, bring forth progression in other fiels of society).

  • du sätter ord på hur jag känner extemt bra... <3

  • tack så mycket, så hemskt mycket

  • It would be nice if we could get an all female or must have female members, together and have our own festival! Long as its not a huge lesbian festival it could be a blast haha just kidding!

    We just need to keep supporting each other! :)

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    • 25 Dec 2013, 16:11
    Somehow, I have a similar preference. When I like new music it happens to be by female artists most of the time. And in my list of top albums of 2013 the first eleven slots are headed by female artists.

    They don't trust us, why should we trust them, then?
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