Bands you love but no one else listens to...

  • Bands you love but no one else listens to...

    There are some Bands which i find to be higly underrated but no one else seems to think so.
    For me, these are especially:

    Holy Ghost!
    New Young Pony Club
    Cut Copy

    What about you folks?

    • Enviouz said...
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    • 10 Aug 2010, 07:29
    I don't really consider Cut Copy to be underrated/not listened to, as much as I love them! I consider Honey Is Cool, Tears Run Rings, Department of Eagles, Malory, The Clientele, Mahogany, The Meeting Places & Pikelet extremely underrated however...

  • I'm not going list the many bands that the people in my town have definitely not heard of before. One band that just pops into my mind is The Hush Sound. I don't particularly care if they're overrated/listened to. They're definitely not completely known though.

    Be who you fucking are, and say what you god damn feel.
  • We'd say :
    Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Skrillex, Godspeed You Black emperor, The Amplifetes, Soldout, Waxdolls, Silkersoft ...

    Because Basterds we are, United we stand!



  • the naked and the famous !!!

    Vindie! ;)
  • I agree with you according to New Young Pony Club and Cut Copy
    They are extremely cool and danceable!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Aug 2010, 18:44
    • Clonton said...
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    • 28 Aug 2010, 11:11


  • Enviouz sagte:
    I don't really consider Cut Copy to be underrated/not listened to,.

    In Germany they are, as fare as i am aware at least. I discovered Department of Eagles only recently myself, but you're right about them!

    So i am going to check out "the naked and the famous"




  • Bloodgroup, Parralox, Oh Land, Foretaste, Cut Copy

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Apr 2011, 19:40
    I really like Avalanche City and Clara Sofie & Rune RK but they are very unkown, too bad.

    • The-mm said...
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    • 23 Apr 2011, 05:45
  • Mazzy Star

    • JXEYES said...
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    • 6 May 2011, 11:52
    The Faint

    Sleep Party People



    Dirty Vegas

    Passion Pit



    Gold Panda

    Neon Indian



    • gjepe said...
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    • 11 Jun 2011, 09:19
    Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

    • vidanes said...
    • Subscriber
    • 22 Jun 2011, 18:13

    Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it (Woody Allen).
  • mmm. the naked and...., go team!, the virgins, the unicorns.

  • Germany:

    It's war in Moscow! (free downloads)

  • cheers to the unicorns Dan.

    love the hush now. indie shoegaze from Boston, Ma.

  • now.... THE WOMBATS

  • Kakkmaddafakka rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Faint, I say.


    please vote for SCREED - Munich Punkrock THX for your help :-))

  • Hellogoodbye
    White Rabbits

    And a lot more, but I'll have to make a proper list later.

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