• Overall Recommedations - from

    6 Mar 2008, 02:30 by kvadrum

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead A Silver Mt. Zion Blonde Redhead Boards of Canada Caspian Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Death Cab for Cutie Dirty Three Do Make Say Think Don Caballero Doves Eels Efterklang Eluvium Fly Pan Am Four Tet God Is an Astronaut Grails Grandaddy M83 MUM Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia... Menomena Metric Modest Mouse My Morning Jacket Neutral Milk Hotel Pavement Pinback Red Sparowes Stephen Malkmus Sufjan Stevens TV on the Radio Ted Leo and The Pharmacists The American Analog Set The Appleseed Cast The Decemberists The Fiery Furnaces The Flaming Lips The Magnetic Fields The National The Shins The Unicorns The Walkmen This Will Destroy You Tristeza Wilco Wolf Parade Xiu Xiu Yndi Halda
  • 5 Things I Would Change If I Ran

    2 Nov 2007, 23:24 by logankoester

    Make the desktop software not suck.

    I really, really wish there was a way to post journal entries from the desktop software. There's a reason this is my first journal entry, and it's the same reason I rarely post to any of my Wordpress-powered blogs; for editing anything longer than a paragraph, <textarea> is excruciatingly painful. Even for short entries it can be. How often would you bother with Twitter if you had to visit the website every time you want to post? also has the rare gift of being a web application with system-level privileges; from what I understand, pretty much all your registered users are installed. Many of those who aren't now will be, when your software doesn't suck. How many web developers would kill for drag-n-drop?

    Where are my loved tracks?

    This feature seems so basic that there just has to be a reason it isn't included, yet I cannot fathom what it might be: Give us a list of all the tracks we've ever clicked the little heart on! And give it an RSS feed. If you want to be really cool, superimpose that data on our charts, so we can see how accurate play-count is as a measure of our favourite music. Sure, I like MC Lars, but is he really the 8th-greatest artist of all time?

    Improve support for mobile devices.
    There are probably some technical hurdles to overcome here, but the fact remains that I listen to a ton of music on my Windows Mobile phone. I'm probably not the only one.

    Streaming radio needs to be scrobbled somehow

    I spend a lot of time listening to radio - I spend even more time listening to shoutcast streams. In fact, between mobile listening and shoutcast, I'll wager that less than 1% of the tracks I listen to actually get scrobbled. As a result, my charts are not even CLOSE to a realistic portrayal of my actual taste. There are entire genres of music that I listen to almost exclusively through shoutcast!

    We've got charts for artists, tracks, and even those antiquated collections of tracks known as "albums". We really do need radio.

    More charts!

    Now, I recognize there are some problems with collecting metadata from these streams, so I propose a compromise; instead of scrobbling the individual track, simply record the amount of time spent listening to each station, and display it in a new set of charts - Top Weekly/Overall Radio Stations. Include time spent listening to each shoutcast station, as well as each friend/tag/artist station. That would be awesome.

    As one final nitpick, Ctrl+L is a terrible shortcut for embedded flash applications - if someone hits Ctrl+L in Firefox, they're not expressing their love for a track - they're trying to get to the url bar!

    I don't mean this post to come across as critical of - you guys have done a wonderful job and created one of my very favourite web apps ever. These suggestions have simply been stacking up in my mind since I joined, and they're improvements I'd really like to see happen. Thanks for everything you guys have done!
  • New tag/Group for Belgian Electronic Artists

    25 Jul 2007, 13:05 by Doorchaser

    I was listening to some good Tag-radios on, Last fm when I realised we should have a -tag. A tag that connects all Belgian Artists who produce Electronic Music.

    I know there are a lot of them, and I've tagged my influences allready. So it would be nice if other people shared their influences so we could have a fabulous tag radio.

    Besides that I decided to get the artists together in a group called

    Belgian Electronics


    So come and join if you need to discuss Belgian Electronic Music.

    To name but a few:

    Praga Khan
    Front 242