• Depeche Mode "Enjoy the Silence" cover of Susan Boyle (video)

    4 Oct 2011, 18:23 by forum_dm_ru

    Depeche Mode "Enjoy the Silence" cover of Susan Boyle

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  • After 16 years together again!

    21 Feb 2010, 20:49 by CristinaDM

    Probabil cel mai emotionant moment in istoria Depeche.
    Alan si Martin impreuna intr-un duet emotionant,interpretand "Somebody"

    Enjoy and don't cry! :)
  • Martin Lee Gore and Viva Lee in Moscow

    7 Feb 2010, 10:28 by nepriyatel

  • Good Evening Munich! (Depeche Mode live at the Olympiastadion Munich, 13 June 2009)

    14 Jun 2009, 12:36 by the_richman

    Sa., 13. Jun. – Depeche Mode - Tour of The Universe 2009

    My personal position: It was my second Depeche Mode concert after the Berlin gig on the wednesday before. This time I had a seat in section A1 (~30-40m from the stage, on the left side of the stage) and now I know that I'm not going to buy a concert ticket for a seat anymore. Berlin was much more fun (I'd been in the standing area) although there were also enough idiots that didn't really participate (ok, in Berlin I was also accompanied by some people that wanted to celebrate :) ). But in Munich most people in my section were neither singing nor moving, most of them just stood there and did nothing (if at all) and I could also see many people in the standing area thinking that standing area means they're not allowed to move.

    Before the concert: Anyway, the band dd their best although you could see that Dave wasn't 100% healthy (he just didn't move as much as seen on the DVDs), however, he was great nonetheless. They got on stage quite a few minutes earlier than in Berlin, a few minutes before 21:00 while the opening act M83, who weren't bad at all, had stopped playing about 40 minutes before (They needed to have finished earlier as usual because of the night flight ban in Munich after 00:00).

    The concert itself:
    The concert's intro was a mix of In Chains and Esque and was too calm in my opinion. They should've opened with a stronger and faster song as they did during Touring the Angel with A Pain That I'm Used To. It seemed to me that most people didn't know its lyrics. During Wrong the atmosphere got better but then worse again except for the refrains of the following songs. The versions of those weren't altered much compared to the album versions and older live versions respectively. Many people sat down during the songs sung by Martin (although Home, which was performed for the first time in the tour, had a new and better piano version than on the last tour) what was a shame in my eyes. Starting with Peace (with sounds much better when performed live) Christian Eigner's drums got more powerful and the audience got louder with the drums entering during track In Your Room which got an awesome new arrangement (first it's more like the album version and later more like the Zephyr Mix/single version). The intro of I Feel You was slightly altered compared to older live version (and it is better now). With the beginning of Enjoy the Silence most people started celebrating and singing more and the bassline of Never Let Me Down Again as used in the Split Mix, the Aggro Mix and several older live versions sounded great. Many people started too early with the famous "NLMDA-wave", many minutes before Dave signed us to do so (the interesting thing was that especially the people not moving and singing were too early).
    After a few minutes break they came back on stage to perform the first encore, consiting of Stripped (which should've better been performed earlier in this concert), Master and Servant and Strangelove. Those two songs weren't performed since 1990 and sounded interesting with the new drums. The second break was a bit longer but not too long and during the break the atmosphere didn't get worse. I liked the new version of Personal Jesus. The concert ended with the beautiful bare version of Waiting for the Night und a few stars in the sky with Dave and Mart singing together on the catwalk.

    Overall: Especially the drums made the concert to a great event although a smaller audience would have been better.

    Unusual Events:
    -Strange Sounds during Come Back (?)
    -During Strangelove: First the sound dropped out for ~10 seconds and then the screens turned red for the rest of the song (censored?).

    Setlist (changes compared to the Tel Aviv gig are bold):
    Intro: Esque
    01. In Chains
    02. Wrong
    03. Hole to Feed
    04. Walking in My Shoes
    05. It's No Good
    06. A Question of Time
    07. Precious
    08. Fly On The Windscreen
    09. Jezebel
    10. Home
    11. Come Back
    12. Peace
    13. In Your Room
    14. I Feel You
    15. Policy of Truth
    16. Enjoy the Silence
    17. Never Let Me Down Again
    18. Stripped
    19. Master and Servant
    20. Strangelove
    21. Personal Jesus
    22. Waiting for the Night (Bare)

    Videos (and pictures) to follow!


  • Sounds of the Universe, the new Depeche Mode album, is now available!

    6 May 2009, 07:23 by alessa80

  • Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) - Chart-Stürmer

    31 Oct 2007, 12:09 by worCOhOLic

    Mit seinem zweiten Solo-Album hat Depeche Mode-Sänger Dave Gahan die deutschen Album-Charts gestürmt. Auf Anhieb landete er mit «Hourglass» auf dem zweiten Platz und verdrängte den deutschen Swing-Star Roger CiceroBeziehungsweise») auf Platz fünf.

    Das teilte das Marktforschungsunternehmen Media Control mit. Unangefochtener Spitzenreiter ist der deutsche Comedian Mario Barth mit «Männer sind primitiv, aber glücklich». Auf Platz drei hält sich Katie Melua mit «Pictures». Die alte und neue Nummer vier ist James Blunt mit «All the Lost Souls».

    Zweitbester Neueinsteiger ist das Album «Bastard» von Subway to Sally auf Platz sieben. Die erste Solo-CD von System of a Down-Sänger Serj Tankian «Elect the Dead» springt auf Platz zehn.

    Wenig Bewegung gibt es in den Top Ten der Single-Hitparade. Einzig Neueinsteiger Alex C. feat. Yass steigt mit dem Song «Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt» auf Platz drei ein. Auf dem ersten Platz behaupten sich die Newcomer der vergangenen Woche Plain White T'sHey There Delilah»), gefolgt von Rihanna mit «Don't Stop the Music». Culcha Candela verharrt mit «Hamma!» an vierter Stelle. «Junge» von den Ärzten rutscht von Platz drei auf fünf. Die kompletten Charts werden offiziell an diesem Freitag veröffentlicht.

    (Quelle: http://www.musiknews.de)
  • Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode): Eigener YouTube-Channel

    24 Oct 2007, 08:24 by worCOhOLic

    Alan Wilder, Keyboarder von Depeche Mode, hat für sein Projekt Recoil einen eigenen YouTube Channel eingerichtet, welchen man ab sofort abonnieren kann. Auf youtube.com/recoilofficial wird es demnächst gemasterte Versionen von “Shunt” und “Electro Blues For Bukka White” (2000 mix) sowie sämtliche RECOIL-Videos in gemasterter und somit besserer Qualität geben. Alan Wilder kündigte ausserdem in mehreren Interviews an, dass die Arbeiten an einem neuen RECOIL-Album in Kürze beginnen.
  • Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) - Erste Single aus kommendem Album!

    19 Oct 2007, 09:52 by worCOhOLic

    Es gibt nur wenige Berufe, die einen Menschen dazu zwingen, dem Lauf der Zeit so entschlossen ins Auge zu blicken, wie der glorreiche und zugleich etwas suspekte Beruf des Rockstars.
    Insofern ist der Titel "Hourglass" für das neue Album des charismatischen Depeche Mode Frontmanns Dave Gahan geradezu perfekt gewählt. Sein zweites Soloalbum erscheint am 19.10.07 bei EMI Music Germany (Mute).

    Als erster Vorbote des grandiosen Nachfolgers von "Paper Monsters", Gahans Top 5 Solodebüt aus dem Jahre 2003, erscheint die erste Single-Auskopplung „Kingdom“ am 05.10.07 bei EMI Music Germany (Mute).

    Und auch wenn sich Dave Gahan mit Depeche Mode schon längst ein Königreich in den Herzen aller Musikfans errichtet hat - mit seinem neuen Album und der ersten Single "Kingdom" gelingt ihm das nun endgültig auch als Solo-Künstler!

    [Quelle: EMI Music]
  • To fans of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Radiohead, Coldplay, etc.

    17 Sep 2007, 10:55 by emma_stormhatt

    Fans of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Radiohead, Coldplay, etc. Check out the new Marina Siertis single "The Minister is Dead" at last.fm.

    The single is from the forthcomming album "The Much Needed Second Cold War" and is very much inspred by the artist mentioned above, as well as by NIN, Gery Numan, Thåström and others.

    Here is a piece from the band website about the song


    Marina Siertis
    The Minister is dead

    About ”The Minister is Dead”

    On the 11th of September, 2003, the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh passes away after having been stabbed at a department store in Stockholm the previous day. The perpetrator is a mentally unstable man under the supposed supervision of the Swedish mental care.

    On the 11th of September, 2003, the five year old girl Sabina is stabbed to death at a kindergarten in Arvika. The perpetrator is a mentally unstable man under the supposed supervision of the Swedish mental care.

    While the former stabbing deserves a tremendous response in Swedish and international media, the latter is virtually unnoticed. And everyone talks about the murder of the minister, about the attack on the Swedish society and political system. Everyone speculates whether this is a deed by terrorists, perhaps Al-Qaida, as World Trade Center was demolished in New York exactly one year ago. Everyone talks to everyone, speculates about anything, except for the murder of little Sabina.

    And everyone is horrified and brutalized. But at the same time, it’s one of the rare occasions where a whole population strives in the same direction, where everyone is included in the same fellowship, where petty differences are temporarily put aside. And it’s a very ambivalent buzz. A sharing feeling, so overwhelmingly positive that we become ashamed that we enjoy the situation so much.

    We buy every newspaper we can get our hands on. We watch the news on TV, over and over again even though nothing new is said. Reporters, experts, foreign correspondents accounting for the abroad response, we wolf down every single word. We all become experts, we all know the newest detail, so that we can call relatives, so that we can talk to neighbours we normally never speak to. Here is an opportunity to make new contacts, or to re-establish old friendships, to rejoice!

    Except for those close to the victims, to the minister, to the little girl, to those unseen whose lives ended on the 11th of September, 2003.

    On the afternoon on the 11th of September 2003, Martin Löfgren takes a piece of paper with some lyrics scribbled down to the studio and make the first demo of “The minister is Dead”. On the 11th of September 2007, the song is released as a single by Marina Siertis.