dEUS live!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Mar 2006, 02:24
    Elbow playing 'Switching Off' was nice too ...

    next time the freaks up front should rock the catskills :D

    • cboes said...
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    • 13 Mar 2006, 18:41

  • Vancouver

    Anyone going to see dEUS in Vancouver this Thursday? I would expect to see some expat Belgians like me there :-)

    • nanocat said...
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    • 2 Apr 2006, 22:11


    I saw them in Boston last night. It was in a tiny bar with a small crowd, and we all had a lot of fun. This was their last show in US, and they are on their way to Iceland. So long...

  • The first Vorst concert was really amazing, Werchter was also amazing, and I bet Antwerp will be great too!

    • Skibord said...
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    • 26 Sep 2006, 16:49
    LengthOfLove said:
    and I bet Antwerp will be great too!

    Indeed! I have a grand feeling the 0110 concerts are going to be just that awesome :3

  • I saw them live in Middelburg (The Netherlands) last september, and what an experience that was! Probably one of the best concerts i ever visited, although Tom explicitly refused to play Sister Dew...

    If You Don't Get What You Want, Via and Nightshopping were particularly amazing! And Roses of course... And Sun Ra...

    Music is my Radar
    • mathijz said...
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    • 14 Apr 2007, 10:22
    Will there be a tour this summer?

  • no!

    next album in 2008

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