• NovaGiger - Seres

    12 Jun 2012, 07:54 by obscurefisher

    NovaGiger - Seres

    Thousands of years old and covering huge stretches of inhospitable and unforgiving terrain, this journey from west to east is captured in musical form by Novagiger. Temples, grotto's, caves, bazaar's, still lakes, oases, gardens, tombs, vast deserts, huge cities, the music here moves through these places and marvels at the cultures, the landscapes and the vast empty distances involved.

    Over seven hundred years ago Marco Polo described some of the difficulties of travelling along this ancient route, its otherworldly nature and the enigmatic sounds that may be heard by travellers:

    01 Roman Dawn
    02 Wine Dark Sea
    03 Seleucia
    04 Overland to the Oasis
    05 Jade Gate Pass
    06 City of Sands
    07 The Gansu Corridor
    08 Chang'an City Streets

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  • Marcel Rocha - Ancient Computer Music

    24 Mar 2012, 02:44 by obscurefisher

    ACM” is the translation into sounds of composer Marcel Rocha’sinterpretation of the spiritual world of the people who live in deep connection with nature. With this work, Marcel tries to capture some rhythms that have been ‘danced to’ by the people of the earth since the beginning of time and glues them together through the use of sound manipulation and original music performances.These compositions were created by using ethnic and nature sounds, blending them with electric guitar effects and electronic noises.Marcel likes to think of “ACM” as an appreciation of the non-local Universal Mind.

    01 Coal I 3:44
    02 Alien Bugs in Argelia 6:18
    03 Coal II 2:50
    04 Story of a Birth 9:39
    05 Siamgda – Dancing Berimbau 4:08

    Marcel Rocha: composition, guitars and computer

    Paulo Freire: viola on "Coal I"

    The track "Dancing Berimbau" is a special contribution by Siamgda using source material by Marcel Rocha - sounds like Asia, Europe and South America joining together for a universal dancing celebration.

    Cover Art: Fabiana Ribeiro

    released 15 December 2011

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  • Movement

    1 Dec 2011, 21:55 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Group Zeru ta Lur

    Artist Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre, Zeru ta Lur, Cérou ta Lourre, Cérou ta Loure...

    Pronounciation Thay-roota loorrr

    Founder artist Zuhurbelea


    Other brand new groups :

    For artists and new projects, for cold wave fans or just curious :

    Cold Wave Revival

    If you want to have a band classified in thematic and alphabetic list :

    Afterpunk Directory

    Be welcome, and for news to share, historical cold/new wave description of your region and its styles, thank you for sharing it in :


    See you, cheers :-)
  • Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation

    30 Nov 2011, 22:26 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

    If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

    So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

  • They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget…

    29 Nov 2011, 18:43 by bertrand-escaff

    They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget home-made friendly local new wave !

    Passive ? Active ? A question of era and comfort, maybe...

    Regional news ? Evolution of bands and styles in your town ? Underrated bands you know ?

    >>> Fanzine : write a short wiki (even "non"-neutral : special authorization) + links to samples, then share the link to your thread / article with your friends.
    Indie, electro, post-punk, psyche, mod, funky, ethereal, pop, transe, dream, doom, punk, stoner... All thing other than L. Gaga & sponsored stuff !

    And... Suggest connexions. Cheers :-)
  • Arts and society : historical relationship.

    29 Nov 2011, 17:31 by bertrand-escaff


    What changes happened in your region under the influence of an art, either music or other arts..?
    Did you see it, or did you hear testimonies ?

  • Zeru ta Lur y Los Chichos : contra la anorexia musical ..!

    27 Nov 2011, 23:42 by bertrand-escaff

  • Mehata Sentimental Legend - Noum Zeccyou

    29 Oct 2011, 10:57 by obscurefisher

    Mehatas music explores the subconscious boundaries between light and shadow, vision and hearing, death and rebirth. In a radical fusion of old Japanese ritual music and futuristic psychedelic noise, Mehatas ethereal soundscapes express the transitory states of mind experienced in the fleeting moments when leaving reality and entering a dream, opening the doors to a new era of music from Japan. In his album Noum Zeccyou, the super-future is thus united with the super-past.

    01 Noum Hisyou Jyaodori
    02 Noum Hinowa Hagoromo
    03 Noum Showa Kourin
    04 Noum Rinsetsu Shidare
    05 Noum Rinsetsu Izumo
    06 Theme of Mehata Sentimental Legend
    07 Noum Zeccyou
    08 Noum Inei Ato
    09 Noum Inei Tenshow
    10 Noum Hayou Yuuhi

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  • 1 Year Mind Plug Records - The First Anniversary - free download

    26 May 2011, 11:18 by obscurefisher

    This has been an exciting first year with some really great releases.
    Thanks to all who supported us!

    We would like to celebrate this first anniversary with a special free download for all our fans - The First Anniversary mix: we have woven a track from each release that came out this year into to a dark, meditative, ritual, noisy soundscape.

    We take off with Mikans delightful Spacefalls.Subterrestrial's meditative High Sierra Breeze and Sunset Beach arise together at around (3:53).They are joined by Seetyca's ethereal Swamp Temple Sun (6.06), together melting their way throughout the first part of Mikans mesmerizing The Way Back (6:52).Siamgda's ethnic Tribal Gathering takes over at (12:56), briefly visited by Siamgda feat. Morty's ritual Golden Prayer at (13:47), just before Neti Neti's harder-edged Circumdance (17:52) climbs its way through the Gathering up to the climax joined there by Siamgda's pulsating Mind Rotation at (18:15).

    Download this free release from
    Soundcloud or sendspace
  • Siamgda - Tribal Gathering

    17 Apr 2011, 10:34 by obscurefisher

    Siamgda returns with his second solo album "Tribal Gathering", showing development and diversity to his music with this thrilling new piece of work.

    As thick in tribal drums as in dense, dark soundscapes, "Tribal Gathering" mesmerises with Siamgda's potent raw and percussive elements, ethnic Asian influence and distorted, loop-driven sequences.

    Tribal and ethnic, spiritual and dark, with intricate rhythms, flowing through mystic layers of ambient textures, Siamgda has created yet another uniquely hypnotic and trancey vibe - diverse, mind-opening and unexpected.

    1. Tribal Gathering
    2. Suns, Drums and Pipes
    3. Temple Ghosts
    4. Andrumeda
    5. Ride a Rakshasa
    6. Limbo
    7. Caravan Celebration
    8. Dawn Frequency
    9. Moksha Amok

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