TAG WISHLIST - post tag suggestions here

    • jbgd said...
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    • 17 Apr 2009, 08:58

    TAG WISHLIST - post tag suggestions here

    As we do not want to mis-tag each other, this thread is to post suggestions for how to tag your artists.

    oh, and PLEASE, do only post TAG SUGGESTIONS in this thread...

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  • DJ AJA Inc.-Kate Needs a Hammer
    I'd be very grateful if you guys would tag some of these, thanks to those who already have:
    Lord- progressive house, electronica
    Thru' the Night- progressive house, electronica
    Fear of Flying- trip-hop, downtempo
    A Very Popular Song- trip-hop, downtempo
    Behaviour of Politicians- trip-hop, downtempo
    Funky Fly- funky jazz
    Rollin' On- funky house
    Shadow Boxing- funky house
    Let's Go- funky house
    Big Hair- big beat
    The Hunter- trip-hop, downtempo
    Basser/ha! ha!- funky house
    Don't You Wanna Be With Me?- trance, dance
    Good luck to all :)

  • A suggestion of tags for Kate and After are the following:

    indie, indie rock, indie pop, pop rock, rock, gothenburg, swedish, unsigned

    I hope you enjoy the music, I certainly did writing it!

    Links for the lazy:
    Artist: Kate and After
    Album: First Two Songs
    Track1: Pop Icon Messiah
    Track2: Back Where I Belong

    Member of the band Kate and After.
    Plays Hammond B3 organ.
    Kate and After official homepage
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    • makari said...
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    • 20 Apr 2009, 10:17
    Suggested tags for xorb: , , , , but feel free to add any other tags you see fit or other appropriate tags for specific songs.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you could rate my band
    Black metal, Celtic Black Metal, Dark Metal, Folk Metal, Folk Black Metal, Folk and ambiant Black Metal

    I would be very happy. And I will definitly be tagging a few of you're bands also.

  • Blue Shirts
    can be tagged anything you deem appropriate. i tag ourselves as freejazz, free improvisation, noisecore, noise, post-rock, harsh noise.

  • Hi all

    Please consider thees tags for Camp Actor

    ... or any appropiate tag that throws itself at you in the moment.

    many thanks


  • Hi, I've tagged all your bands with all the tags you've recommended so far!

    Soulcage and albums Soul For Sale & Dead Water Diary; recommended tags:

    , , , , , , , ,

    (copy and paste into tag box and hit save!)

    Thanks! Will check back frequently to tag the posters after me :-)

    Soulcage Last.fm manager and leader of the official UK Soulcage street team.
    More info - http://www.soulcage.info/
    Unofficial UK advocate of Machinae Supremacy!
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  • Hi all. Thanks to those who've already tagged my band, The Silver Wizard Project.

    If you'd like to add tags, the following would be recommended:


    Also feel free to add other tags that you think might be suitable.

    Cheers :)

  • i'm getting close to 5000 listeners so i've just made it in the door - i been tagging ind artists heaps at last.fm for 2 years so i deserve it, hehe. all the above artists tagged as requested too...

    i'd appreciate the following tags on Pixieguts artist page

    alternative, alt electro, trip-hop, trip hop, triphop, cocteau twins, elizabeth fraser, portishead, beth gibbon, lisa gerrard, dead can dance

    p.s. if you run the mouse over the line of tags i've written and do ctl-c you will be able to paste it straight into the tag box.

    if you have the time you could also tag these albums: immaterial and Walking on Mercury.

    cheerz 4 helping me cross over the 5,000 listeners if you do it. keep tagging the independent artists if you get the chance as you hear them - it's the best thing we can do for each other for getting heard at last.fm...

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    • TheShot said...
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    • 25 Apr 2009, 10:27
    |The Shot|
    Recommended tags: finnish, glam, glam rock, melodic glam rock,
    glam punk metal, atmospheric rock, female fronted metal, female glam metal, glam punk rock.
    Feel free to add other tags.

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  • TheTrees we would appreciate any tags we tag our selfs

    Indie, alternative , rock , mellow , acustic



  • Hi)))
    My project is http://www.lastfm.ru/music/ksandr+and+I.M.M.U.R.E./

    can you tag it with ambient, noise, ethno, vargan, didjeridoo, dark ambient, experimental

    Hope you like our soundscapes! Enjoy it!

  • done

  • Mario Strack

    lyrical electro rock, electro rock, progressive rock, avant-garde, art rock, lyricist, songwriter

    Thank you!

    Mario Strack - lyrical electro rock
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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Apr 2009, 17:13
    my artist name:Gert Breitenkamp -drummer, songwriter.
    my current EP - Afterglow - acoustic, melodic rock, progressive rock

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  • @agroangus DJ AJA Inc., cool name, got the act wrong on the tags there, have fixed it now. haven't got to the tracks but i'm about to tag the album with the full list from the track tags. edit: lol had already tagged the album, have added your tags too

    @gert i already tagged your album before but added one

    @the trees added acoustic and accoustic as well, your sounds are wicked

    @ksandr10 tagged you before because i love your music a lot. added a bunch more, this is the pool so far: ambient, noise, electronic, experimental, dark ambient, electronica, russia, world electronic, didjeridoo, elektro target, preset, vargan, pixies palace, artists who are lastfm users, ambiofusion, ide, central point, irokez

    p.s. to everyone! recommend this group to any artist you know at last.fm everyone it's one of the best things i've ever seen for artists at the site!

    p.s. join pixies palace if you want too and especially if you like the look of our network join us here too... palace network

  • Tristeria

    new age
    new wave
    feel free to add other tags.....
    Thanks to all.....

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  • done........for all the precedent writers...

  • done for all the above now

    would appreciate some help with a newly formed duo i'm in, we have less than 1000 plays


    Requested tags:

    21stcentury, alt-electro, alternative, artificial intelligence, cyber, australia, australian, wales, uk, beautiful, chill, chilled, chillout, cybermusic, dark, darkwave, dementio13, downtempo, dreamy, dream, electro, electronic electronica, ethereal, female singer, female vocalist, female vocalists, female vocals, glitches, idm, indie, indie rock, alt rock, alt-rock, indietronica, lounge, melancholy lounge, new wave, pixieguts, pixies palace, portishead, psychedelic, synth pop, synthpop, trip hop, trip-hop, triphop, trippy, vocal electronica

    copy the tags on this page as they are if you wish - then you can just paste them into the tag box and hit save

    best wishes everyone!

    cheers. have recommended this group to a lot of people. best wishes everyone!

  • Untagging


    Is it possible to untag, one I have tagged but made a mistake? How?

    - This is a great initiative, btw. Going to tag you all now and also put my own band in here when we feel ready to launch our stuff.


    • jbgd said...
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    • 26 Apr 2009, 10:49
    please do only post TAG SUGGESTIONS in this thread.
    just to make it easier :) :) :)

    if there's questions or comments please open another thread

    • jbgd said...
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    • 26 Apr 2009, 10:50
    please do only post TAG SUGGESTIONS in this thread.
    just to make it easier :) :) :)

    if there's questions or comments please open another thread

    • musinum said...
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    • 26 Apr 2009, 10:54


    When you tag anything you have already tagged, the prompt will show all those tags... each has an 'X' at the right... click that to delete the tag.

    • musinum said...
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    • 26 Apr 2009, 11:01

    Tag wish list

    Tim Doyle

    chillout, ambient, electronic, experimental, new age, atmospheric, soundscape, evocative, midi, meditation, fractal

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