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    Hi everybody,

    Althought these guys are not that close to the idea of music I would like to put them on the spotlight. Been checking sonic art and sound installation and found this two very interesting; mainly beacuse they work in situ- these sounds are made specially for a particular place. Hope you find them interesting too.

    I like the idea of sound given in space and not in time. Check out the moment and place paper and his installation.

    Plays bridges as instruments.. beautiful. Great papers on how the city is not design for sounds (as it is for images).

    Although I was thinking to write a review about both I think is better if you check them out instead. I posted this because my approach to concrete musique has been through arts so maybe it´s about finding nodes in different disciplines.

    Anyway... if you have been in any of their installations I would like to hear about it, or of any sound installations you´ve seen (heard... whatever).

    My first post.. hope you enjoy it :)

  • WOW!! yeah that Neuhaus video is amazing. It makes me want to start a video thread on the group.
    The greatest sound installation I've heard was by Chris Cutler, more famous for his work as an avant/prog/art rock drummer for groups like Henry Cow and Art Bears. However, I saw a solo performance from him with fully rigged up drum set with electronics and gadgets, spectacular.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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