• Maïak creates one of the best post-rock albums of 2015

    10 Apr 2015, 18:56 by Velvetleaf

    Maïak creates one of key post-rock releases of 2015. They created to something big, something to be heard! The album is called “A Very Pleasant Way to Die”.

    Filled with the symbolic weight of a catastrophe that arose as the punishment of man’s guilty arrogance in an outburst remained silent, Maïak delivers a dark and powerful instrumental rock that evolves between tenuous melancholy and chaotic blast. Released by Fluttery Records which usually release amazing post-rock, ambient and modern classical albums.

    This post-rock storm comes from Switzerland. If you haven't heard it yet, here they have “A Very Pleasant Way to Die” on Bandcamp.
  • Sleepstream's post-rock / post-metal video: Cirrus Formed Antennae

    7 Dec 2014, 17:00 by Velvetleaf

    Sleepsteam is the post-rock / post-metal band has shocked the world with their second album "They Flew In Censored Skies" which came soon after the debut.

    Their latest video, Cirrus Formed Antennae is on YouTube.

    Sleepstream is known for creating deep atmospheres by well written melodies with guitars, cello and the violin. Sleepstream’s mindset for this album was to “capture” their live sound with their full-scale dynamics and give the listener the best possible perception of the energy their compositions have. It seems that the album will satisfy the listeners of post-metal and post-rock genre who thinks that atmosphere is important.

    You can listen to the album here.

    The album is released by post-rock, ambient, modern classical label, Fluttery Records. The label is giving away a free sampler, it includes 24 great tracks from the best post-rock, ambient, mod-classical artists around the world. You can download it free here.
  • Dyman - Curse of Angels

    27 Aug 2014, 10:59 by psenough

    enrmp355 - Dyman - Curse of Angels

    New album by Portuguese project Dyman. This time in a more death rock and nu-metal vein. Artwork by Rafaela Silva.
    download link
  • Lemur - Lemur

    12 Nov 2013, 12:40 by psenough

    enrmp334 - Lemur - Lemur

    Lemurs are strepsirrhine primates endemic to the island of Madagascar. Fossil records suggest that lemurs reached the shores of Madagascar by crossing the ocean in vegetation rafts. While their ancestors competed with monkeys and other primates in continental Africa, lemurs were able to evolve free from competition. This allowed them to differentiate from other species. The word lemur derives from the Latin lemures, which means "night spirit" or "ghost" and was probably coined due to the fact that these are nocturnal animals.

    Lisbon-based Lemur was a "ragingly instrumental rock band", active between 2003 and 2006 and since hibernated. During that brief period of time they played about fifteen shows, sharing the stage with bands like Brainwashed by Amália, Katabatic, Bypass, Ölga, The Allstar Project, Frango and Puget Sound. They self-released a demo CD and later released an eponymous EP through the Merzbau netlabel. They also contributed to compilations such as "Animal Repetitivo", from the 2005 Out.Fest – an "exploratory music" festival which included Lemur in its first two editions – and "Can Take You Anywhere You Want", a release featuring Bor Land acts. Lemur went on to record exclusively for Borland three songs that have remained unreleased until this day.

    Lemur's long slumber is now over: they are digitally releasing all their recordings, including previously unavailable tracks, in a joint effort between Enough Records and Associação Terapêutica do Ruído. The songs will be available for download at no cost. Lemur will also return to the stage (16 November 2013) to celebrate the 10 years of Sonic Fest, the festival they created with Brainwashed by Amália and where they played their first gig in July 2003.

    free download link
  • Collaboration of Gargle (post-rock) and Bosques de mi Mente (modern classical)

    5 Nov 2013, 23:21 by Velvetleaf

    Gargle and Bosques de mi Mente's Absence is a perfect album travels in the rivers of classical music, ambient and post-rock. The album is released by Fluttery Records.

    You can listen to it here.

    Bosques de mi Mente is a Spanish contemporary classical composer, that has been creating minimalist piano pieces over the years.

    Gargle is a duo from Japan that plays beautiful post-rock, ambient with modern classical influences. Absence is their first collaboration from these two artists, a delightful and pleasant record.

    From the beginning, the goal was to create a completely collaborative album. The process started by sharing small ideas and song pieces, and soon everything started to gall into place, leading to the three of them working together as a true three-piece band in a gradual and natural way. The result is pure harmony, beauty and a wing for atmosphere, space and time.

    Trailer Video

    Bosques De Mi Mente's pianos are like little paper ships floating over the water. String players from Tokyo College of Music, conducted by Jun gives the album a great symphonic dimension.

    Fluttery Records invites all the modern classical, ambient and post-rock fans to listen to this album on their website.
  • Jari Pitkänen - Siam Soul

    5 Aug 2013, 12:57 by psenough

    enrmp327 - Jari Pitkänen - Siam Soul

    A prequel to his previous album release Anima Ombra, Siam Soul blends lost sounds from 70s and 80s into an uplifting mashup album, reminiscent of positive memories from our glory teenage summer days.

    download link
  • Sigur Rós : hot under the stars

    27 Jul 2013, 18:23 by steerpike

    Fri 26 Jul – Sigur Rós @Ferrara Sotto le Stelle

    Sigur Rós were hot at Ferrara ....and so were the audience. read all about it at Animal My Soul
  • Jari Pitkänen - Anima Ombra

    25 May 2013, 18:06 by psenough

    enrmp321 - Jari Pitkänen - Anima Ombra

    Celestial ambient drone album by Jari Pitkänen with some Italian disco influences.

    download link
  • 2012 End of Year Review - Fat and Confused Blog

    4 Jan 2013, 19:06 by fatandconfused

    More of a review than the standard top 10/20's

    Up now at Fat and Confused mp3 Blog


    Purity Ring
    Charli XCX
    Nite Jewel
    Katy B
    Doe Paoro
    Fiona Apple
    Empress Of

    Amongst many many others.


  • 100% free music vol. 20

    10 Dec 2012, 23:51 by Rayashi

    New entry! 100% free music (8bit, ambient, bass, drum & bass, dubstep, electronic, garage, grime, hip-hop, house, soca, etc).