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Created on: 10 Jun 2006
This group is people who enjoy real black metal or Viking Black :D.
Other metal is also allowed be warn you will not be allowed in this group if you have metalcore or Nu Metal in your lists.

There are some rules to join this group!

1.You'll never play any forms of unworthy pop, rap music or you will be kicked. I am changing this rule other music is allowed example movie,game soundtracks or amibent, medevial,classical whatever you may own this group but I am open minded...

2.You must despise Nu-Metal, Metalcore and other Mainstream, Mediocre Metal othewise you will be kicked.

3.You must have decent Black Metal bands in your top 10 played list.

4.Posers listening to Cradle of Filth and mostly Dimmu Borgir, other Melodic Black Metal bands don't make you as a real Black Metaller. Fuck off!

5.Treat everyone with repect and no idiotic posts here.

Follow these rules and enjoy being here! Thanks.

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  • heathen_girl

    Please join this event:

    2 Dec 2012 Reply
  • v4zquez

    damn, I wish I could join..

    22 Sep 2012 Reply
  • Steelvagina

    you must you must mwahahaha. man who created this group is one piece of human trash, who deserves death

    4 Jul 2011 Reply

    True Norwegian Black Metal - photos

    14 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Starfox10

    Well, I'm exempt from this group for certain XD And i clicked for a reason other than genres, I can tell you that much ;P

    14 Aug 2010 Reply
  • greyscale42

    Vardoger Derelict decent black / doom metal VERY small but pretty good.

    31 Oct 2009 Reply
  • madchemist909

    What are all these White folk doin in this group? This is some bullshit!!! lol j/k

    24 Oct 2009 Reply
  • MajestyWolf

    i listen to all kinds of metal, including black, death, thrash, doom, grindcore, but i have about 800 bands in my list, including dimmü borgir, which i like, though, i know it's not a real black metal band, it's at least a symphonic black metal band, these days, and it used to be a melodic black metal band, which is why some of you might think about it as "not real black metal", i listened to cradle of filth a long time ago, but not much, but other than that, i like much real black metal, like immortal, satyricon, celtic frost, bürzum, darkthrone, dark funeral, lord belial, nazxul (old black metal band), and i also like thyrfing, which is a viking metal band, that draws closely on black metal influences, from what i have heard, most of the time, i also listen much, recently to 1349, which is said to be a true black metal band, though, i found them recently, but well, i already got their albums on my mp3

    19 Aug 2009 Reply
  • geenna

    Long life to Black Metal...fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    24 May 2009 Reply
  • hippiedrow

    Is it black metalheads or BLACK metalheads?

    12 Sep 2008 Reply
  • xEMPx

    Mauz_ "Ha, thought this was a group for black people first. :')" lulz hax

    3 Jun 2008 Reply
  • nobody_here


    13 Jan 2008 Reply
  • Ollemann

    Lol, Blasphy! I listen to hip-hop!

    2 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Mauz_

    Ha, thought this was a group for black people first. :')

    8 Jun 2007 Reply
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