mac os x 10.5.1

  • mac os x 10.5.1

    this is going to sound really dumb but how do i use this in leopard? i've got the .jar file running have managing to put all the preferences in except my ipod. i've enabled disc mode on it (cant find how to disable auto itunes boot up) but i can find my ipod directory and now i feel really daft asking, any help would be great as i really really want ipod scrobbling as my ibook speakers are dead

  • I'm a Windows guy so I don't know how much help I'd be, but is there a way to toggle hidden files through Leopard? The iTunesDB file is hidden by default (through Windows, at least). It should be in the following folder:


    Really, I don't know anyone who uses LastPod with a Mac, so if anyone does, they may be more helpful...

  • the problem is when i go in the drop down menu, where you would select the ipod, its not there, but its definitely booted up because it appears on my desktop like my external hard drives do.

    for some reason the official client actually acknowledged my ipod yesterday, it never has in the past, so hopefully that will keep up

    • Skooj said...
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    • 18 Apr 2008, 08:13
    in the dropdown, you have to select the hard drive that you have os x installed on (default name for this is Macintosh HD), then navigate to /Volumes/, and in that folder, you will find your ipod.

    hope this helps.

    PS. as for the official client, the new beta versions support manually maintained ipods. In my experience, it misses a bunch of tracks each time.

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