• Aphex Twin - Z Twig (Disc 2 Track 5).

    29 Apr 2008, 06:44 by Sarcasmo

    The other night I was lying there trying to sleep and this song was playing. First I was convinced it would best be suited as a soundtrack for a touristless Meramec Caverns. Then I decided possibly it was a lost recording from someone stranded on an iceberg in a canyon in the blue-ice Alaskan mountains. Then I figured maybe it was most useful over rolling credits in something that was short in duration but positive, patient, and at the same time giant in demeanor. Echoey.

    Turns out it's actually now (part of) the soundtrack to
    Grand Theft Auto IV. I was way off, but I am interested in whether the inclusion of it into a soundtrack like this will increase the exposure of the album, which I sort of regard as too genuinely avant-garde for most people.