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Created on: 31 Jul 2009
Fuck-El Matador.....all the people who pay to see and support this slow torture agony!

Arena in celebration of music and color, pierced by the "spades" and the "flag" by the sword and the knife the bull, still lives in his slow agony.
Beside him the horse dies, his belly ripped open under the quilt.
The "Matador", heroic and victorious, he bows to the crowd applauds.
And 'the ending of the last act of a bullfight in Spain that some continue to define the expression of art, culture, folklore. The bull
Before entering the arena
* Is kept in the dark, subjected to drugs and purges to weaken his forces
* Is beaten on the kidneys with sandbags
* The turpentine is sprinkled on the legs to prevent him from standing still
* He is putting Vaseline in my eyes to blurred vision
* Member of the stubble is stuck in my nostrils and throat to prevent him from breathing
* The needles are stuck in the meat .....
When he enters the arena
* Member are stuck by the "picadors" the "Picasa" which produce pain and bleeding
* Member are pushed by "banderilleros" le "harpoons" spikes that torture even more
muscles, forcing the animal's head down
* Is struck repeatedly by the sword, causing increasingly severe haemorrhage
lung that suffocate the animal
When leaving the arena
* Is dragged away, often still dying and paralyzed, but conscious.
* Still alive, the tail and ears are cut, macabre trophies unjust victory.
* Is then slaughtered.

Even the horses, often old and sick, wounded, with the vocal cords cut, blindfolded, are victims of bullfighting.
Sometimes gutted and quickly stitched up, are reported in the arena and end up dying and nobody cares for them when they are unusable.

Yet the bull is an animal fighting, is a herbivorous animal, bred in the pastures until the age of 4 years, then abruptly transferred into the arena.
Torture and kill the bull does not mean - as a pseudo-states - "win" the evil and hostile forces of nature "but just about sadism, ignorance, violence.
82% of Spanish, according to the latest Gallup poll, is opposed to bullfights are kept alive only by a thousand persons defined by the animals Spanish mafie taurine.
This world has no scruples in exploiting the suffering of animals and the delicate psychology of young people for purely economic. To force them to Spain, Europe and the world of these barbaric events Mafie taurine, seizing the presents the bullfighting as an art, folklore, myth, ritual, symbol, obtaining the consent of "official culture", of the Spanish government, opening schools bullfighting for organizing and encouraging young comedy-Taurine where dwarves, monkeys, chimpanzees tortured to death calves in order to "entertain" the children by making them so cruel and indifferent to the blood and suffering.
In this "climate", which aims to create future bullfighters in Spain and future spectators, even some Catholic priests as a bullfighter tries his hand at bullfighting or make propaganda to build or restore churches and for purposes of "charity". Much more recently a nun entered the arena.
The managers of these horrible events to boost the market in danger also attempt to export bullfighting in Europe, in France, Poland, Italy, Russia and (more recently) in Argentina. While in Italy, Russia and Argentina in the attempts were thwarted by the intervention of the animals in Poland in the summer of 1991 were made 3 bullfighting stadium in Szczecin, Poznan and Gorzow with little success and with strong opposition from animal rights

And then there are the festivals bloody Spanish
Are more than 3,000 throughout the year.
Banned in 1963 are now encouraged by the authorities both civil and religious, and some - in terms of international tourist interest - are officially supported.
The animals used are cattle, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, chickens, geese ....
Most of these festivals sadistic-village, organized in honor of Jesus, Mary and Saints, are tortured in bullfights cattle have been taken out and playing, and then help farmers and traders bulls to recycle waste. "

Some of the 3000 holidays:
A Manganenses (Zamora) - in February - is launched from a goat alive.

A Tordesillas and in many other places "heroic knights" torn or cut off the heads of live roosters hung by their feet.

Feast donkey
takes place in Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres) Extremadura every year on the last day of Carnival.
A little old colt, ridden and savagely beaten, is dragged from the crowd when it falls is forced to get up with clubs, while the children fill him with blows, kicks and punches for hours until the animal dying.

Embolada Fiesta del Toro (Bull with horns of fire)
More than 50 provinces of Valencia, Castellan and elsewhere in Spain.
Are screwed to the horns of the bull tools with small balls of cotton, oil and tar that is on fire.
As the animal goes mad for tar burning that burns the nose and eyes, is chased, persecuted and beaten by the crowd.

Fiesta del Toro de la Vega (September)
A population of adults and children armed with long balls up a3 meter, wait for the bull to torture and passing in all directions. The winner of a golden lance, offered by the Municipality, who was the first to cut the genitals of the bull is still alive.

Festival of the Bull of Coria (June, Extremadura)
12 bulls are tortured and lynched by an angry mob, 2 per day for 6 days in honor of St.John.
The animal abuse "institutionalized", that is accepted, promoted and organized by local governments, the Government and the European Community may aggravvare tendency to aggressive behavior toward animals and even men.
The case of bullfights and festivals is emblematic.
The French philosopher Alfred Fouillec again in 1903 in his "psychological sketch of the European peoples" writes "their (the Spaniards) insensitivity - of which the Indians have won the test - often arrives cold cruelty and ferocity .... and today their hardness is fueled by education that they receive with bullfights. "
The issue has been exposed by the biologist and anthropologist Georges Heus, author of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the animal (submitted to UNESCO in Paris in 1978). Prof. Heus says that public authorities are wrong in imposing the Spanish bullfight for tourism, and economic populist, ignoring the relationship between crimes against people and against those animals. "In fact bullfighting MUST be considered an indicator of underdevelopment and backwardness." "Making a child to attend a bullfight is something hateful that lehhe should punish as a crime against that child at risk of developing cruel and violent inclinations to be fatal in his mental health."
Probably now the Spanish have changed the world seem to increase the ferocity and barbarity of torture, war, violence of human against human and nonhuman, even if the animal rights and ecology issues are very salient a large number of people.
Animal rights groups and environmentalists gathered in the movement for the abolition of bullfights and festivals of bloodshed.
With their demonstrations, protests and political pressure have managed to be heard by the Parliament.
The European Parliament and the European Commission have turned many requests for the abolition of bullfights and festivals bloody. Motions for resolutions and recommendations were presented by many MEPs Cottrell, Pearce, Munting, Weggen Schmld, Bombard, Langer, Amendola, Bettini, always find opposition from the lobby taurine. Antonio Navarro, Spanish MEP and cattle of 2nd class in 1991 founded the Intergroup Bullfighting who managed to block October 10 '91 Report of the Portuguese Socialist MEP Antonio Coimbra Martins and Italian Green MEP Virginio Bettini.
Supporters of bullfighting are trying to spread the culture of the bull "with proposals for regulation of torture. BOYCOTT!! WHAT CAN I DO?
If you go to a country where bullfighting is practiced, you can tell your travel agent that you are against the abuse of animals and some tourist resorts built the arenas just as attractive: boicottale your agent and explain why you do it.
You can choose to go to places that have explicitly banned bullfighting, for example in Spain - Torello, Barcelona, Tossa de Mar, and La Vilamacolum Vajol, in Mexico the city of

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  • moondancer3000

    Hello! Please support my new group "We adore Edward Snowden" and feel free to tell us what you think about that man. Thank you.

    14 Jul 2013 Reply
  • TheDarthsala

    What a retarded spectacle. The only enjoyable part is when the bulls crush the stupid fuckers to death. Even though that is very entertaining to watch (especially when there is a lot of blood and gore on the human side) it's not worth the sacrifice of so many poor animals who die because of human stupidity.

    4 Aug 2012 Reply
  • tolovaj

    Pretty provocative music selection. Thumbs up!

    16 Dec 2011 Reply
  • mdvn

    A lot of interesting in SPORT group -->

    3 Oct 2011 Reply
  • Peg__

    Rofl Pipp888 alle prese con Google Translate !

    1 Mar 2011 Reply
  • Peg__

    : (

    1 Mar 2011 Reply
  • PIPPO888


    3 Sep 2010 Reply
  • PIPPO888


    2 Aug 2010 Reply
  • PIPPO888

    Barcellona, 28 lug. - (Adnkronos) - Mai piu' corride a Barcellona. Il parlamento della Catalogna ha approvato l'iniziativa legislativa popolare per l'abolizione della corrida nella regione con 68 voti a favore, 55 contrari e 9 astensioni. L'iniziativa, arrivata nel parlamento regionale lo scorso dicembre, era stata promossa dall'associazione animalista 'Prou!' con il sostegno di 180mila firme. Con il voto di oggi la Catalogna diventa la prima regione della Spagna continentale a vietare la corrida sul suo territorio, e la seconda dopo l'arcipelago della Canarie, che ha proibito lo spettacolo simbolo del Paese nel 1991.

    29 Jul 2010 Reply
  • rakestein

    mal-vu: try to hear "vergüenza", "wild spain" and "abolición" from the spanish band Ska-p, but if you prefer lyrics in english I only know "national disgrace" from the band Angelus Apatrida.

    28 Jul 2010 Reply
  • UpTheIrons06

    From 2012 bullfighting will be prohibited in Catalonia (Spain)!

    28 Jul 2010 Reply
  • WiJoCo

    How about "Fuck You", "Asshole", "Get Out" and "Go to Hell". (Damageplan, Dennis Leary, Faith No More and Megadeth)

    14 Jun 2010 Reply
  • mal-vu

    Can anyone recommend any good bull fighting music?

    9 Jun 2010 Reply
  • soudruzka Maybe a step closer towards ending this disgusting and shameful 'sport' or 'tradition' or what is this murderous theatre officially called

    6 Jun 2010 Reply
  • x_Francy___x

    STUPENDO? ma cutman97 sei fuori?

    17 Apr 2010 Reply
  • silviasigel

    cuando era niña odiaba a los toreros y a los cazadores, hoy muchos años más tarde, sigo siendo de la misma condición. Como bien cantara Puag: "Torero bueno, torero enterrao"

    31 Mar 2010 Reply
  • beneaththemoon

    no más crueldad con los animales!!!!!

    20 Mar 2010 Reply
  • Ripley_

    What fucking else? Maybe let's bring back gladiators' fights and witch-hunt... :/?

    19 Feb 2010 Reply
  • punkrockatope

    Una oportunidad?, ati te gustaria ke te estubieran pinchando en el lomo desde ke eres pekeño?, y te gustaria saber ke unos pocos impresentables han decidido ke tu solo sirbes para ser torturado y umillado porke a ellos les gusta hacerse los heroes matando a un pobre animal asustado, encerrado en una plaza sin salida, solo sales si mueres o si resistes todas las torturas y entonces si, entonces te dejan para semental, pero akellos ke dicen ke los toros de lidia solo sirben para las corridas deberian probar a dejarlos empaz y probar a usarlos en otros campos ke no sean las de las corridas, porke si un buey sirbe para el arado pork un toro no, Antes de hablar informate de lo ke hablas y no digas mas gilipolleces gatito,sin mas ke decirte me despido, y doy todo mi apollo a esta asociacion anti-corridas.

    17 Feb 2010 Reply
  • NoooFun

    Al menos les dan una oportunidad para luchar por su vida!!!????????????????????????? Me quedé sin palabras después de leer eso...

    5 Feb 2010 Reply
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