• The albums that made me the person I am today -- my musical growth.

    30 Sep 2008, 23:56 by OneFellSwoop_x

    Blink-182's 1997 album Dude Ranch pretty much defined my middle school years. It wasn't the first CD I bought of theirs, inevitably Cheshire Cat was; but Dude Ranch... it was the album that solidified Blink-182 as not only a legendary band, but as my favorite band. With lines like "Please mom, you ground me all the time, I know that I was right all along, and I'm hoping you'll remember I'm a kid, I know not what I did, just having fun" it was pretty hard as an 11 year old to not relate to these lyrics. Blink-182 introduced me to the "punk" genre, to rebellion, to just being a wise-guy when I felt like an outcast (which I definitely was), and it introduced me to the first real album that I not only knew word for word by heart, but I was introduced to the first band that would change my life. I was such a big fan, you can ask my best friend Zach... in 6th grade I would not shut up about my three favorite musicians. Ah, Blink, not one CD of yours could I put down, even after Dude Ranch. It's a shame you broke up, but Tom's a douchebag now. And Travis, hope you get better :(

    Alkaline Trio, my favorite band of all-time. Ah, what a great CD I picked up once my "punk" bandwagon was going full-speed... oh wow, 1998's album Goddamnit was such an important album for me. I was just a 12 year old when I bought this CD, but I was experiencing some of my first break-ups and I was starting to rebel against not only my parents, but school... and this album definitely suited me in that period. I was moody, I was dark, I was dingy, I was slutty, I truly felt like an outcast who didn't belong anywhere, not even home. My parents disowned me when I didn't want to have a Bat Mitzvah (I didn't want to move forward in a religion I wasn't sure at that point in time I believed in), and I was flunking every class. These lyrics TRULY applied so much, I wish you knew...

    " Hard to believe my heart stopped pounding
    I can't believe I played this game
    My worst nightmares became real
    I got so scared that I forgot my name
    And that'll be me someday
    With stolen wings and evil ways
    Straight south with the keys to the pearly gates"

    That song, Southern Rock, was my favorite song. I guess it related in the sense that I felt like I was an outsider, a reject, a trouble-maker who would never amount to anything, no matter how hard I tried. Every song on that CD made me rock my head and kick my feet and scream til my lungs were shot. Oh God, Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano, you have no idea how much you shaped my teen years. I love you guys. Favorite band forever. But, that wasn't my favorite Alk3 album...

    This was.

    Alkaline Trio's 2001 album From Here to Infirmary. Every single song in this CD is pure gold to me. Another Innocent Girl has to be one of my favorite Alkaline Trio songs. The songs, in this album, appeared to get catchier and and catchier; and I believe this is when my musical taste shifted...

    The Honorary Title's first full-length, Anything Else But the Truth. Possibly my favorite album of all time. My first REAL long relationship, these lyrics soothed the pain and was the bandage to my wound. I really don't think I would've healed so quickly if it weren't for this ablum's music. It's some of the most melancholy music I've ever listened to, yet simple, sweet, and elegant. Oh Jarrod, I love you.

  • Favorite albums of all-time.

    19 Aug 2008, 23:14 by OneFellSwoop_x

    These albums pretty much defined my youth.

    In no particular order;

    Anything Else but the Truth
    From Here to Infirmary
    ...Is a Real Boy
    One Fell Swoop
  • Addiction Thy Name Lyrics Game

    22 Jun 2006, 17:14 by popbaby1

    Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. To make a mountain of your life is just a choice

    2. Are you throwing everything you have at me?

    3. She thinks I'm much too thin.

    4. I can't lie, girl I love your bruises

    5. Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much.

    6. They say you always go alone but i dont care i wouldn't know the difference if it hit me in the face.

    7. Through muffled screams and swollen eyes.

    8. Take me back when you think that it's good.

    9. I must say,It's a nice day.

    10. I fell in love again. All things go, all things go.

    11. There is freedom within, There is freedom without.

    12. Molly likes her handjobs and Toby's just a fat slob.

    13. Home, Is this a quiet place where you should be alone?

    14. I saw you there. I smiled at you.

    15. My hopelessness keeps me company at night

    16. I’m coming up only to hold you under.

    17. I learned the truth at seventeen

    18. I want to have the same last dream again.

    19. Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love.

    20. The rain had started tapping on the window near my bed.

    21. Passed out in our school clothes so we'd wake up in our Sunday's best.

    22. Suitcase packed on the side of the road

    23. In matching blue rain coats our shoes were our showboats.

    24.They all said she's just another groupie slut.

    25. So we sit at this table with our hands on our laps

    Agito Plus Nine
    Angels and Airwaves
    Angry Amputees
    Band of Horses
    B.C. Camplight
    Ben Kweller
    Bright Eyes
    Count The Stars
    Coyote Shivers
    Crowded House
    Dave Melillo
    Jack's Mannequin
    Janis Ian
    Nada Surf
    Something Corporate
    Sufjan Stevens
    Taking Back Sunday
    The Rocket Summer
    This Providence
    The Decemberists
    VHS or Beta