• New Breed Invasion - Eternity industrial metal

    12 Aug 2015, 08:05 by fabrykamagazine

    New Breed Invasion - Eternity (song review) |self-released, New Breed Invasion, 2015| 4/5 industrial metal

    New Breed Invasion is the new musical project of Daniel, the founder of Sekten7 and Tribeleader. Akin to Sekten7's music, the new track brings a rough, rhythmic, and industrialized vibe filled with chunky, vibrating guitar riffs and predatory vocals.
    The atmosphere is dense and heavy but listeners will find the track quite easy to get hooked on thanks to well put together repetitions. Drums and guitars are put to the forefront, while the hellish voice remains a bit subdued throughout the entire track. Lyrics are rather spoken in a possessive way than sung. A simple looped yet melodic arrangement makes the guitar riffs sound mighty. Since the song is so down-tuned, any graded arrangements or sounds coming above the low scale make a big difference and engage the listeners better. This happens with the chorus, where the riff is higher and spread broader - also joined by vocals reminiscent of both 1980s / and 90s times. Fortunately, the track is not kept in any “trendy” style and therefore should age gracefully. Moreover, the guitars resonate with a slightly -esque distortion giving them a modern vibe.

    Parts of the track are very memorable, but listeners will probably find this out only after a few additional plays. That’s a good thing, since the song may not become boring after being looped on repeat.
    The arrangements aren't complex, so they won't engage the logical part of your brain, but the dynamics will definitely make your heart beat stronger. The rhythm is so concrete and visual that sometimes you can easily imagine an audio graph with the dotted waves joyfully jumping along the scale.

    Daniel as a sole member of the band wrote the track, played all the instruments, and then mixed and mastered it. Personally speaking, the drums could still have been cleaned a bit more, since the guitars and vocals have some depth or 'echo' effect but the drums sound too dry - specifically the cymbals sink into the composition without much of a footprint.

    "Eternity" could be illustrated with a thought-provoking music video with rapidly moving, distorted images in low quality, where nothing is polished - similar to the visuals behind 90's Schnitt Acht. There could also be an additional background story like those found in The Fields of the Nephilim videos.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, August 9th, 2015. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=560


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  • Lokerse Feesten: La Muerte + Mark Lanegan + The Jesus and Mary Chain + Kaiser…

    7 Aug 2015, 20:43 by GothicBowie666

    Wed 5 Aug – Lokerse Feesten 2015 - Dag 6

    Op deze zesde avond van de Lokerse Feesten leek het meeste volk te zijn afgekomen op '80s grootheden The Jesus and Mary Chain. Ze kwamen in Lokeren integraal hun tot een klassieker uitgegroeide album nog eens voorstellen: Psychocandy. Deze debuutplaat zorgde voor een ware aardverschuiving medio 1985. De band groeide uit tot een icoon van de jaren '80. Hun invloed op de hedendaagse muziek, vooral binnen o.a. het shoegaze-genre bijvoorbeeld, en hun impact in die jaren '80 zorgde er voor dat hun fanbasis tot op heden nog steeds staat als een huis. Dat bleek toen het plein plots heel goed gevuld stond tot ver achteraan bij het aantreden van de groep.

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  • XMH - Snakes EP recensie @ snoozecontrol.be

    3 Aug 2015, 18:37 by GothicBowie666

    XMH - Snakes

    My favorite Dutch aggrotech band strikes back with a 7-track EP to guarantee you a hot summer on the electro/EBM dancefloors; you'll be sweating, dancing, jumping, having fun and in good company of Snakes …

    Instant club hit from the In Your Face album, Snakes is this time featured in 4 exclusive previously unreleased kick-ass remixed versions by Benjamin’s Plague, K-Bereit, Evil Goat Riders and harsh electro American new label mates Venal Flesh! The EP also gets injected with a powerful reinterpretation of The Business by Betamorphose and an awesome and unpredictable remix of Forever by the legendary cult act The Arch.

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  • Fotoverslag: Amphi Festival 2015 @ snoozecontrol.be

    31 Jul 2015, 19:07 by GothicBowie666

    Sat 25 Jul – XI. Amphi Festival 2015

    DAG 1:

    Op 25 en 26 juli was het weer zo ver, rond de 16.000 gothic fans reisden af naar Keulen om van 45 bands te kunnen genieten tijdens het Amphi Festival. Na 9 jaar te zijn gevestigd in de Tanzbrunnen was het tijd om te verhuizen. Het Staatenhaus waar het indoor podium en een deel van de winkelstandjes plaatsvond werd nu verbouwd en de hele plaats was aan zijn limiet gekomen waardoor het festival de kans niet meer had om verder te groeien. Hiervoor werd geopteerd om het een nieuwe thuis te geven in de Lanxess Arena. Hier had je een gigantische mainstage binnen en dan had je buiten nog 2 podia.

    bekijk de foto's

    DAG 2

    De zon scheen wat dus wou zeggen dat de podia buiten open zouden zijn. Wat ook het geval was. The Creepshow ging normaal de Orbit stage afsluiten, in de plaats mochten ze de aftrap geven op dit podium. Een zeer klein podium dat een zeer intieme sfeer geeft toch wie vooraan staat, het publiek staat bijna oog in oog met de artiesten. Maar al snel stond deze plaats vol toeschouwers. The Creepshow is niet echt EBM, new wave of gothic rock maar wel psychobilly en dat lijkt het publiek toch te appreciëren.

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  • The day of 1000 lights !

    24 Jul 2015, 16:38 by DJ-Harder

    Today is the day of 1000 lights in Duisburg. On the 24 July 2010, 21 people died at the love parade by a terrible tragedy! In Memorial to these people an album was published by ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± with the name TotenTanz(!) ! The free version of this album can be downloaded at our label BLACK I.P STUDIO ! The video has been uploaded again on Facebook ! Visit the Fan-Page.
    In memory of the victims TEAM BLACK I.P STUDIO RECORDINGS
    Download: http://blackipstudio-recordings.com/downloads.php?page_id=63
    + Artwork , Flyer, Pressetext , CD-Image, Video
    ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± / TEAM BLACK I.P STUDIO !
  • * Wanted! V.A. - Seasons of Electronics Vol. I *

    30 Jun 2015, 16:28 by DJ-Harder

    Hi folks! 27 days left! Submit your track on our upcoming compilation " V.A. - Seasons of Electronics Vol. I " ! Genre: EBM, DARK WAVE, DARK ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL ! All-Info & what is needed : Here!
    (2-CD - digital) / Einsendeschluss 31.08.2015 / Death-Line 2015-08-31 !
  • Suicide Commando - The Pain That You Like Maxi CD review @ snoozecontrol.be

    29 Jun 2015, 09:02 by GothicBowie666

    Suicide Commando- The Pain That You Like

    Belgian Electro-God Johan Van Roy aka Suicide Commando yet again raises the bar for quality hard electronic music with the new maxi The Pain That You Like. The title song features one of the gods of EBM, the legendary Front-242-singer Jean-Luc de Meyer on guest vocals! To me that was the biggest surprise but also one of the best moves he ever made!

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  • Mari & The Ghost - Superstitions Cd recensie @ snoozecontrol.be

    20 Jun 2015, 20:10 by GothicBowie666

    Mari & the Ghost - Superstitions

    In het elektronische genre is Mari Kattman al lang geen onbekende meer. Zo leende ze haar stem aan vermaarde artiesten binnen het genre als Psy'Aviah en iVardensphere. Ook haar medewerking aan het project van de al even bekende artiest Jean-Marc Lederman is ons niet ontgaan. Het project Mari & The Ghost is een samenwerking tussen Mari Kattman en Jean-Marc Lederman. We krijgen dromerige soundscapes voorgeschoteld, die de wondermooie stem van Mari nog wat beter in de verf zetten. De platenhoes laat een sterrenhemel zien, en doet denken aan menig pop plaat waar alles rozengeur en maneschijn lijkt te zijn. Hoewel de donkere schaduw links een andere inbreng doet vermoeden. Vergis u dus zeker niet, Superstitions is totaal geen kleffe popplaat geworden: integendeel zelfs! Net het schipperen tussen verschillende uiteenlopende melancholische aspecten, met vaak een donkere achtergrond, is de rode draad doorheen het geheel.

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  • Ronan Le Barbare album review instrumental metal

    17 Jun 2015, 09:26 by fabrykamagazine

    Ronan Le Barbare - Ronan Le Barbare |self-released, 2015| 4/5 instrumental metal

    1. Intro, 2. A Furor Normanorum, 3. Ascension Of The Black Insane Heart, 4. Tamdin, 5. In Utero, 6. The Barbarian, 7. Thulsa Doom, 8. Aromael, 9. Amen (Sepultura Cover)

    Ronan Le Barbare is a solo project by French guitarist Ronan LeBouc. He has been making music for the last 17 years and the self-tilted album is his debut. Judging by the title, the musician has been touched and inspired by iconic 80's movies about a mighty warrior - Conan The Barbarian - which illustrated such aspects of human nature as brutality, spirituality, honor, vengeance, and sadness.

    The album brings a collection of professionally arranged and performed instrumental songs which were mixed and mastered by Ronan's friend Vonig Le Mee. The highly poetic, spiritually moving "Intro" opens the tracklist with light guitar leitmotifs as well as an intriguing synth part. It is then followed by a series of chunky guitar riffs synced very well with drums, which all announce the arrival of "A Furor Normanorum". Technically, this 8+ minutes long track consists of two parts. The first is dynamic and metal-orientated and provides catchy arrangements (loud rhythm guitars vs soloing, background voice samples and slightly intrusive drums). The second is built upon repetitive, heavy guitar parts and sounds less rhythmic, yet captures the essence of human pain and suffering. It's finished with a murky, buzzing, electronic effect.

    The introduction to "Ascension Of The Black Insane Heart" is a large quote taken from American Psycho movie where the protagonist, Patrick Bateman was confessing about his inner drama. The song keeps the tension, expressed through altered, extended, and sometime heavier guitar riffs, whereas a woman's lamentation and her insane laughter are the cherry on the pie of the overall atmosphere of this track. The arrangements are quite repetitive and tightly fill in this lengthy suite.

    "Tamdin" begins innocently with an almost Victorian or even New Age set of passages. These then become enriched and develop into an epic guitar-driven arrangement. A Tibetan-like invocation comes in surprisingly, lowering the tone of the track and preparing the listener for a heavier ride. The drums, bass, and guitar that follow collaborate nicely, bringing a progressive metal vibe that sounds very vital thanks to a multitude of changes. The heavier part could definitely make a dynamic soundtrack for an action video game. Gloomy voices return to decrease the tempo and lead to an ending where two guitar arrangements (one gradual, the other stretched) collaborate together nicely, building up the mysterious atmosphere.

    If you like melodious gothic moods, then the opening of "In Utero" should please you with its 'windy' mood and subtle, positive guitar arrangements. There's a feel of loneliness and isolation here, which slightly warms up until the spirited progressive rock riffs show up. Next, a very well written and performed, and also instantly memorable part of the composition starts. The listeners might vividly imagine a lone guitar virtuoso performing on a high cliff, with a grey sky as background, but also thunder and lightning approaching behind his silhouette. This lengthy composition gives some space for more 'exotic' instruments and ambient sounds such as ocean waves, which it ends with.

    Now, in the name of aforementioned Conan, here comes "The Barbarian", with the most memorable Q&A quote from the movie ('Conan! What is best in life?') in the beginning, and the heaviest metal arrangements presented on this album. The rhythm guitars are layered and sound dirty, with shredding bringing us into higher tones. The drum parts are packed tightly and put on the top along with the bass lines. Tuned down, mighty guitar riffs come up next, reminiscent of Ministry's dense industrial metal vibe and enriched with similarly sampled quotes. Ideal for headbanging. Then the chase slows down again and the focus changes to cold melodic guitar riffs, supported by a slightly chaotic background. Both gradually fade away into the end of the song.

    "Thulsa Doom" is another sonic trip into the heavy metal lands, with a dramatic performance by James Earl Jones, also sampled from the first Conan movie. Vibrating guitar riffs keep the sound up and spacey, while interestingly altered rhythm guitars attack from the other side like a swarm of angry hornets. The drums are very well matched, and don't steal attention from the initial guitar-driven dynamics. It's the best track of the whole album in my opinion, thanks to lively arrangements and equally interesting sonic backgrounds. It seems as if they make both of your brain’s hemispheres engaged into processing the incoming sound waves. Ronan openly and successfully shows a full spectrum of both playing and songwriting skills here.

    You'll need some rest after the exposure to such a heavy cannonade. The eighth track on the album brings acoustic, subtle arrangements written for both guitar and synths. Moreover, it is the song which Ronan wrote for his daughter. Guitar riffs flow in steadily like ocean waves, later shaped into rock arrangements. A modulated sound of bells ends the track giving it a spiritual, ambient vibe.

    The album’s closing track is the only one with actual vocals. Ronan chose to cover Sepultura's "Amen" with his very well matched, partly-growled voice that comes very close to the original. When the original song's overall tune is harsher, and more 'underground' thanks to a strongly accented bass, Ronan's version sounds much cleaner & spacey. Yet, his guitar riffs sound heavier and more modern than Sepultura’s. The song features an opera-like singer's voice, though Sepultura's original sounds more exotic, with the classical vibe playing that part here.

    Ronan LeBouc seems to enjoy changing arrangements and may not settle down for making a track with just one mood, one arrangement, and all those repetitions that usually appear in popular song structures. The entire debut presents a cross-section of Ronan's best compositions so far, rather than being a concept album, but the music has lots to say to careful listeners. His songwriting and instrumental talents definitely are in their prime for another release, which could cover an original story narrated with several integrated chapters.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, industrialrock.net, June 15th, 2015)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=557


    Buy: https://ronanlebarbare.bandcamp.com

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  • New Video Clip for Conjecture

    15 Jun 2015, 07:20 by GasMaskedLestat

    Official video for Conjecture's "Angakkuq" from the album 'Nunavut' - Released by Raumklang Music Label in April 2015.

    The main concept behind the video clip is the three transcendence stages of a shaman, untill he reaches the communication with the intellectual and spiritual figure that the inuit shamans calls Angakkuq.

    Directed by George Dalis (http://www.giorgosntalis.com/)

    Conjecture - Nunavut CD & MP3