Zuse not recognizing track change?

  • Zuse not recognizing track change?

    I recently started using last.fm again after a few months of absence, and, after reinstalling Zuse, I've noticed it doesn't seem to notice when the songs change on their own anymore.

    At the end of one track it keeps scrobbling until the next track is over, unless I skip it myself and go back.
    Seems to like being a step behind, which, isn't a major problem, but, of course I'd rather have it working properly.

    Anyone know a fix for this? Could it be a problem on my part, or is it something wrong with zuse? :x

  • Hope this helps.

    I had that same problem. The way to fix it is to leave Last.Fm's program open while you're playing music. It worked for me. :]

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  • Darn, not for me. :c I always have it up now, to make sure it doesn't stick to the same song for too long. But it always does. Thanks though!

  • Oh, that sucks then. ]: Sorry I couldn't help. No problem though, regardless. :]

    Fear is only an image of the mind.
  • It usually works for me if I close last.fm from the system tray, start it up again myself and THEN launch Zuse

  • Hmm, trying that now. We'll see~ My recent issue is Last.fm shuts scrobbling off on its own after a few songs. :| I just don't think it likes Zuse anymore.

  • Well, that worked perfectly. Thanks! c:

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