Problems Installing 2.1 Zune Software

  • Problems Installing 2.1 Zune Software

    So here is the situation... my girlfriend got me a Zune for Christmas and preloaded some music on it as well as the latest firmware. Obviously the CD that came with it doesn't work the firmware version now on the Zune, so I decided to download the latest software (so far, no biggie). Every time I start up the software I get a nice little 0x8024402c error saying something about connecting to Windows Update. Now I seem to have the required updates - Windows Media 11, .NET Framework 2.0, etc. but still NOTHING.

    Man - I'd really like to be able to put some music on my new MP3 player...

    Any suggestions?

    - Fuzmeister

    • wiz1705 said...
    • User
    • 23 Dec 2007, 20:36
    be a little more specific with the error...

    Zach Howe
  • That was about as specific as the error was. However, by not being connected to the internet, I was able to install the software fine. Strange. Oh, well - at least now it works! :D

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