Zilch Record History

  • Zilch Record History

    Hmmm! Where to start? First let me say this will take a long time to write. I don't necessarily mean this is going to be a long post. I do believe it will take a long time to finish. I wish I could spit out all the thoughts at once on this digital format, however, the ten digits being used to type the thoughts move a lot slower than the grey matter producing these thoughts.

    Outlines usually work best for me. Expect this outline to change.

    I. Proto Zilch Records

    • High School
    • Video Experiments
    • College
    • Rave Culture
    • Enter Derek the Lotek
    • Post College
    • The 5 Friend Connection

    II. Device Experimentation

    III. Internet

    IV. Pandora

    V. Last.FM

    VIII. Zilch Records Worldwide

    • Adding Artists Outside the Friend Circle
    • First Collaboration
    • Second Collab/Label Crossover
    • itsujitsu
    • tobecontinued

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