Magma Tattoo ideas

  • Magma Tattoo ideas

    So I'm looking to expand my Magma tattoo. This is what I've got:
    I'm looking at designing a relatively elaborate and artistic scene that will cover most of my upper arm / shoulder. It will draw mostly from the cover of attahk:
    Here's what I have in mind though it's very tentative:
    -The 2 guys on either side
    -The futuristic structure between them, with a pile of rubbish at its foot (designed to make it look like it fell from around the emblem)
    -The structure extends up to, and behind, the emblem
    -There will probably be clouds above the emblem that the structure fades into.
    I'm still working out the logistics, but I hoped some of you might have ideas. Are there any other images from Magma's mythology that I ought to incorporate? Any ideas for the layout?

  • While it doesn't really match what you have in mind, my favorite "image" of the Kobaian mythology is the story of Riah sahiltaahk, who after landing on a planet which is slowly submerged by a flood, prays Kreuhn Kohrmahn and promises whatever (faith, construction of cathedrals and whatnot) against his salvation. Imperturbable, Kreuhn Kohrmahn lets Riah Sahiltaahk sink.

    As for your current concerns, for the pile of rubbish, may I recommend inspiration from the cover art of Kobaia ?

    While I did consider a Magma tattoo a long time ago, my current feeling is that, in a way, it's not a very Zeuhl thing to do :) But do not let that opinion deter yours !

    • DigiDan said...
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    • 16 Jun 2010, 01:23

    Replying to a 2 and a half year old thread that nobody will likely read or respond to...

    Isabelle Feuillebois has the Magma logo tattooed on her right shoulder. I'm not sure if any current or past members have a Magma-related tattoo. What makes you think "it's not a very Zeuhl thing to do"?

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