Zenses Guide For Getting Started

    • 3gg said...
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    • 3 Jul 2008, 09:43

    work fine !

    Hello !
    I have A ZEN 4go and Zenses work perfectly ! Thanks so much ! ^^

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    • dani_00 said...
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    • 17 Jul 2008, 03:43
    With my Sony Walkman NWZ-S615F Zenses detects it, and the 356 songs in it, but it never appears any songs in the list of recently played... :/

    Anyone now why?
    (It is on MTP)

    • dani_00 said...
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    • 17 Jul 2008, 04:01
    And I used a program called Trackbrowser, it detected all the songs, but the "Times played" column is always "0" in all songs... Maybe my player doesnt make a count of the played times... :(

  • Works beautifully with my Zen Microphoto, great stuff. Thanks

  • Works beautifully with my Zen Microphoto, great stuff. Thanks

    • nik8 said...
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    • 14 Aug 2008, 19:28

    Zen 16Gb OK

    I've just tried Zenses 0.2 with a Zen 16Gb and it scrobbled all my newly played tracks as expected.
    I only scrobble 3 tracks so the time I set to about 1 min before the real time. I'll try again tomorrow after playing 50+ tracks.

    Good work people, I was hoping someone would create something like this!


  • needs x64 support :(

  • The first time Zenses is run, is that like setting a reference point after which the next time it's opened, the track count is compared to? Is it possible to have Zenses submit tracks played before it was first installed? I've a couple hundred tracks played on my Zen 30gb M I'd like to submit but can't seem to figure out any way.

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  • ^ Correct. Sorry but there's no way to scrobble those. It will probably just clear the playcount for those couple hundred tracks and start afresh.

  • Well, I don't have a problem with the order of the tracks. They don't interfere with what I scrobble on the PC, but my problem is that - no matter what date or interval I choose, it scrobbles every single track played - even those I skip instantly.
    It's a pity since I usually use the random mode. So, effectively, I listened to about a fourth of all the tracks scrobbled.
    Do you know a solution?

  • vista x64

    still no support for vista x64 ? =(

  • Not to beat a dead horse or anything but... vista x64??? anyone?

  • No 64bit support until someone picks up the development. We're stuck with a 2 yr old application until then.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 May 2009, 20:47
    Есть ли здесь русские, которые могут ответить на мой вопрос? У меня плеер Transcend T.sonic 320 8gb. Я в меню выбрал изменить с USB на MTP. Скачал Zenses 0.2. Программа видит мой плеер, читает мои данные, но данные о прослушивании треков не появляются! Что мне делать? Я пробовал и 20 секунд скробблить и половину трека и целиком треков 10 - запускаю всё по гайду Zenses видит плеер, но не видит, чтобы что-то было прослушано! HelP!

  • Hi folks,
    it works fine with my Zen 16gb.
    Cool application!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 May 2009, 12:35
    Now it's all works. Thanks for this program!

  • Zen X-fi 32GB & Vista Ultimate x64

    App scans my media fine, but never ever finds any songs to upload. Also, it will not save my username and password ?

    Any help getting this to work ?>

    -=Here we Are=-
  • it would be best to wait for the new release of zenses, the current one is very unstable especially on x64 systems.

    • Vidar_ said...
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    • 3 Aug 2009, 14:26
    Thanks so much it's a great program. But i have a problem.
    Why don't the program get the first track date? It's always wrong for me. My Zen's and computer's clock same but Zenses's get the clock from Zen's always wrong.,
    Can I fix it? If someone help me i will be thanksgiving

    Progressive Rock Toplumu
    • zhism said...
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    • 3 Aug 2009, 14:43
    any idea if zenses will ever suppport samsung yp-z5 ?

    • Musakak said...
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    • 16 Aug 2009, 04:47
    How do I scrobble tracks I listened to before installing Zenses?

    • R0qStaR said...
    • User
    • 29 Dec 2009, 04:07
    Musakak said:
    How do I scrobble tracks I listened to before installing Zenses?

    That's what I wanna know? Is it possible to do that?

  • link

    download link is down :(

  • aint workin

    I got it to detect my device (Sony NWZ-E436F) and got it to add some tracks to my profile, but no matter how many tracks i try to scrobble they aren't showing up on my profile. i've got no idea what i should do as the instructions are pretty incomplete... gimme a full tutorial or something so i get to know what the heck i'm doing

  • Samsung YP-Q1

    The Program Is Not Finding My YP-Q1 Device I Go Into The My Player Tab and It Just Says Zensing

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