Scrobbled tracks double!

  • Scrobbled tracks double!

    Hello, everyone!
    Yesterday, after listening to some music on my Zen, I connected it to my PC to scrobble the listened tracks to my profile.
    Anyway, the Zenses software fetched almost two times the actual quantity of songs I had heard. If you visit my profile you will see I listened to Dire Straits and Avalon a lot, but actually I listened to around half the tracks scrobbled.
    I've heard of many users having problems with Zenses not scrobbling any tracks, whereas mine does, but a bit too much!
    Has this ever happened to you?
    Please, help me!

    "Too much information."
  • I've got the same problem.
    If I restart the same track a million times, then Zenses will fetch it in million times. Even if it has passed just one second between the restarts, Zenses will count it in the same way.
    I want to solve it too...

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