Tagging Yoko Kanno music

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    • 27 Apr 2007, 21:25

    Tagging Yoko Kanno music

    Question! When you tag your Yoko Kanno music, do you tag them all by Yoko Kanno or do you tag some of them by the vocalist?

    e.g. gabriela robin, scott matthew

  • Ah, the "tagging Yoko Kanno music" problem :)

    I went through a few possibilities, but I've settled on tagging the artist Yoko Kanno and adding something like "featuring... or feat. or vocal by..." to the track name.

    That way all the tracks get scrobbled under Yoko. After all, the music was composed by her and not by the vocalists.

    “When I don't like a piece of music, I make a point of listening to it more closely.”
    — Florent Schmitt
  • I tag the artist with the vocalist or yoko kanno if its instrumental and in the composer field comes yoko kanno and in the album artists comes yoko kanno again :)

  • If I listen to the single,I'll tag with vocalist.
    For ost,tag YK for all.

  • I tag for the vocalist, then album artist and composer by Yoko Kanno. So ditto as light_listener.

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